Yesterday my local was full of tattooed guys with beards and moustaches wearing football jerseys, drinking beer and yelling at the football on TV. Sadly, I didn’t time travel to 1975 - it was just a huge group of hipsters watching Super Bowl XLVII.

Another bloody hipster crashes the party with a trendy new mo design known as THE BEAK. Pic: AFP

American football, baseball and basketball have never been more fashionable, at least judging by the popularity of snapback hats, which universally make you look like a dickhead - I know, I tried once.

The thing is, the majority of those rushing to embrace NFL, MLB and NBA have NFI what they’re watching. The assembled tattoo canvases at my local didn’t even seem to notice when the New Orleans Superdome blacked out for half an hour during the third quarter of yesterday’s game. They probably figured it was just another one of gridiron’s frequent, tedious breaks.

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  • marley says:

    06:21pm | 05/02/13

    @Bear - if you want to watch people stand around all day, actually for the better part of a week, watch test cricket. Cricket of course has more to offer than just watching a bunch of blokes in field doing not much of anything at all for days.  Oddly enough,… Read more »

  • AmericanGuyOnADumpySite says:

    06:13pm | 05/02/13

    Americans don’t complain about low scores in soccer. They complain that soccer is a bunch of sissies running around crying when the opponent so much as breathes on them. Then when the ref ignores a player’s blubbering over a mythical boo-boo they jump around all over the place forgetting that… Read more »


Someone once told me that when people reach a certain age they begin dressing in the manner they did at the happiest time in their life.

The same often goes for elderly people with severe dementia, who can keenly recall the minute details of life when they were happiest. My 80 year old grandmother did not recognise me at all in the last six months of her life, but she would talk about her sons as if they were still young teenagers. She was a homemaker and it was the most joyful time in her life

That’s what I think about when I watch the brilliant video above about hipsters, the future and social media.

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  • Poida says:

    03:30pm | 14/02/12

    Just turned 39… it’s been a fun, so I’m milking the “I’m in my 30’s” for all it’s worth this year! Anyway, as they say you’re only as old as the woman you feel, so that gives me an extra couple of years!!! Read more »

  • Audra Blue says:

    09:03pm | 11/02/12

    I’m 45 and things are actually getting worse.  They were pretty good for a while and I thought I’d made it.  Had a decent guy, a good job, some money in the bank, my son was out on his own.  I had it made. Then my partner dumped me (he… Read more »


If there’s one thing complete strangers on the Internet have taught me, it’s that it’s cool to hate on hipsters. At least that’s what some hipster on Twitter told me.

Take that, hipster tomato

The problem is, they’re becoming increasingly hard to pick out. Your mother, best friend, or favourite pet could be a hipster and you wouldn’t even know it.

Through clever use of poor fashion choices and general laziness, they’ve reached such an advanced level of irony that they are, in fact, indistinguishable from the rest of us. The best course of action, in these dark and uncertain times, is to simply treat everyone with suspicion.

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  • Benadette says:

    10:31am | 02/08/11

    Ahhh now I get it, in my area we call them wankers. Read more »

  • Audra Blue says:

    05:24pm | 09/07/11

    I’ve ben suspicious of everyone for as long as I can remember.  Does that make me a hipster or realistic? Read more »


A year ago, my wife and I underwent a hipster-to-bogan metamorphosis. Faced with the choice of (a) continuing to service a huge mortgage on a latte-belt two-bedder or (b) have a kid, the primal drive to propagate the species narrowly won out over the Sydneysider’s obsessive determination to hold on to primo real estate.

This image badly cobbled together by The Punch

I was under the impression I was only inner-city wanker to have ever made the schlep of shame to the suburban fringe (I’m yet to meet another) but it appears not. Priced out of more fashionable suburbs, David Nichols, an urban planning academic, bought a house in the notoriously boganish Broadmeadows in 2004.

Of course, the danger of making this kind of move is you’ll go native and come to suspect the people you find yourself living among aren’t the uncivilised brutes of the popular imagination and that the community you left behind is not beyond criticism itself.

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  • http://bottesugg1.monwebeden.fr says:

    01:18pm | 05/10/12

    “quotation mark” Read more »

  • cheap oem software says:

    10:36am | 19/08/12

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