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Last month Julia Gillard made a speech to the ACTU congress urging comrades to stock up for a 500 day haul to the next election. She has consistently maintained she intends her Government to serve a full term, placing the next election well into the second half of next year.

Gillard preaching to the non-converted… Picture: AFP

But this week she’s looking more like a political sprinter than a marathon campaigner, indicating the PM has either misjudged her run and let loose too early, or that it might be a shorter race after all.

According to Alexandra Kirk on AM this morning, the PM’s office has been sprung coaching ministerial staffers how to dig up dirt on the Opposition front bench. This in itself is not unusual, although dirt units are traditionally kept at arm’s length from the PM’s office and run by the party machines or by strange little groups of staff with titles such as “communications strategist” working out of windowless rooms in the Ministerial wing.

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  • OchreBunyip says:

    03:21pm | 17/06/12

    “The PM not acting like a woman…” Her sex isn’t important to the majority of the voting public, her policies and behaviour are the issue. Read more »

  • year of the dragon says:

    10:43am | 16/06/12

    Expat Ozzie says:09:44am | 15/06/12 “I would have thought with your advanced fact finding abilities that you would have been able to deduce that from my comment. I seems not be the case. “ My “advanced fact finding abilities”? I like facts. Facts like growth in three states shrank in… Read more »


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