Joe Ludwig

They say that sheep aren’t very bright. Some of their supporters aren’t that sharp either.

Flocking together for our ovine citizens. Photo: James Morgan

They don’t seem to get politics. They don’t get that the only logical result of their campaign to unseat this apparently heartless Federal Government would be the installation of another Federal Government which cares even less about how animals are treated once they are exported overseas. I can understand people being angry, but the loss of perspective and absence of thought on this issue is quite remarkable.

Talkback and the letters pages are jammed, and Government MPs are being bombarded by thousands of emails and form letters denouncing them as callous and complicit through their negligence in the brutal slaughter of several thousand sheep in Pakistan. Just 18 months after footage emerged showing Australian cattle being hacked to death in Indonesia, the call to end live exports is louder than it was last year. It was pretty loud the first time around. Much of it is understandable but a lot of it is just ludicrously over the top.

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  • pink says:

    06:34pm | 11/11/12

    You’re all heart Joe Blow!! I’m sure you toss and turn all night long and cry into your pillow worrying about all of those poor souls in third world countries. But sorry to say your sweeping statement that you KNOW that all the people here are the same bleeding heart… Read more »

  • Daylight Robbery says:

    06:33pm | 11/11/12

    People seem to think that by stopping Australian farmers shipping to this country will stop the mistreatment. This was a stunt by a powerful person in the country to take the Australian market. The person that said people complaining about the treatment should be in the country changing the culture… Read more »


Apparently unlike everyone else, Fisheries Minister Joe Ludwig was caught by surprise when the 142m Abel Tasman snuck up on him.

No, nothing to see here… Picture: AFP

He looked around a day or so ago and, Bloody Hell, there’s a 9500 tonne fishing boat in Australian waters. And it wants to catch sea life. Who would have thought?

So instead of a considered official response, the owners of the Abel Tasman have been given a rushed, two-year rebuff because the Government was spooked by political agitation.

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  • Alfie says:

    01:35pm | 12/09/12

    Joe has two feet to shoot at. Read more »

  • Cynicised says:

    12:34pm | 12/09/12

    Glad the monster was “delayed”, stopped, told to bugger off and go pillage someone else’s waters! Trawling with gigantic nets is an incredibly wasteful and destructive method of fishing and no-one will convince me otherwise. Love the euphemisms people come up with to describe the wasteful killing ie “by-catch” which… Read more »


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