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It came as a surprise to some that Bob Brown was acknowledged as our most influential politician in The Australian‘s Top 50 survey of Australia’s most powerful figures in politics. If the claim had been made by the ABC or Fairfax it might have been easily dismissed as preferential bias - but coming from the Oz it can only be taken as a disgruntled admission of the Green leader’s success and political prowess.

Quick… secret handshake while no one's watching. Picture: Kym Smith

Despite what we might personally think about the Greens’ policies, if we look at the current state of play in Canberra its hard to argue with The Australian‘s assessment. The Greens leader is the most stable and secure party leader in the Australian parliament.

Despite being just a few years younger than John Howard, Brown appears to be in his political prime. His status is international - as the man who founded the world’s first ever Green Party in Tasmania in the 1970s and took his vision all the way to the national stage. As a politician, he has outlived them all. Bob Brown has even been described by Tony Abbott as the “real Prime Minister” of Australia.

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  • Sunil says:

    10:55am | 10/03/12

    30 years ago as a student as being oosehmw representative of someone’s views in middle age. Sure, if you’ve made consistent comments since then it’s relevant, but in most cases it’s just a view you grew out of.)My issue with Abbott is he just says anything, whatever he thinks people… Read more »

  • Mark/Fox says:

    09:41pm | 16/02/12

    The Greens would have to be the only political party that hate their own country. Read more »


We need marine parks.

This cute blue groper will be fine, park or no park. Photo: Andrew Boomer.

That very statement is going to land me in hot water with thousands of Australian recreational anglers, whose pasttime, and in some cases livelihood, is under genuine threat from the implementation of marine sanctuaries and no-fishing zones around the country.

I say it, though, to make it known right off the bat that I am an environmentalist, and have been a Greens voter in the past. You won’t find many anglers who believe that protecting our oceans isn’t crucial, and it is in this sense the truth has been lost in an ongoing heated debate.

The ‘us and them’ battle for access to fishing spots has painted us bloodthirsty murderers and the Marine Parks Authority as knights in shining green armour.

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  • Jerome - fishing charters perth says:

    02:15pm | 25/02/11

    We must protect the marine park.  Man people abused it. Read more »

  • Ryan says:

    08:41pm | 03/02/11

    I read something like 69% of the SA coast. That’s hardly tiny. Read more »


“Have you seen any good examples of greenwash lately? It seems to have died down hasn’t it?”

This is not an exciting picture, but I'd like to see you illustrate greywater

This question was put to me by a newspaper journalist recently.

That’s the thing with greenwash, it’s hard to spot if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Greenwash is a term given to marketing claims that suggest a product or company is more environmentally friendly than it actually is. The Trade Practices Act forbids misleading claims. But it’s sometimes difficult for investigators to spot, let alone consumers. That’s the problem.

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  • lida pills says:

    09:41am | 16/11/12

    I m not only taking the Lida Daidaihua Strong Version to burn fat, I have listed exercise in my weeks (we on it about two weeks), I try to work through 3 to 6 days out of the week. nothing intense though, I am just jogging neighborhood, About 30 a… Read more »

  • Jay says:

    02:42pm | 12/11/09

    Some environmental claims are more and more becoming like other esoteric woo woo (like Homeopathy, herbal cancer remedies and Chiropractors to name but a few proved fakes). Claims such as ‘Clean Coal’, ‘Nuclear energy is cheap’ and ‘Compact Fluorescent Lighting has a smaller carbon footprint over incandescent’ –when hit with… Read more »


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