Julie Bishop

You can’t have it all. That’s a self-evident truth.

You can’t have all the pies and all the ciggies and also have all the gold medals and grand finals. Well, not unless you also have all the sports scientists and all the banned substances as well, maybe.

So when the coolly coiffed deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop came out on the weekend saying women couldn’t “have it all” you could be forgiven for thinking she made sense.

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  • Joan says:

    06:41pm | 12/02/13

    QED I’ll remember to ignore the acronym JTO in future. Thanks. Read more »

  • Thomas says:

    06:36pm | 12/02/13

    @BN You only have to look at the last interview Abbott did, the one with Leigh Sales about 6 months ago, to see why he doesn’t do interviews anymore. That was such a disaster that they’ve given up on him. He’s simply incapable, and can only mouth pre-prepared 3 word… Read more »


According to the perennially well-dressed Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, former first lady of France and retired supermodel, it’s time for women concerned with fighting for equality to take a rest and find another way to fill their days.

Nasty characterisations of women - from both sides

“My generation doesn’t need feminism,” she breezily informed French Vogue this week, before gushing about her newfound appreciation of “bourgeois” domesticity in the self-entitled manner only a wealthy inhabitant of two mansions can muster.

If only the 44-year-old heiress could tear herself away from her oh-so-enlightened existence long enough to peruse a few of the Twitter posts making news in far-flung Australia she might not be so smug about allegedly living in a post-feminist world.

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  • iansand says:

    06:52pm | 29/11/12

    DocBud - A lawyer’s duty is to act fearlessly to represent its client’s interest, regardless of the lawyer’s personal opinion and beliefs.  Are you suggesting that Ms Gillard did less than that? Read more »

  • iansand says:

    06:48pm | 29/11/12

    They want unbiased, independent advice proof against lunatic attacks from guess where.  I am reasonably confident that the advice was no surprise. Read more »


Well, there goes the moral high ground. By calling Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop a “bimbo” on Twitter today, Labor MP Steve Gibbons has turned the sexism debate into yet another hypocritical Labor backflip.

One of these people is a gibbon. The other is a Gibbons

What a buffoon. Actually, in the spirit of gratuitous name-calling, let’s call Gibbons a baboon. He showed about as much brains as one, and the insult fits with his surname. Also, his arse is now a big red target.

Back in early October, I was proud to wave the flag for the now famous Gillard speech, as it was an impassioned and seemingly unrehearsed vent for her anger at Tony Abbott’s deliberate and cynical recycling of the vile phrase “died of shame”.

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  • Slim says:

    06:40pm | 28/11/12

    I don’t get why people beleive Abbott deliberately said it as referrence to her father? Why? So that he could be attacked for it? Abbott can be an idiot but he’s not stupid and I don’t believe he intentionally meant to harm her personally while she was grieving as played… Read more »

  • Ash.R says:

    06:24pm | 28/11/12

    Anthony Sharwood - “@Bob. Just checked the Hansard. Mr Abbott used the phrase “died of shame” twice previously. But only twice” Twice on Hansard, has used the comment numerous times outside of Parliament…. Read more »


That fact that Kevin Rudd, a mere backbencher, was able to get leave from Parliament to travel to China on a private mission points to some clever Opposition mischief.

For a backbencher he's clocking up the flyer miles… Illustration: John Tiedemann

It indicates the Opposition has adopted the strategic calculation that a high profile Mr Rudd is a large scale headache and distraction for Julia Gillard and a constant fuel supply for leadership speculation.

Mr Rudd’s quite clear declaration of support for Ms Gillard last night on the ABC’s 7.30 has put a scratch in the duco of that strategy but the Opposition is likely to keep revving it up.

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  • Esteban says:

    06:32pm | 13/09/12

    In Hong Kong Rudd was/is known as the “hollow man”. Read more »

  • Babylon says:

    06:03pm | 13/09/12

    Clearly it’s not over yet. I believe Rudd thinks he was treated very badly by his bestie,  and wants revenge. Within the Labor Party there is obviously still fractions that are keeping Rudd’s hopes alive. Read more »


In the days following Tony Abbott’s election as Leader of the Opposition he received a barrage of calls from ex-staffers all desperate to work for him again. Most were women.

For instance… The opposition leader with his chief of staff, Peta Credlin. Picture: Kym Smith

There were two reasons for this. He has a solid record of employing women in prominent positions, and his leadership style is based on respect and equality.

Far from finding it difficult to take advice from women in powerful positions – Tony Abbott puts women into powerful positions. I doubt there is another senior politician who could match his record of senior staff appointments for women.

