Higher Education

Plenty of us need that large cappuccino to get us through the day at work.

Like this guy.

But if you’re a uni student, you’ve an important exam on tomorrow (that you haven’t studied for) and you’ve only just got home from your 9-to-5 gig, well, a large cappuccino just won’t cut it.

A couple of Red Bulls might get you there…. Or maybe, some ADHD meds. Those will get you firing.

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  • stephen says:

    06:50pm | 20/11/12

    No cyclist should be naming names ; they should take the responsibility for their crime and just go home. Read more »

  • Sam says:

    06:14pm | 20/11/12

    Yeh just put labels on me because you know who i am and what i do…. FYI haven’t touched any of them, apart from adderall, and it was for 1 exam in University (SO YEP IM A DUMBASS WITH AMPHETAMINE ADDICTION). But honestly yes, people do consume them because they… Read more »


Access to post-secondary education should be based on merit and not ability to pay. We know that graduates of further education typically enjoy higher incomes over their lifetimes than non-graduates and that tertiary and further education is critical to personal growth.

Careful, my mortarboard's on loan! Pic: News.com.au

It is estimated that Australians without a Certificate III could be earning an additional $400,000 on average over the course of a typical working life if they attain a Certificate III qualification or higher. The benefits of higher and post-secondary education, however, historically have not always been shared widely and equitably in our society.

Instead, a disproportionately higher of number students from privileged backgrounds have enjoyed access to opportunities for further education while others have been left behind.

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  • Joan Bennett says:

    12:57pm | 21/06/12

    Everyone can afford to pay for their tertiary education because of HECS (borrow off the tax payer and pay back later), so not sure what the point of this article is?  I really don’t see why I have to pay for someone else’s uni degree… Read more »

  • Ben says:

    06:47pm | 30/05/12

    Not to worry, Amanda. By 1990 no Australian child will be living in poverty. Read more »


In a previous life, I was a chef. Not a great one, but I do have the little certificate and scars to prove it.

The hours were long. I am sure we have all heard the horror stories of 16 hour days and 80 hour weeks so there is no need to discuss that at length. Anyhow, I decided that my future wasn’t in the kitchen, so university beckoned.

Fast forward a couple of years and university holidays have come around again. On the 11th of November last year, I went on university holidays. I will not go back until the end of February. That’s around 110 days. It is a long time. Even so, it’s apparently not quite long enough.

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  • Rajendra says:

    10:48am | 31/05/12

    We just got back from a week of camping about three hours from home. My fmliay of five, along with my extended fmliay (mom, brothers and sisters and their spouses/kids) all attend as well. It’s a great spot, although not equipped with much in the way of amenities (pit toilets,… Read more »

  • Belinda says:

    08:06am | 27/01/12

    Thats why Im studying @ SCU. I am a full time worker who gets 3 hours a week study leave from work and also time off for exams. Im so grateful for the time off and I take maximum advantage of the three semesters in the year. that way I… Read more »


Dear readers, please do not run away or close the window because I’m an Arts student: I have something important to say.

Universities say graduate hats will no longer be able to levitate without higher student fees. Picture: Getty

Over the past five years I have enjoyed a successful “career” (for wont of a better word) studying at four different universities and I now find myself in the early stages of a Doctorate.

There are many observations I could make about universities (my wife removes sharp objects from the room when anyone mentions VSU) but the issue most worrying me at the moment relates to the Group of Eight’s attitude towards funding and student contributions.

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  • Steve says:

    11:52am | 16/01/12

    When I was studying my undergrad degree (Full Time), I was also working 30 hours a week. This employment allowed to live, pay off my HEC and all other uni costs and it also funded trips to Europe and Asia. I was living on res. Of course when you pay… Read more »

  • Little Joe says:

    08:52am | 16/01/12

    @ Acotrel Then stop writing “Send your kid to Melbourne High School or MacRob”. as if every child can go there. At Mac Rob have to apply, then are vetted, then sit exams, some may have interviews ..... if you are one of the few who are lucky enough to… Read more »


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