Jersey Shore

Fake boobs, tattoos, cat fights, home-wreckers, trips to the mall, visible panty lines, Brazilian waxes, endless domestics and lashings of designer fashions.

Pick me! Pick me! Photo:Brad Hunter

Let’s not beat around the bush, we love reality shows because they’re trashy.

They’re escapist. Like a lazy person’s romance novel, with tattoos and bitch fights - so wrong in absolutely every single way. And that’s what makes them sooo good.

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  • Ivan says:

    11:16pm | 12/07/12

    I’m a 26yr old male from Perth, WA . It may be filmed in Sydney but I think this show is a travesty to all citizens of planet earth. I felt like projectile puking just watching the trailer. To whoever watches this ‘program’ and enjoys it.. May god have mercy… Read more »

  • alank says:

    04:22pm | 22/03/12

    “Let’s not beat around the bush, we love reality shows because they’re trashy. ”  Um..NO…we dont love reality shows. “Everyone wants to walk down the street and peek through the net curtains” - Um..No.. i dont give a damn - the TV execs would say that woudnt they? I’ll tell… Read more »


More than 90 per cent of people who finish Snooki’s book A Shore Thing reportedly Google the phrase: “If I hold my breath for 45 seconds while repeatedly head-butting a wall, will I get amnesia?”

Snooki: the vacuous face of modern celebrity.

A more pressing question for many of you, however, is probably “who or what is a Snooki?”

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is the result of an innovative reality television show called Jersey Shore which places a bunch of potential sexual harassment lawsuits in a house in New Jersey and leaves them to enjoy some good ol’ fashioned ‘roid rage, borderline alcoholism and painful acronym-inventing (eg. DTF).

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  • Gerard says:

    08:06pm | 03/03/11

    Yes, Big Brother…what I really love about that show is that practically none of the housemates would have known who Big Brother actually was. Read more »

  • Gerard says:

    07:52pm | 03/03/11

    Easier solution: make voting optional. That way, those who don’t care and the majority of those who don’t understand won’t be casting a vote which prevents those who do care and understand from influencing the result. Of course, it’ll never happen since the Labor/Liberal/National cartel with a stranglehold on power… Read more »


It seems the gloves have come off recently, and everybody is climbing on their high horse about the level of stupidity on television.

There's nothing better than sitting on the couch, watching other people get fit. Photo: Channel 10.

I’m not sure why there seems to be this sudden upsurge of feeling superior to those who tune in to such things as Jersey Shore—which seems to be a major culprit in the upturn—but it’s reached the point where it requires examination.

As though tuning in to the National Press Club Address somehow makes one less stupid than changing the channel to a ludicrously scripted bit of televised nonsense.

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  • bec says:

    06:27pm | 26/10/10

    Rumour was that the actor who played Timmy died, which is a great shame. I especially love that the sister of Hayley Mills (and daughter of John Mills) was Tabitha. Read more »

  • Aaron says:

    05:00pm | 26/10/10

    I think we need to go further back to the entertainment days of old, like BC old. Imagine how great Big Brother would be if they released lions into the house. I would soooo watch that. I have to admit I’m pretty snooty, not just about reality shows but most… Read more »


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