Interstate Rivalry

Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland, Australia. It’s the third largest city in Australia. You don’t need this Wikipedia history lesson to understand, know, appreciate, or in my case, love Brisbane.

A sleek modern craft plies the pristine azure waters of the city one spot below Ibadan, Nigeria, on the list of the world's largest cities

Thomas Brisbane was in NSW when he decided to look north for new digs. My life was much the same: my parents moved our family to Brisbane from Sydney in 1988. It was the year of Expo ’88 and the allure of Stefan’s sky needle, which still resides in South Brisbane, was probably too great to ignore.

My arrival in Brisbane marked the first of several terrific early childhood memories: the warmth of a good shower; an unyielding (and as yet unresolved) infatuation with Freddo Frogs and an obsession with the Fat Controller in Thomas the Tank Engine.

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  • Katherine says:

    07:20pm | 04/09/12

    I’ve visited Brisbane for holidays and I really enjoy the atmosphere and the the friendliness of the people.  I also love the tropical atmosphere and sitting by the river eating the best prawns I’ve ever tasted.  On top of all that, flying into Brisbane when it’s dark and after a… Read more »

  • LJ Dots says:

    07:17pm | 04/09/12

    William, damnit man, don’t be so insensitive, Michael put it here for the Taswegians. Geez. Read more »


If New South Wales fails to win tonight’s pivotal State of Origin match, let me tell you what the collective state mood will be tomorrow. It’ll be exactly the same. No one will be depressed, no one will feel less significant and by about 10 am, no one will even remember the result.

Queensland is good at rugby league to make up for their jealousy over this. Pic: Joe Sasine

We New South Wales folk aren’t insecure or small-minded enough to pin our self-worth on the fortunes of a mere football team. We are the least chest-beating, biceps-flexing, horn-honking state in Australia for the very good reason that we know our state is clearly superior to all others.

Well, it is.

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  • Sarah says:

    04:55pm | 09/07/12

    What a bunch of codswallop! We queenslanders dont base the importance of our state on state of origin?? thats rediculous! and if we dont win i couldnt care less! its the excitement of the match, the fact that we get to dress up in our colour and go to the… Read more »

  • Matt says:

    09:55am | 14/06/12

    Maybe if the other states weren’t given MORE TAX DOLLARS than NSW (despite the fact that more money is made in NSW than anywhere else), our economy might be better. Oh yeh, and about last night- SUCK IT. Read more »


I awake to the sound of the fan. Tick, tick, tick… It’s 6:13 am and my alarm is due to go off in two minutes. I am wide awake thanks to the beam of sun that is shining through the gap in those dodgy broken blinds I’ve been meaning to fix for about three years.

There are even no jellyfish this time of year. Pic:

I kick off the sheet. My bare feet land on the cool tiles. I draw the blinds and stare at the blue cloudless sky that awaits me. There is a gentle breeze in the palm trees and while lost in the chatter of the fronds, my state of delirium is destroyed by old mate next door, who I see is out trimming the hedges in his DTs again.

As I toddle off to work via my 20 minute drive into the city (where I park in the council-supplied all day free parking), I’m really irked I got that one red light. I pass several surveyors who are beginning on the decades-awaited southern highway upgrade. They are shirtless but keep their high-vis vests undone. I glance back at the thermometer in my car. It’s 22 degrees. Ah, the depths of winter in FNQ. It’s quite a challenge.

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  • Fred Bloggs says:

    09:49am | 10/06/12

    Townsville - Cancer Capital of the World. No thanks! Read more »

  • James III says:

    06:16pm | 09/06/12

    Got to be kidding me.  I live in London and there is no comparison to Qld.  London absolutely obliterates it. Don’t get why Qlders bother coming to the UK.  Non stop whinging about the weather and constant sniping of other Aussie cities and people. Go home.  You just don’t get… Read more »


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