Christine Milne

The next six months are shaping as a grim time for the environment based on recent events.

Memo Tony Burke: Fish and VOTERS like a clean environment

While Julia Gillard and Christine Milne duke it out over jobs or the environment, Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke appears to have lost his reformist urge and has been overwhelmed by his attempts to reconcile the schizophrenic impulses of his party.

Which at times wants to be seen as the friend of the planet, or the workers, but never the same thing at any one time.

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  • PJ says:

    05:24pm | 25/02/13

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Gillard Government: “Starving Aboriginal people off their traditional homelands is akin to “ethnic cleansing”, the Amnesty International boss has been told during his Central Australia visit. Amnesty International chief Salil Shetty visited communities in Utopia on the weekend describing the plight of locals… Read more »

  • PJ says:

    04:34pm | 25/02/13

    If you wish a report on the Labor Party and the Mining Sector ..... Look no further than the Ian Macdonald scandal and Obeid. How many of the Labor faithful passed through the Obeid $1400 dollar a night ski lodge? Dodgy as a promise not to have a carbon tax Read more »


Don’t believe anyone who tells you the election campaign isn’t underway. If they insist that’s the case, they are probably just campaigning for September 14. There is too much evidence to the contrary to claim it’s business as usual. There is a discipline and an intense parsing of all pronouncements usually only encountered in an election campaign.

Cartoon: Warren Brown

The most brazen campaigner has been stunt-woman and Greens Leader Christine Milne, but she is not alone. After Tony Abbott yesterday gave a rough timetable of “a few months” to abolish carbon pricing and the mining tax I asked his office whether a Coalition government would need to extend the parliamentary schedule later this year.

It wasn’t an Earth shaking question, one about process rather than policy. And this is the answer I received: “We’re focused on explaining the Coalition’s Real Solutions plan for a strong and prosperous economy and a safe and secure Australia.”

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  • Obvious T says:

    06:59pm | 21/02/13

    People are amazing. Some of them still fall for the most obvious trolling. Read more »

  • Wayne says:

    06:58pm | 21/02/13

    Then you must agree running up huge deficits is their expertise, and spreading borrowed money to many. But where are their election policy costings? Read more »


IT was a marriage of political convenience when Julia Gillard and Bob Brown signed their formal alliance on September 1, 2010.

In happier times… Illustration: Bill Leak

It even looked like a wedding ceremony as they posed for photos wearing sprigs of wattle. Now it is a political divorce of convenience. But while Labor people are doing cartwheels at being freed from the shackles of the Greens, it will still hurt Gillard.

The timing - and the fact that it was the Greens that ended it - will feed into the sense of chaos, turmoil and despair surrounding Labor in general and Gillard and her leadership in particular.

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  • PW says:

    06:56pm | 20/02/13

    You are seeing the final days of the Greens’ period of glory. They will soon be consigned to the same political cesspit that houses the DLP and the Aust Democrats. Read more »

  • R White says:

    06:56pm | 20/02/13

    Yeah yeah yeah. Sound and fury, signifying….........................................................nothing. Read more »


There is some deserved and overdue scrutiny of the Greens going on right now and it is appropriate the spotlight searches further.

You're not going to release my policy costings? YAY! Illustration: Bill Leak

This is about a political party that prides itself on transparency, yet offers none when it comes to its own workings.

The background is a legitimate Freedom of Information request by Jamie Briggs, MP, seeking details on the costing of policies submitted by the Greens to the Treasury Department in the wake of the 2010 election negotiations. Public servants ran the numbers and analysed the outcomes. The public is entitled to know what they discovered.

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  • James O says:

    06:29pm | 13/09/12

    Unfortunately for the Greens Australia is not a diverse europolitical culture in steep decline. The social economic downturn has not touched Australia to the same extent as it has in the EEC, if it had the Greens may find their soft left wing ideals more appealing to the multitude of… Read more »

  • Borderer says:

    05:37pm | 13/09/12

    RobJ, You are dense aren’t you…. That’s right and Aboriginals are Australian. So you can’t be Australian unless you’re Aboriginal? I have a piece of paper that says I’m Australian, I’m probably the least Aboriginal person you are going to meet, being white and born in England will do that.… Read more »


In analysing the collapse in public support for the Australian Greens, one factor has been overlooked in attempting to explain the spectacular decline in their vote. That factor is arrogance.

It's not going all that well… Picture: Ray Strange

Arrogance in terms of lecturing the community about its apparently woeful moral standards on issues such as border protection. Arrogance in terms of having little regard for the concept of an electoral mandate, and the old-fashioned view that government should only implement policies which have been presented to and endorsed by the people.

Arrogance in terms of advocating policies which require large amounts of money to fund, and ducking responsibility for explaining how the cash can be found without destroying the federal budget.