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  • William says:

    07:31pm | 23/08/12

    Try telling that to Abbott, Nigel. Read more »

  • freethrow says:

    05:48pm | 23/08/12

    reeeow! Read more »


Back in early June deputy Liberal leader Julie Bishop was pumping up the troops at a Coalition meeting by portraying Foreign Minister Bob Carr as the Government clown.

Ms Bishop, shadow foreign affairs minister, likened him to the character played by Peter Sellers in “The Party”, a 1968 film about an actor who bumbles and stumbles around a social event.

So like Carr, Ms Bishop said. She saw him as an accidental arrival in foreign affairs, who doesn’t know his way around the place, and keeps putting a less-than-diplomatic foot into affairs best left to the professionals.

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  • outletn says:

    02:34pm | 19/07/12

    I’m impressed, I need to say. Really not often do I encounter a blog that’s each educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. Your concept is outstanding; the difficulty is one thing that not sufficient people are talking intelligently about. I… Read more »

  • MP says:

    10:45pm | 17/07/12

    Wooden Spooner’s ‘down syndrome’ reference is disgraceful.  Moderators should have screened it.  Some things are sacred… disability is not a joke. Read more »


So Julie Bishop has a Huawei-donated iPad. Dangerous. Dangerous for her and dangerous for Australia if she ever aspires to become Foreign Minister. The iPad alone is but one of the micro details to emerge from Ms Bishop’s visit to China as a guest of the Chinese telco.

These three have got the Coalition's ear. Digitally mashed together image

Some Liberals led by Julie Bishop together with vested mining interests questioned the Gillard Government’ accepting ASIO’s advice against letting Huawei bid for the National Broadband Network. But the bar on Huawei has wider significance because the controversy it has sparked illuminates the most vexing issue of Australian foreign policy - our relationship with China.

This foreign policy challenge was again in sharp relief at the recent Boao Forum, on the luxury resort on Hainan Island, China’s version of Hawaii (they also have their most advanced naval base there).

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  • Delphine says:

    02:37pm | 11/07/12

    Funny video! Kind of true in my experiences. Asian women DONT like wenedirss, loudness or behaviour that is Chu Lu or Meio Sui Suen.  They expect to be courted by someone with some class.  If there is a secret to success here, it is to be patient in developing the… Read more »

  • RGS says:

    10:26pm | 18/04/12

    @ZSRenn so you plan to have holiday in china? with polluted air, poisoned food and water, fanatic revolution songs on TV? Well, after Huawei settles in Oz land, we might share these ‘pleasure’ with Chinese people together, while in Australia, and it might be compulsory possibly… Read more »


Julie Bishop late yesterday confirmed that there had been some throwing of crockery in the shadow cabinet room and the office of her leader Tony Abbott.

Not quite a death stare. Pic: Ray Strange

It was a comment which also confirmed that the Opposition lost the week to the Government because it could not get its leader out of the spotlight.

``It’s a shame that the Labor Party doesn’t have robust policy debates within its cabinet,’’ Bishop told Parliament.

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  • Eldo says:

    09:57am | 14/02/11

    Imagine how much more we would lose if the Born To Rule were in power. Read more »

  • Paul says:

    08:39am | 14/02/11

    Gutter journalism in the reporting of this story…I don’t think so.  You need to ask yourself the question, ‘When given the news tapes by the DoD to review the coverage, why did the Liberal Party insist on the footage of Abbott discrediting a dead soldier being cut from the “officially”… Read more »


It’s easy to attack politicians.

Cartoon by The Australian's Bill Leak

No better evidence perhaps than the bitchy list we compiled yesterday of MPs we think disappointed or just disappeared. But we’re not just a bunch of naysayers here at The Punch. Indeed we appreciate politics and politicians are great deal, otherwise we wouldn’t bother writing about it.

So here’s a list, in no particular order, of MPs who have tried and triumphed in 2010.

Well it’s been one hell of an effort by Tony Abbott:

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  • jf says:

    09:43am | 27/11/10

    Not a bad list until I got to Shorten (please) and then Brown. One is a snide, sly bully with an ambition so strong that, if left unchecked, is sure to cause another 10 year + conservative reign. This man cares about no-one other than himself. As for Brown, so… Read more »

  • jeffb says:

    02:21pm | 26/11/10

    I’m not sure you understand what an agenda is MarK because what you just outlined is not even close to acceptable for any major political party in Australia. You list some of Abbott’s achievements, none of his plans for the future. I say again, the only person with a positive… Read more »


Update 7.30pm: Andrew Robb has now said he will not challenge Julie Bishop for the deputy leader’s position tomorrow. More here.

The Australian is reporting that Julie Bishop’s position as deputy leader of the Liberal Party may be under threat. Andrew Robb has confirmed this afternoon he has been approached by colleagues urging him to challenge her at tomorrow’s partyroom meeting.

