First Home Buyers

Sure, it’d be really great if the guvmint would buy us all a big yard glass full of beer when we turn 21. I’d like a beer now, come to mention it. Where’s Swanny when you need him?

There there, sweetheart. Your baby brother will still get 92.6% of the amount he'd have gotten last Christmas.

In all seriousness, the government is not here to fund our lives. We’ve got people called employers to do that. That’s why yesterday’s slashing of the baby bonus from $5,400 to $5,000 is a step in the right direction.

Honestly, when did we get it in our heads that the government should turn up with a cheque at every major milestone in our lives? Having a baby? Have some taxpayer money! Buying your first house? Have some more! It’s middle class welfare gone mad.

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  • AK says:

    12:42pm | 15/04/12

    I have an issue with people who do not actually live in Australia taking adavantage of the baby bonus and other subsidies that Australian tax payers are paying. Most of these people are well off. The real problem is that no matter how the goverment change the rules, these people… Read more »

  • Esteban says:

    02:21pm | 01/12/11

    I read somewhere that 80% of the under 30 demographiv voted for Rudd in 2007. Most of those younguns did not receive the largesse of the stimulas handouts. I have been wondereing when the penny would drop that most of the taxes for that demographic for most or all of… Read more »


‪First home buyers have just cause to feel betrayed by the Rudd-Gillard government as they struggle under the strain of seven consecutive interest rate rises which have been exacerbated by loose fiscal policy.‬

After the amount of Saturdays Kelly and Andrew had spent thumping the pavement looking for a house, they felt ready to kill the person who snapped up this one. Photo:

‪A disturbing new survey by Mortgage Choice has found that 10 per cent of first home buyers, who purchased their homes in the past two years, have either sold their homes or are considering selling because of financial hardship, caused by interest rate hikes.‬

‪The survey also found that another 6 per cent would sell if interest rates climbed a further one per cent, while another 14 per cent would sell if they rose another 1.5 per cent.‬

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  • TyncTrity says:

    07:29am | 27/06/11

    Absolutamente con Ud es conforme. La idea bueno, es conforme con Ud. Read more »

  • Rohan Chapman says:

    07:58am | 06/04/11

    Everyone including successive labor and liberal governments always look at the problem form the demand side of economics. Artificially low interest rates and credit easing by the banks in the noughties created a speculative rush and turned the mums and dads into speculators. Governments in Australia have been giving out… Read more »


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