King Hit

From the moment Thomas Kelly’s parents, Ralph and Kathy, stepped in front of the media our hearts felt for this grieving family.  They had the faces of parents I’d witnessed a thousand times before, the faces of parents who have just lost their child through an act of violence.

Ralph and Kathy Kelly. Pic: Justin Lloyd

Over the past ten years I have worked with over 1,000 individuals and families bereaved by homicide.  Many of them including a one-punch fatal assault such as Thomas Kelly’s, or like my father’s.

In just a few seconds in November 2000, my family’s lives changed forever when a 26-year-old male assaulted my then 49-year-old and 55 kilogram father. I waited, as the Kelly’s will, for weeks, for months and then years before the case proceeded to the Supreme Court with the offender charged with manslaughter. 

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  • Will says:

    09:48pm | 30/07/12

    Jonty Bush is an amazing person. Good on you Jont. Read more »

  • Peta W says:

    09:33pm | 30/07/12

    Thanks for the article Jonty.  I saw Jonty speak once and believe she is someone who could make a difference in public life with the right people around her. Good on you Jonty, keep going forward. Read more »


David Mitchell. Matthew Stanley. If those names don’t mean anything to you, they belong to two people - a then 19-year-old apprentice carpenter and a 15-year-old - who have been victim to senseless violence in recent years.

Not so much this. Picture: Thinkstock

Matthew didn’t live to tell the tale. David did, barely. Both their stories, and more, are circulating this morning as launches a huge campaign against violence on our streets, in our pubs, and throughout our community: Real Heroes Walk Away. Get the full picture. Read about the issue from all angles at

As one victim, David Mitchell, said: “People are losing their lives over a drink being spilt, over nothing. Breathing someone’s oxygen.” And that’s true. They’re losing their lives because of the stupid, thoughtless, personal choices of their assailants. But to zoom out a little, big cultural problems have responsibility.

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  • lemmy says:

    07:47pm | 30/07/12

    There is no alcohol involved in some violent societies….yeah it’s called the battle of the religions..groan. Alcohol in moderation people. It will always mask the underlying problem, whether it be an aggressive nature, a mental illness, etc. Maybe, we need to help the ones closest to each other if we… Read more »

  • Digressing Dave says:

    09:57am | 29/07/12

    Greg, I don’t know where you lived in Australia but as a current serving Police Officer I despair at all the time I spend on prosecuting assaults stemming from drunken nights out. If we banned alcohol we could save on a LOT of Police resources spent investigating/prosecuting alcohol related crime.… Read more »


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