Germaine Greer

I realised, watching Germaine Greer reduce herself to the point of ridicule on Q and A last night, why she became the most famous feminist of her age. She speaks a type of feminism palatable to the fellas; body and sex centric; trivial and titillating.

The more we see of her, the less we hear from feminists with something relevant to say

There are so many first wave Australian feminists who have made a difference for women. Unlike Greer, Eva Cox, Anne Summers and the recently deceased Joan Bielski stuck around Down Under to see their ideas manifest into reality. They weren’t in feminism just to make a name for themselves on the publishing circuit. They have devoted their lives to women-centred policy jobs, committees and NGO’s whose sole purpose has been to improve the lives of women and men in Australia and beyond.

Feminism is so much more work than the shock and awe we saw last night; it’s more than an excuse to say labia majora and clitoris on free to air TV. I don’t have a problem with that – don’t get me wrong. But the whole point of feminism was to rescue women from being diminished to sexy bit parts. Greer didn’t do the movement any favours last night.

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  • Tracey says:

    07:45pm | 28/08/12

    Sorry Adrian - I’m an independent, modern woman and I have to disagree with you about obligatory equal representation of women in politics.  It is exactly this quota system from Labor that has inflicted upon us the dreadful Gillard, Roxon, Plibersek, Bligh, Keneally, Kirner et al.  Give me a decent,… Read more »

  • Babylon says:

    07:26pm | 28/08/12

    Look at Western Australia. What if we had a male Education minister turn up for work in tight, shiny black leather pants? Of course Wearing tight leather garments it’s all there to see. Such garments are meant to have strong alternative sexual activity connotations rather than strong work ethic connotations.… Read more »


Thirty years ago Nell Schofield played Debbie in the film adaptation of Gabrielle Carey and Kathy Lette’s book Puberty Blues. The new television series of Puberty Blues starts tonight on Ten.

Back in 1981, the world was a different place. There was no internet, no mobile phones and having unprotected sex wasn’t a potentially lethal activity. With the advent of HIV AIDS, wearing condoms became a whole lot more critical.

Nell Schofield and Jad Capelja all the way back in 1981…

Safe abortion clinics became legal in most countries but we are at risk of going back to the dark ages with the rise of reactionary politics. We need to do all we can to help girls grow up to be the best they can be, even if they choose to put off having a family or not have one at all.

There is a societal pressure on girls to marry and have children. But having kids often knocks women out of the work force and many never return.

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  • MenDiscontinued says:

    06:50am | 17/08/12

    I’ve never seen a feminist stick up for men’s rights.  Not one. Read more »

  • James1 says:

    12:07pm | 16/08/12

    “So, this is all the evidence you have for a patriarchy that’s apparently ben keeping women down since the dawn of time?” Did I say that?  No, as I said, they are two small examples of systemic discrimination against women from before 1970.  Here I was thinking you loved freedom… Read more »


As always, it’s tempting to blame everything on Ms Antithesis-of-“Germane” Greer.

This 53 year old woman is either unacceptably saggy or intolerably sexy. Image: Mert and Marcus

Bloody Germaine. Doesn’t she realise there are enough misogynists taking pot shots at Julia Gillard without women’s libbers joining the mob?

Stubborn Germaine. When will she accept that Australia’s “stupid” media isn’t “making” her sound crazy by quoting her out of context; it’s simply quoting her?

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  • Gregg says:

    10:34am | 07/04/12

    I’m not too sure about what you mean too Emma but I’m not too confused. I reckon the answer might be for an annual compulsory nudist camp attendance or at least an annual nude pollie calendar. It might remind us that it is both sexes that come in all different… Read more »

  • Lisa H. says:

    10:31pm | 06/04/12

    Greer is a refreshing change from the one-dimensional thought-police type femo so common today. Have you read ‘The Female Eunach’? It is art, really. She is a brainiac. Read more »


Lots of young women revere Germaine Greer for all that she has achieved in the name of the women’s rights movement.

