Icac Inquiry

About 20 years ago Australia was captivated and appalled by the secret footage of a bunch of senior Sydney police openly talking about taking bribes and collaborating with drug dealers in the crooked Kings Cross command.

He who must be Obeid. Photo: Damian Shaw

Coppers such as Detective Graham “Chook” Fowler and his sidekick Inspector Trevor Haken became household names.  Secret cameras caught police receiving cash kickbacks worth thousands of dollars, often stuffed into boots. “Hooley f…ing dooley,” a crooked copper was heard saying on one of the tapes, “I didn’t know you could get so much into an RM Williams.”

The revelations forced the NSW police royal commission and prompted other states to examine their police forces to make sure no such corruption existed there. In SA there was no such inquiry as the police had just undergone a thorough anti-corruption investigation, Operation Hygiene, in which one copper was busted for stealing a punnet of strawberries, another for pinching a bag of potting mix. To paraphrase the great journalist and author Cyril Pearl, one day someone will write the full story of Australian roguery, and every state will play a part, but undoubtedly NSW will steal the show.

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  • jolly says:

    12:54pm | 09/02/13

    ‘Voters getting their share of welfare”. Absolutely right. It saddens me to know the millions and millions of tax payer money constantly poured into the pockets of big business as some kind of industry subsidy, or even worse, religious groups from Catholics to exclusive brethrens. Also the farmers, the biggest… Read more »

  • Greg says:

    09:27am | 09/02/13

    Christian Real - Do you know the difference between ‘of’ and off’? Obviously not as you’ve done it more than once. Why don’t you leave the comments to better educated people? Perhaps your corrupt union/labor party could swing you a better pay so you could invest in some higher learning… Read more »


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