Jackson Jive

Twenty years ago myself and five friends painted our faces black and performed the Jackson Jive skit on Hey Hey It’s Saturday to great acclaim.

But it was so much fun. Jackson Jive last night on Hey Hey it's Saturday

Two nights ago we did exactly the same skit and we’ve been pilloried for it.

It’s no defence to say that we didn’t think it wouldn’t have caused offence, because we’re all grown men now, not uni students, and we should have known better.

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  • John says:

    01:35am | 07/04/12

    Raj what’s disgusting is Americans judging something out of context for the culture it is in and not trying to understand it before condeming it. .America can’t help but spread racism around the world… even when they’re claiming to do the opposite. It’s considered racist in America because of AMERICA’s… Read more »

  • m says:

    10:04am | 29/10/10

    Though I perosonaly didn’t find the skit funny, and thought it was a little cruel so soon after the death of Michael Jackson. Moreover, I find it wrong to generalise a whole nation as racist. To be honest, such an assumption is racist in and of itslelf isnt it? Media… Read more »


Have we grown up as a nation at all in the past 20 years? There’s never been an event more perfectly designed to answer that question than last night’s Hey Hey it’s Saturday reunion special.

The Jackson Jive skit that sent Australian conversations into melt-down from about 10.30 last night is like a smelly time capsule that’s been opened up, in front of 2.6 million of us, and a guest no less.

And in case there was any doubt about it, the guest’s face immediately give away what a stinker it was. The Hey Hey reunion specials should now be put reburied for good.

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  • james says:

    04:51pm | 11/10/09

    I have never watched HeY Hey but I have some photos of Americans performing in Abu Ghraib Prison and one of the Hey Hey Skit .  I would like to ask Harry Connick Jun which of these acts are the most degrading to humanity? Read more »

  • Brian Johnson says:

    12:04pm | 11/10/09

    Couldn’t agree more P Groessler and B Higgins. Well said. Read more »


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