There might be a substantial number of people a bit gobsmacked that a Budget which started only last July 1 is after just four months some $16 billion out of whack. So out of kilter, in fact, that the Government today has had to effectively recast all its expectations and introduce some big-hit measures to get back on course.

LOL. Someone call Jonathan Cainer… Picture: Ray Strange

Consumers who already are close to deciding that the next few years might best be endured down in the onion cellar with a supply of can food and batteries might now feel their instincts are right.

But this is what happens to a 21st century economy exposed to global markets which dip and dive frequently and have almost instantaneous effects on domestic economies. And the response to these fluctuations is important.

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  • pa_kelvin says:

    06:54pm | 22/10/12

    Jack and Maria ...Like two peas in a pod….. Read more »

  • Esteban says:

    06:43pm | 22/10/12

    Bank manager- I have called you in today because you seem to be struggling with your loan repayments. Borrower . I am doing great. Everyone else on my street uses their credit card to borrow more just to make their repayments. They are all in complete financial shit compared to… Read more »


To some Australians the high dollar is cause for celebration.

Cartoon: Jon Kudelka.

A great way to pick up a bargain over the internet or a cheap holiday overseas. But for many, including 100 workers at Caterpillar in suburban Melbourne last week, it means watching your industry become less competitive and suddenly finding yourself out of a job.

The cause of the high dollar is Australia’s mining boom.

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  • Ray says:

    07:10pm | 19/12/10

    I’m sorry! Its just impossible to take anything that Dave Oliver says seriously.  This is the union boss that openly had a voodoo doll of one of the female amwu organisers.  This man has no idea how to treat his own workforce. His is a terrible union full of bullies… Read more »

  • The Badger says:

    10:32am | 22/11/10

    Did all you Australian workers out there see what Steve thinks of your work ethic? “the Aussie workforce is more or less a bunch of bludgers” aussie worker, do you thing you are a bludger? Do you think you do a fair days work for a fair days pay? Read more »


If you looked at the value of the Aussie dollar as a sign of our economy strength, things have never been better: since the currency was floated in 1983, it’s never reached such a high value. Here we found ourselves 27 years later practically rolling in money, with a dollar nearing parity with a value in the high 90’s.

Not even Batman can keep you from the bargains.

Let’s ignore the negative for a moment, shall we? The good side of the value in our dollar obviously lies in how much our prices are going to drop – at least, that’s the way it’s supposed to go if we believe what we’re told. Sadly it seems the opposite is mostly the case.

As luck would have it though, the modern age has found a way around that, as it’s now much cheaper and easier than ever for you to go on the internet and purchase anything you’d like at cheaper prices overseas, thereby bypassing the expensive Australian retailers.

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  • fiermasia says:

    01:35pm | 10/08/12

    iCafuxVyzf marcjacobsipadcase rQjbuwAytw Read more »

  • nate says:

    02:35pm | 20/10/10

    While for some items that may be true, for most items, it’s false. All the stuff that I bought from overseas (Asia, US or UK) are at most 75% of the Oz price when shipping is included. Some are as low as 45% when shipping is included. And I’ve bought… Read more »


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