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While the nation’s leaders spent yesterday haggling over who was prepared to pay for the “launch sites” of the national disability insurance scheme (NDIS), it was just another difficult day for people with disability, their families and carers, supporters and service providers.

Good job, boys. Pic: Kym Smith

For the Keogh family in Brisbane, COAG day was spent mulling over the “thrill” of being able to draw down their superannuation to pay for their a wheelchair accessible van and house modifications, so their seven-year-old son with a disability could move to, from and around the family home.

For Caroline, aged in her 40s living in Melbourne, COAG day was spent waiting for a support worker to help her from her bed at 8am, attend to her personal care, help her eat and settle into her wheelchair for the day at home, until the routine was repeated in the late afternoon.  Next month Caroline’s could look forward to her scheduled day of “community access”.

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  • Karen from Qld says:

    08:53am | 28/07/12

    Actually Christian Real I feel sorry for you because you will never see what a mug you are being taken for by Labor. I owe my loyalties to no party. I vote for the LNP because of the disgraceful way Labor has mismanaged Qld and now Australia. In fact my… Read more »

  • Christian Real says:

    01:26am | 28/07/12

    Sandra You accuse me of playing politics, but one of the areas that I have been employed in is working with disabled people. It is time that you,Karen and others take of your blindfolds and see Campbell Newman and the LNP, and other State Liberal National parties for what they… Read more »


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