Dow Jones

Today is Monday October 11.

Oh crap, why did I invest in the Delhi Games float? Turned out it was actually a float

On this day, just three years ago, in 2007 the Dow Jones enjoyed a record high of the Dow Jones Industrial Average occurred at 14,198.10 points. Strangely enough the largest intra-day point swing since 1987 took place almost exactly a year later on the 10 of October 2008, that day the market reached a low of 7,882.51 points. 

What’s on your mind today?

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Rumours are rife last night’s dramatic plunge on the Dow Jones was caused by a Citigroup trader who accidentally sold a billion shares in Proctor and Gamble instead of a million.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! At least it wasn't his fault. Picture: AP

That little decimal point drama might have been what wiped about a trillion dollars off US stocks before they recovered again quite quickly. You could call it a “Barnaby on steroids.”

We all make mistakes at work, but when most of us stuff up we don’t send the world financial sector into cardiac arrest. What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done at work, that had consequences beyond your own yearly review?

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  • wake up to the manipulation says:

    02:23pm | 10/05/10

    As if. More like a “Turnbull” More Goldman Sachs intervention. Read more »

  • Rich says:

    10:49pm | 08/05/10

    I broke the Internet once. Just for a short time. Read more »


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