Ah, the modern workplace is a strange beast.

Do you think anyone has noticed we're dating yet? Photo: Perth Now

You share cups and fossick for spoons, sit closer than you’d choose to most people and spend the majority of your waking life sharing an ill air-conditioned space with others who do not share your hygiene standards.

For around 40 hours a week we hunch at our desks, beavering away at any number of shared business goals and ticking off KPIs.

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  • Brian Damage. says:

    06:41pm | 28/02/13

    What !! When did hitting on the secretary become not acceptable? And who makes up these arbitrary rules…? If we took all the psychpaths, bores and socially challenged people out of workplaces, there’d be no - one left….. Read more »

  • Acka Demic says:

    06:39pm | 28/02/13

    This is a grim statement and, unfortunately, a false one. If our behaviour were really determined by our ancestors, we’d act like amoebas. We’d eat by osmosis and reproduce by division, meaning we’d smear food all over our bodies at dinner and have sex by throwing ourselves under a train. Read more »


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