So the other night I did something most of you would consider very, very dumb. In fact half way through doing it, I myself thought I was an idiot. In short, I stopped and gave a man a lift.

Wise words sign… wise words.

I was driving around Whitmore Square in Adelaide around 9:30 at night – probably not known as the friendliest of places after dark – and as I turned down my street I saw an older gentlemen pulling one of those rolling overnight cases and clearly asking someone else for directions.

I’m not sure what happened, but the next thing I know, I’ve U-turned, pulled over and yelled out to him as he was making his way across the Square and asked him if he needed a lift.

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  • Zonker says:

    04:43pm | 10/12/12

    I hitched rides in the sixties and seventies without a problem but then i was six two and a front rower in rude health.  When I owned a car I freeely gave rides to all and sundry and never had a bad experience.  A few were scared of me however. … Read more »

  • TheHuntress says:

    04:34pm | 10/12/12

    Acotrel, I’ve experienced something similar. I suffer from Meniere’s disease, which effects hearing and balance. Most of the time it’s comical, but I do suffer a rare form of the disease which means I have “drop attacks”. Basically whatever I happen to be doing I will just collapse to the… Read more »


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