I’ve only ever been to confession twice, both times when I was a young child. The first time I couldn’t think of anything to confess to so I made up some sins and was rewarded with penance of two Hail Marys.

Cartoon: Mark Knight

In hindsight the Hail Marys were probably for lying to God. Our parish priest was a good man who would have known when an 8-year-old was talking it up.

But even then it felt very weird to me that children would be expected to enter a dark little box on their own and open up the conversation with: “Forgive me Father for I have sinned”.

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  • Carl Palmer says:

    06:44pm | 14/11/12

    @ cynical old codger says “.....and the blind eye , nudge,nudge , wink, wink attitude that has allowed these crimes to be carried out over such a broad spectrum of organisations.” And to then go to a confessional to ask for forgiveness….. I don’t think so. Doesn’t make any sense.… Read more »

  • Maryjane says:

    06:32pm | 14/11/12

    AdamC says: ...‘the confientiality of the confessional should continue If the Catholic Church and, presumably, the High Church of England are to be allowed to ignore the law why shouldn’t Muslims be accorded the same concession?  They have some interesting religious customs which are important to them and of just… Read more »


This is just getting sad now. Defiant Lance has turned to Denial Lance, a man who oozes guilt like he used to ooze sweat while climbing Alpe d’Huez but who just won’t ’fess up and spit it all out.

Who, me? Naaaah, the whole world's got it all wrong. Pic: AP

To draw a parallel to a classic movie scene, Lance has become Monty Python’s Black Knight. He is on his knees, blood gushing from severed limbs with nothing left to fight with but his tongue. So he fights on with hollow words, even as the threat of perjury hangs over him.

If it wasn’t such a comical farce, it’d be downright pathetic. In fact, it is pathetic to see Lance now, each move now more aimless than the next. First he declines to fight USADA’s 1,000 pages worth of charges, yet still admits no guilt. Then he takes the title of Tour de France winner off his Twitter bio, yet still doesn’t ‘fess up to a thing.

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  • Jay2 says:

    05:52pm | 24/10/12

    If I knew Lance, I’d be telling him to say zip until everybody else steps up and cleanses their collective soul, which ain’t gonna happen. A witch hunt, yes in a way, because I think Lance’s abrasive and prickly nature, along with his success, made him hated by many. Some… Read more »

  • Gaye Englund says:

    05:38pm | 24/10/12

    Lance Armstrong not only set up a charity that has raised nearly $500 million for cancer, uses 85% of its incoming funds for this purpose (very efficient) and helped more than 2 million cancer sufferers worldwide - he has personally visited, written emails and advocated for many many grateful people.… Read more »


It’s heartening to see Australian politicians taking a stand around Catholic clergy abuse, but the calls to action this week by Senator Nick Xenophon and Victorian MP Anne Barker don’t quite go far enough. 

Cover ups should be left to the past. Photo:AP

We now need a Federal Government led, transparent national inquiry and mandatory reporting of all crimes revealed within the Church environment.

The Cloyne report, an independent state report released in Ireland into Catholic clergy abuse last week is the fourth inquiry in six years. All of the reports have been damning, chronicling the repeated failure of the Church to protect children, bring the guilty to justice and make the welfare of victims paramount.

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  • Anne Stocks says:

    11:17am | 19/08/11

    So what does God say about Child abuse again…. does He care for the sufferings of His little ones who’s innocence has been stolen from them, whose souls and minds are polluted by the promptings of the perverted and carnal nature of man ( women ) who are being controlled… Read more »

  • Lawrie says:

    05:16pm | 18/08/11

    Statistics say one in three girls are sexually molested . In boys its one in six . In Catholic run Institutions namely Orphanages etc. its one in two who are affected as victims or where witnessed by other children .You can’t argue against , that the Catholic Church has had… Read more »


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