This week we learned the painful truth that men don’t like to spend too much time in supermarkets.

Weak long black, no sugar, thanks George

In a bid to placate their poor, overwhelmed male customers, retail giants like Coles have begun tweaking store layouts so “man-friendly” items can be found at the front of the store.

Apparently, as revealed by The Advertiser, blokes just want to “get in and out as quickly as possible”.

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  • bec says:

    03:56pm | 09/12/12

    It’s not “less women on boards”! It’s “fewer women on boards”! God, I hate it when people make that mistake!!!!! Also, what the Jesus is with your whack-ass punctuation? You aren’t exactly proving your argument here… Read more »

  • Rob says:

    03:52pm | 09/12/12

    Oh and Marley if you can’t extracateyour thoughts from the need to defend any precious little comment from the sensitivities impacted upon by any comment that does not pedastal our delightful female gender, then why the refence to 50% of men being liars, and Boards, being brought into an intellectual… Read more »


Most of us are a better version of ourselves on holiday. We dress better, eat better, cook better, sleep better, do more exercise and pay better attention to our loved ones. There’s always time to make the bed, recycle the garbage, invite friends around for dinner and have long phone conversations.

Why can't every morning start exactly like this?

Lucky people spend their holidays in ideal environments; swanning around in kaftans by the beach or rugging up and hitting the ski fields, inhaling fresh country air or taking in the sites of somewhere exotic. No wonder holidays feel like the version of life that we wish we had, surrounded by the things and people and activities we love best.

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  • nihonin says:

    05:09pm | 29/09/12

    I like people who have a problem with first world problems. Read more »

  • d&s says:

    01:20pm | 29/09/12

    Oh for crying out loud. Drop the “first world problems” crap. I am sick to death of reading a blog and some dropkick leftie tosser writes in blabbing on about “first world problem blah blah blah”. Alex - you don’t want to read about first world problems - then go… Read more »


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