Harry Potter

The Punch presents an exclusive peek at Harry Potter author JK Rowling’s first foray into writing for grownups, following her announcement she is excited about exploring “new territory”. 

Digital brilliance by Matt Pike

Harry peeled his head off the Formica tabletop, wincing as his brains audibly bounced against his aching skull. He fumbled then palmed his smeared glasses onto his face and scanned last night’s wreckage – a shattered bong on the carpet, ice crystals clagging up the bottom of a plastic baggie, cigarette butts floating in beer bottles.

Ron was clawing at the couch in his sleep, groaning. Last night’s vomit matted his hair, which glinted a sickly red in the mid-morning light. 

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  • Mas says:

    02:56pm | 25/02/12

    I read the first sentence, then couldn’t go on. This is my childhood you’re messing with here. Read more »

  • michael j says:

    10:33am | 25/02/12

    cool list, although makes me wonder just how stupid or naive ex PM Kevin Rudd really is,,he did not see any of this great conspiratorial against him ,, surely no-one believes this type of change takes place in a few hours,it was surly in the making for at least weeks,… Read more »


Took my daughter to the Harry Potter exhibition at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum on the weekend. She loved it. Great day out. No arguments with the exhibition at all.

Will that be cash, credit or should I just make it easier for all of us and devour your entrails?

We pre-booked a $95 family ticket, then queued to get into a queue which led to the queue at the start of the exhibition. Not ideal, but again, no arguments. You’re always going to get crowds with something this popular.

The exhibition was terrific, with all kinds of artefacts, costumes and props from the Potter movies. And then the thing ended, in the world’s most expensive gift shop.

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  • oem software online says:

    12:42am | 01/04/12

    A6aGY9 Looking forward to reading more. Great post.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic. Read more »

  • Talon says:

    07:00am | 09/02/12

    It is not a failure to let a child be a child and fill their life with wonder and imagination. I feel genuinly sorry for those who do not recognise the difference between a planned life and a full life. Read more »


There’s no escape from the boy-wizard. On this day in 2000 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was released, smashing publishing records. Again. Author JK Rowling set off on her ‘Hogwarts’ promotional tour. But that was practically small bikkies next to the movies created from this bookish phenomenon.

Mmmm yes, that's quite a nose you have there… Photo: Supplied

And overnight was the world premiere of the final instalment of the movie, the second part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. People camped out, people said ‘end of an era’, people will soon find their next obsession.

Are you potty for Potter? Will you rush out and see the last film? Feel free to talk about something (anything) else here.

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  • Mariah Guthrie says:

    08:02am | 19/01/12

    Any news about A defector’s mystical disappearance? Read more »

  • lominatorasol says:

    07:02am | 26/09/11

    My name is Linda. I hail from the south. It is a beautiful. I’m happy to have been referred to http://www.thepunch.com.au. I have a lot to learn, but I’m not a total noob.Truly the best place.                 Does anyone know this blog, just… Read more »


About 15 years ago, Nick Cave’s The Ship Song became the preferred Australian bogan wedding waltz.

The song entered the Australian public consciousness, but the artist behind it remained lesser known and considered something of a fringe dweller, kicking cans on the outskirts. 

His gentle song Into My Arms, from 1997, has likewise slowly grown into a national song which can be played on any radio station and will see grandmothers pausing briefly to remember a personal moment from long ago.

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  • Owen says:

    07:31am | 04/08/12

    I have only met one other Nick Cave fan in my life and own most of his catalogue. I have seen his charting figures. He is also my favourite music artist. His music isn’t good, its spectacular. Does this make me living proof your comment is untrue? Read more »

  • Art Center Melbourne says:

    02:56pm | 11/07/12

    He is far more talented http://www.studyart.com.au/ Read more »


I have a confession to make. This isn’t easy, but I feel the time has finally arrived to come clean.

So Harry's the big one with the beard?

No doubt, my actions will bring shame upon my family, friends, colleagues and various stores I frequent, but I can no longer hide in the shadows. If there is a God, I pray he forgives this twisted soul and all its hideous imperfections.

Here goes: I don’t care much for Harry Potter.

