This is a glimpse into the life of an intellectually disabled man who didn’t receive appropriate care and support when he was young. The result of this was the fatal stabbing of his Uncle.

Alice Springs Jail is no place for Tom…

He was never convicted of the offence because of his serious disabilities, but is looked after in Alice Springs prison because there is nowhere else to accommodate him.

With no likely alternative care arrangement or release date in sight, a campaign to free him and similar offenders is underway. This action is set to culminate in a battle between human rights lawyers and governments in the High Court.

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  • brigitte jones says:

    10:43pm | 27/06/12

    That’s an insult to the current corrections facilities as done for your sensationalist headline. I’ve worked in both government and private prison systems and see those remarks as misleading and offensive. No one is rotting in jail, whether a convicted prisoner or the person who requires the level of secure… Read more »

  • Kay Peterson says:

    09:28pm | 27/06/12

    The prison that has this person would be needing and getting an very high level of additional funds to allow him to be there and to cater to his extra needs. Funny how no one mentions that. This high level of intervention, that only may help a little in this… Read more »


Kat Armstrong was a heroin addict, disowned by her only daughter and serving a prison sentence of ten years.

Not everything is solved behind bars. Photo: Herald Sun

Vulnerable to relapse, with no support, no money, no home and no skills, her biggest challenge was returning to the real world.

Clean for eight years, reunited with her daughter and mentoring other women inmates all over NSW, Armstrong’s journey is exceptional. The fact that she’s still alive is amazing.

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  • Carolyn says:

    11:16pm | 09/08/11

    Yours are good suggestions. If you’re interested in prisoners and what might make a positive impact on them, you might be interested in The 4th Annual National Prisoner’s Family Conference, to be held in Albuquerque next February,  See http://www.solutionsforelpaso.org or check Prisoners Family Conference on Facebook for details. Read more »

  • Primy says:

    01:33pm | 25/07/11

    By my count Bob 66, that’s eleven people who have been reached by you.  You may never know it, probably won’t, but there may be ripples running out of your story/life that reaches other people and makes a difference.  We have read your thoughts, and we have been moved enough… Read more »


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