Greg Rudd

Tired of self-serving books about Australian politics in which the author is blameless but the ex-colleagues were closed-minded and unfair? Or the author had the secret to world peace but the colleagues were unfairly closed minded?

Pic: Herald Sun

Greg Rudd, brother of former Prime Minister Kevin and long a traveller in Labor circles, has an alternative that’s light years from both options. On Monday he will publish a unique tell-all ebook on Australian politics.

But a bit of a warning. It will come with a generous dose of fantasy and plain weird stuff, and does involve he future.

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  • sunny says:

    06:20pm | 07/10/12

    Yep found my keys, they were in one of my past lives. I reckon there’s a few gems in every book ..hard graft to find them though Read more »

  • JamesP says:

    06:10pm | 07/10/12

    Rose Blah Blah Blah Labor Spin the fact is Abbott is not Jones and Jones is not Abbott! Read more »


“The process isn’t functioning properly. I’ve been talking about this for a while, but I decided it’s time to be an agent of change from the inside.”

I’m tackling this prawn dumpling with programmatic specificity. Photo: The Australian.

Brace yourselves Australia, it looks like we’ve got another Rudd on our hands.

Greg Rudd, a 58 year old businessman who runs a consultancy in Beijing announced yesterday that he will be running as an independent Senate candidate for Queensland in the next election.

Greg is Kevin Rudd’s older brother, but the two men share more than an obvious family resemblance.

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  • youdy beaudy says:

    09:52am | 19/07/12

    @Ron Vincent, methinks you should stop sucking on your own sauce bottle ole bean. You get the jist there Ron. Remember what you mother said to you. Ronny, quit playing with it, they fall off when they’re ripe.! Read more »

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    07:27am | 19/07/12

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Rudd thinks Federal politics is “childish” and has become worse over the past decade.

The name's Rudd. Ah, Greg Rudd. Pic: Sabrie Gilles

Sorry - not that Rudd, who frankly we’re all sick of hearing about - but his brother Greg, who is now a business consultant.

Don’t expect him to provide any behind-the-scenes revelations from Camp Rudd over the past few weeks - he hasn’t actually spoken to Kevin since May last year, saying they “agree to disagree” in many areas. But he does have a background which qualifies him to speak with some authority on political machinations at the federal level.

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  • Seth Brundle says:

    03:09pm | 29/02/12

    “My view is that, is that one thing politicians do listen to is public sentiment” Except when it has to do with a carbon tax, apparently… Read more »

  • Ricko says:

    02:59pm | 29/02/12

    Paul, I think you are blinded by party politics…which parties absolutely love and thank you for. As for unions - they do occasionally do stupid things, and you only have to look at the US to see what erosion of Union power has achieved for corporations - in your first… Read more »


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