But is this wise? Putting aside the obvious observations about how Julia Gillard came to lead the Labor party, the political reality now is she has been returned to office. With all the machismo that already surrounds Tony Abbott’s leadership style, installing another tough guy like Robb as his second-in-command as they take the fight to the Prime Minister is not without its risks.

Having survived as deputy leader through the ousting of Brendan Nelson and Malcolm Turnbull, and continuing in the role with Tony Abbott, Bishop has earned a disparaging nickname among some Liberal MPs. She’s known as “the cockroach” because she’d survive anything.

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  • Robert Smissen, rural SA, God's own country says:

    05:39pm | 09/09/10

    Enjoy it whilst you can, because if it lasts till Christmas I’ll be surprised Read more »

  • dale says:

    03:40pm | 09/09/10

    Poeple will only have to pay for every connection in there house besides the initial one… this is no different from the current way of things Read more »


Just as appearances of hatred in politics can be deceptive, periodic appearances of civility can be equally so.

Kevin Rudd arrives with his daughter Jessica at the mid-winter ball. Picture: Ray Strange

A combination of last night’s annual Press Gallery Ball and the calming effect of two women leading question time today lead to a more conciliatory day in Parliament.

But don’t let it fool you, MPs are nervous and tetchy right now, and pretty sick of the sight of each other and the weather.

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  • Against the Man says:

    08:55pm | 18/06/10

    NATO also means No Action Talk Only Apologies for not being clear. Read more »

  • JJP says:

    11:16am | 18/06/10

    NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation - currently engaged in Afghanistan with success in the Balkans and Caribbean to its credit. Perhaps you mean the UN? Read more »


The old saying is true, you do have to watch the quiet ones. Derided by his former leader Mark Latham as a “rooster”, Foreign Minister Stephen Smith showed this week that he is a particularly lethal fighting rooster as he methodically dismantled his shadow, Julie Bishop, over the forged passport scandal.

The sensible Mr Smith in attack mode on Wednesday. Photo: Ray Strange

The expulsion of the Israeli diplomat and the subsequent argument over whether Canberra had gone too far has been discussed at some length on The Punch and elsewhere.

All I will say about it here is that it was not an issue (and would probably never have become an issue) which was the subject of animated discussion in shopping centre food courts around Australia.

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  • icons collection says:

    01:25pm | 05/10/12

    Completely I share your opinion. In it something is also idea excellent, agree with you. Read more »

  • Wayne Fehlhaber says:

    12:09pm | 31/05/10

    John Neve : We have gone down this track in the past but you can’t help yourself can you John , you just have to stand up for Labor even when they are proved to be inept and unable to administrate their own programs. There is no doubt that Garrett… Read more »


It has not been a good morning for the Liberal Party.

I'm free, free as a bird says Fraser. Photo: Stuart McEvoy

It has been revealed Former Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser quit the party last December in disgust after it was placed under the new management of Tony Abbott.

Current deputy leader and shadow foreign affairs Minister Julie Bishop continues her comedy stylings by first claiming that Australia has also been guilty of faking passports, and then taking it back. Either way she stuffed up big time, and the two events have combined to aid Labor in pelting the Opposition with the tag that the Coalition are a pack of reckless ultra conservatives.

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  • Lord Stanley says:

    12:47am | 30/05/10

    Fine, I’ll bite - what is this ‘Lima agreement’ of which you speak? The only time Fraser came close to sobbing was on the night of his election defeat in 1983. Before that his public persona was like an ‘Easter Island statue with razor blades stuck up its arse’ to… Read more »

  • Steve Putnam says:

    10:50pm | 28/05/10

    Willy K….WAIT! I know you -you’re Herr K from Kafka’s novel “The Trial”. What a nightmarish world you inhabit! Read more »


She’s nothing if not loyal to the incumbent. Julie Bishop has just stood at the podium in the Liberal party room, just at the left shoulder of her third leader in two years. And she hasn’t just done with a straight face, she’s positively nailed it.

Julie Bishop with Tony Abbott today. Picture: Ray Strange

First she declared her absolutely loyalty to Brendan Nelson. When he was knocked off by Malcolm Turnbull Ms Bishop was again smoothly articulate in her declarations of support - and today, there she was again as Tony Abbott made his pitch for the next election. Deputies aren’t usually so resilient.

But Ms Bishop says she’s redefined the role of deputy leader of the Liberal Party, saying it’s not her job to angle for he boss’s downfall.

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  • Janusz says:

    10:48am | 27/11/12

    In Ms Bishop case the definition of loyalty should be rewritten . Read more »

  • VJR says:

    07:18am | 27/11/12

    I am afraid it looks like Ms Bishop is the “token lady” in the liberal party and I am sure when Tony Abbott gets the boot she will again be standing loyally behind the new leader. Read more »


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