Helen Gurley Brown

Maybe there was a party at the Sydney Morning Herald last night and after seven schooners the leader writer remembered they hadn’t filed and had to pull something out of their arse.

Helen, did you know what you'd done?! Picture: Getty

Only that could explain the paper’s editorial this morning. Although the SMH website editors obviously think it’s a cracker, and have put it right up the top of its site, it is an unusual spot for an editorial.

After reading it three times, here is a summary of the Herald’s editorial position.

  • Helen Gurley Brown died this week, so everyone is talking about the woman who was basically the mother of modern women’s magazines and a strain of fun, sexually-liberated feminism.

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  • Rachel says:

    12:48pm | 20/08/12

    After reading the story I can summarise: * Reporter filed in a hurry * Offered no new insights * Used dot points to be witty, when it was lame After reading the comments I can say: * Your readers will find something better out there, so you ought to work… Read more »

  • Former CPU Investigator says:

    09:01am | 20/08/12

    @ Greg This female (and a mother) former child protection unit police officer/investigator (of 27 years experience), both here and overseas disagrees. I’ve been involved in the survellience, arrest, interview and court proceedings of female paedophiles. Believe you me, there are more than what is reported. It makes the public… Read more »


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