You've got a big relevance problem, Germaine. Just get on with it. Photo: Sky News

Lately, many of these same young women have been looking to Greer, and others of her ilk, for a fresh approach to the women’s movement of the future. For a new path that feels right in our new world where, for many of us, times have changed. A new feminism, if you like.

Last night’s Q and A performance proved one thing: Greer’s no longer our woman. After a few minutes of solid and complimentary assessment of Gillard’s struggle for leadership, and policy initiatives, Greer took an extraordinarily shallow, un-sophisticated and un-intelligent shot at the size of the PM’s backside and the poor cut of her jacket.

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  • pamela bridgefoot says:

    02:30pm | 27/08/12

    I publicly apologise to the Prime Minister Julia Gillard for my silly and thoughtless almost siding with Germaine. I wasn’t sensitive, and had no right to make the comment that exercise equates with intellect, There are, as I well know, some wholesome figures with amazing intellects. I am deeply sorry… Read more »

  • says:

    06:52pm | 18/08/12

    you have concluded and summarized the ideas.  I never touch this kind of things ..~~so before I am a green hand~~ now i opened mental horizon~~~ Read more »


I love men. Truly, I adore them: how they smell, the timbre of their voices, the sexiness of their forearms, their almost universal belief that life is better if you’re laughing along to it.

Describe this image

Perhaps I’ve been blessed with good ones: an ex-husband I’d happily still hug, a current husband who brings me to tears of laughter, a stepfather who treats my mum like gold, and many friends who’d be there in spades if my world fell to pieces.

That’s why I became a bit peeved recently when I went along to a feminist forum featuring trailblazers such as Germaine Greer and Naomi Wolf, and found some of them still peddling the man-hating schtick.

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  • Joan Bennett says:

    06:32am | 28/03/12

    So the little derogatory or sexual innuendos slip past your radar?  I’ve worked with many men over the past 20 years (old, young, different races, religions or no religion) and the vast majority have disappointed me.  Why do they think it’s okay to use the women they work with to… Read more »

  • Vicki PS says:

    10:22pm | 20/03/12

    Oh god, stop it, stop it, PJ, before I rip my own gallbladder out with a rusty Victa blade!  Let me go back to the Emerald City, where my dad used to thrash me with a stick for my own good!  To where a mother of seven told me in… Read more »


I don’t think Germaine Greer would like my friends.

The woman who personifies the feminist movement of the 70s and makes every wife willing to iron her husband’s shirts feel like a feminist-traitor would certainly frown on my little circle of Mummy-friends.

Especially on International Women’s Day.

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  • AliceC says:

    09:29am | 10/03/11

    @Jugg How can you fight for something to be created? Who are you fighting against if you’re creating something yourself? @Squeeze Ok, so the vote was granted to the common man after they fought for it. My question is why did they only fight for common man to get the… Read more »

  • Squeeze the Middle says:

    01:08pm | 09/03/11

    papachango.  Isn’t Greer just repeating: I may not agree with what you’re saying but I’ll fight to the death for your right to say it? Firstly: define mental illness? Secondly: even just the title of her book “The Female Eunuch” says it all. I.e. there are fulfiling alternatives to being… Read more »


Not since Carrie Bradshaw tapped away at her laptop has a column started with a dafter question, but here goes: Could Germaine Greer be single-handedly responsible for the complete destruction of a society and its culture?

In the firing line, again: Germaine Greer

And not just any old society, the one that has exported its language, manners and mores to the rest of the world more than any other. The British.

As ridiculous as it sounds, our expat Sheila-in-chief has been accused of bringing Britain to its knees by one of the country’s most widely-read commentators.

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  • John Dark says:

    11:47pm | 02/12/09

    “No fault” divorce and the diminution of the idea of individuals responsibility for their actions and the resulting consequences has destroyed western culture. Germaine Greer is just a daft old bat who may have had something interesting and relevant to say, once upon a time ... Read more »

  • stephen says:

    03:59pm | 02/12/09

    Yes dear. Yes dear. Yes dear…etc. Read more »


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