Greg Ritchie

Being offended has become something of a national sport in this country. That said, there have been a few things of late to be legitimately offended about.

Dopey, but worth legislating against? Photo: Courier Mail

Greg Ritchie could probably work on some new comic material, given the unsurprisingly negative response to his allegedly side-splitting zingers about kaffirs, and how he keeps Muslim children locked in the boot of his car. Alan Jones offended many people, myself included, with his cruelly twisted suggestion that Julia Gillard’s recently dead father died of shame over his daughter’s lies.

Being offended by Ritchie or Jones is one thing. Advocating that they be fined, banned from speaking or sacked from their jobs is something else altogether.

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  • marley says:

    07:02pm | 18/11/12

    @TheRealDAve - is Abbott saying that Anderson is more aboriginal than whoever the potential ALP candidate is in the same electorate? Or is he saying that Anderson is better connected to her rural community roots than her opponent?  Why isn’t that a fair statement? But so far as I know,… Read more »

  • marley says:

    06:51pm | 18/11/12

    Umm, why would you need to publish lists of members of the UN, UNICEF and UNHCR on the Punch?  That’s a lot of space wasted for no particular reason that I can see, when the membership is freely accessible on all sorts of websites.  Just post the links. Read more »


Sportsman’s luncheons are turgid affairs at the best of times. Indeed, you can pretty much bet that any lunch with the pompous suffix “eon” will have a post-meal speaker as tasteless as the soggy function food.

Golly gosh… I find all this scrutiny very disturban

Of course there’s tasteless and there’s plain offensive. Greg Ritchie crossed that line big time on Friday, when the former Test cricketer delivered a string of appalling comments of the type he’s been making for years under the guise of humour. Funny they were certainly not. Worse, his comments were plain stupid given they were made at a venue hosting a visiting, multi-racial cricketing power.

Calling Greg Ritchie a bigot and a racist misses the broader point, which is that the bloke is an unfunny wanker, and has been for years. He used to have a character called “Mahatma Cote”, a portly, turbanned subcontinental stereotype with a niece called Fatima Pants. Yeah, we get it Greg. You think erections and black people are funny.

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  • Utopia Boy says:

    06:41pm | 12/11/12

    Who cares? You know what? Some Indians DO wear turbans and wobble their heads endlessly as they speak. Muslims DO wear clothing that resembles a neatly stitched together bed sheet. And don’t you DARE say anything about their god. Black people DO often refer to themselves as niggers (ok, within… Read more »

  • Jimmy G says:

    06:22pm | 12/11/12

    Brilliant cartoon in today’s Australian.  Nothing funnier than a child being raped : Read more »


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