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  • Hvizah says:

    06:10pm | 07/02/12

    For what it’s worth, in the “grown up land” of reidang, we sing the same laments, but rather than blame JK Rowling, we blame Oprah.  however, the effect is the same: adult readers are taught a few things about writing by Oprah that make me, and my colleagues, cringe: One,… Read more »

  • BO says:

    04:16pm | 01/12/10

    Harry Potter is great if you’re high. Read more »


Now this whole Harry Potter thing has rounded the turn and headed for home, I, for one, worry for the welfare of the (boy-)man himself, Daniel Radcliffe.

Who will remain a star? Photo: AP.

Sure, he might well be the richest thing in glasses this side of Bill Gates. 

But does DanRad have a fighting chance of staying on our screens once he no longer has a wand to wave in self-defence?

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  • Geonagger says:

    09:20am | 17/11/10

    Heather, did you not see Danny play the young (10 yrs old?) David Copperfield in the wonderful BBC Dickens adaptation? Well worth watching. Read more »

  • Geonagger says:

    08:51am | 17/11/10

    Heather, did you not see young Danny play Dicken’s endearing young David Copperfield when he was about 10 yrs old on a BBC dramatisation? Well worth watching the whole series. Read more »


Welcome to a new week @ The Punch.

Hot off the press. Harry Potter #7. Picture: AP.

Today in 2007 JK Rowling completed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It was the 7th novel in her series.

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  • Lauren says:

    05:47pm | 11/01/10

    I remember this day, logging onto my account as “WickedLoz” at The Leaky Cauldron and finding out that “SHE HAS FINISHED IT! IT IS DONE!” Then followed an argument between countries that receive Bloomsbury editions and America which receive Scholastic editions over whether this marked the 10th anniversary of Philosopher’s… Read more »

  • yas says:

    12:37pm | 11/01/10

    i grew up with this series; the first book coming out the year i moved to Australia when i was about 10. it took me three years to have enough language skills to stomach the first installment; i related to the idea of being the unusual outsider who belonged to… Read more »


Hollywood Director Michael Mann probably never dreamed he would grow up and inspire movie-goers around the world to knock over a few banks with their mates.

But seriously, I’m positive anyone who’s seen the latest Mann spectacular, Public Enemies, walked away thinking how cool they’d look robbing a bank with a band of Johnny Depp looking outlaws.

In its first weekend at Aussie cinemas Public Enemies pulled in $3,151,046, knocking the latest wand-swishing Harry Potter installment from its number one spot.

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  • Jonesy says:

    11:30am | 12/08/09

    EJ you say the banks deserve it. But do the actual human beings working there deserve to be terrified or worse murdered? I think not. Walk a mile in a robbery victims shoes and you won’t all think this is such a joke. Clearly none of you own businesses that… Read more »

  • Jason says:

    10:34am | 12/08/09

    This article makes me want to write a boring article with stretch and doubtful connections between entertainment and reality.  Seriously - toy story glorified being a toy… should I be getting a plastic coating? Read more »


Last weekend marked the launch of the sixth in the now eight-part movie saga that is Harry Potter. As is surely apparent by now, the movies sit not as a substitute for the books but a complement to them. They succeed where they can visualise magic that cannot be done in words - the creatures, the castle and a large part of the action. But they fail where the books have their most significant: in the complex characters and the deeper moral issues.

This bottle can get you a FREE diploma

But in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince one of those deeper but unstated moral issues arose neatly and somewhat humorously in the movie: the role of academia. It came in the form of Professor Slughorn, a marvelously imagined character who is a teacher who cares only about the best in the class and seeks them out to the exclusion of all others. He, in turn, is a character that is perhaps the most instrumentalist of at least the “good” guys in the saga. Slughorn, at various points, commits self-interested acts claiming “academic purposes”. For instance, he is caught removing valuable leaves from a plant, claiming their scientific merit but we know being motivated by the black market value.

That, however, is not where this issue comes to the fore. It is hard to describe it without giving away too much of the plot but Slughorn cites the very same “academic” disclaimer when handing over clearly dangerous knowledge to a young Voldemort. Slughorn later clearly realises his error and attempts to cover his tracks but the message is clear: there is a danger to the academic shield.

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  • MF says:

    02:02am | 29/07/09

    Nick - I never suggested peer review was flawless.  There is incredible amounts of academic politics involved.  But that’s the way it is, and despite all the critics of the peer review process, nobody (yet) has come up with a better suggestion. Read more »

  • Nick says:

    07:07pm | 28/07/09

    MF, but peer review is a failure if they ignore a piece simply because there’s no “Dr.” or degree annotation after their name, as you earlier said they do. Read more »


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