When my children were babies, we’d lie in the garden, bums in the sun (theirs not mine), and gaze up at the sky. As the clouds drifted, they’d suck their toes and I’d tell them the hopes and dreams I had for them.

We need to take some inspiration from Roald…

“Gobble the whole apple of life, darling – even the core,” I’d whisper into their ears, as they kicked and gurgled then peed on my leg. “Live big, even if you’re always small.”

But as they grew older and we moved further from the ‘extraordinary’ of their births to the ‘ordinary’ of child raising, life became more transactional. “Eat your vegies, then we’ll go to the beach”, “Clean your room”, “Get dressed” became the dominant dialogue, and somewhere between making sandwiches (one with avocado, one without) and laundering, the dreaming disappeared.

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  • oem software says:

    10:44am | 19/08/12

    JbCxFY Very good article.Really thank you! Cool. Read more »

  • MARK says:

    12:29pm | 17/07/12

    I’ll declare my bias, I work for Cotton On.  Angela, before you lump Cotton On in with macaroni cheese and the Commonwealth Bank, might I suggest you acquaint yourself with a few facts about Cotton On.  Started as a single store in Geelong in 1991, the business has grown to… Read more »


Could this be the year we finally get a dream-recording device?

Okay, your dreams are starting to freak me out. I'm going back to my bottle

There are many inventions I’m hanging out for this year – from automatic cheese graters, to a device that allows Kyle Sandilands to break free from his rage-limiting mortal form and roam the skies as a scowling dragon, hurling damsels with ‘90s haircuts into volcanoes.

But a gizmo that could record and playback dreams would be at the top of my list.

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  • Jon says:

    10:28am | 23/03/12

    If I could playback my dreams this would be fantastic?. I have been woken up from several extraordinary things to never complete them. Thought of a few as I read this article that I would like to relive, lol think Apple will give us an app for it? Just a… Read more »

  • Liver says:

    10:52am | 06/01/12

    I find your snow man dream quite interesting.  The reason dreams are boring to other people is the way people tell them, trying to make sense/story as they go. Read more »


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