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  • Green Power says:

    07:50pm | 11/09/12

    TimB - I’d worry about winning the lower house before getting too excited about the Senate. Abbott’s won nothing yet. Read more »

  • Reality Check says:

    07:43pm | 11/09/12

    “Even now, after all her backflips and “tough stances” against the Greens and independents, they still wouldn’t support the Liberals” Mouse, that says more about Abbott than it does about Gillard? Read more »


Christine Milne is 100 days into her leadership and shows little evidence of filling the large shoes left by Bob Brown. This period coincides with a deep split in the Labor alliance and could mark the beginning of the end for the Greens’ influence.

Said she was headed to the bush… Picture: Dan Himbrechts

And to make things even more difficult, the ongoing and unseemly stoush between Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott deprives Ms Milne of the crucial oxygen she needs to give life to her leadership.

The transition from Bob Brown to Christine Milne preceded a number of events which are central to the Greens’ agenda, but none of which she has been able to exploit for political advantage. The Greens-backed carbon tax and mining tax became a reality. The asylum seeker debate continued its death spiral while the Greens stood by and arrogantly argued only they were in possession of the real facts and hence the correct solution.

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  • Jay says:

    11:25am | 20/07/12

    SHY! What a Diva. Cries crocodile tears about illegal immigrants and rather than vote with the coalition and their policy she votes to keep the status quo. Come September, Julia will be gone and then we will probably have to put up with another union hack in Shorten. Labor will… Read more »

  • Carl Palmer says:

    09:59am | 20/07/12

    @ Daniel, I agree with you when you say “….people are now waking up…” – to the fact that the greens are just that – green, naïve and politically inept. The ALP debate on their relationship with the greens has and quite rightly so begun and whatsmore, in the public… Read more »


In a classic piece of understatement on the weekend, the SMH described comments by Therese Rein about her husband’s political future as “her first public comments hinting which way the couple might lean.”

What makes you think I would know what he's planning… Picture: Ray Strange

As “hints” go, this one was about as subtle as a slap in the face with a wet fish. Asked if she would support Kevin Rudd’s return to The Lodge Rein said:

‘‘Is it [supporting him in that role again] something I would do? I don’t know. But if I ever agreed to do that, it would be on the proviso that it was completely about the country, the national good, Australia’s place in the world and the people who have, over many years now, told me, ‘Look, we’re vulnerable on this or we’re hurting on that, and things need to be better.’‘’

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  • qignnz says:

    12:06am | 11/07/12

    b3L9vS rwxlkpmizqss, egiuowckgrae, [link=]ggiekbenpnbd[/link], Read more »

  • ebhsxygc says:

    11:09pm | 10/07/12

    qT1iJQ qhbiadboxvon, ekefnmoztagc, [link=]jrbzdwxbyuwr[/link], Read more »


Since the huge news of Bob Brown’s retirement last week, new leader Christine Milne has emerged as a leader just as canny as her predecessor, crafting her own stamp on the party leadership rather than walking in anyone’s shadow.

Milne, at the Franklin blockade in 1983, ponders her choice of headwear

Despite her somewhat school matronly exterior, the new leader is emerging as a tough, razor sharp and sophisticated player in Federal politics.

Bob Brown has left the party in its strongest ever position. The reality facing the Labor Party now is that it can’t survive without the Greens. With the latest polls showing the ALP at 29 percent and the Greens around 14, there are only 15 percentage points now separating the two parties in terms of popularity among voters. The Greens have cemented themselves as the third political party in Australia, and the ALP had better look out the Greens don’t swallow them up.

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  • null says:

    09:22am | 20/04/12

    “During this heated period, The Greens were able to make many significant policy victories” And teh legacy of Greens having direct influence in government is reflecetd in Tasmanias’ (ahem) ‘robust’ economy Read more »

  • damo says:

    11:03pm | 19/04/12

    James Norman is communications coordinator for the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. He is a contributor to The Age, The Australian and the Herald Sun. He also wrote Bob Brown’s biography for Allen & Unwin. It seems that they left a few things out on when you read… Read more »


With Bob Brown’s resignation as leader of the Greens, Australia has lost its most important left-wing politician.

We could do with more who possess his traits. Picture: The Daily Telegraph

There was a time when Labor and the coalition were regarded as the Left and Right of Australian politics. Not any more.

In terms of what they stand for, the major parties are almost indistinguishable. The competition between them is about competence, not much else.

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  • shoomisax says:

    02:46pm | 12/10/12

    There is a clear disparity in these period, corps very money approval loans permanent citizen of UK.  The reason this criteria is so straightforward is that funds after 14 and 45 days to pay back all of your loan plus interest. You should also be in collar for at least… Read more »

  • LC says:

    06:04pm | 18/07/12

    Bob Brown had the occasion outburst of insanity, but for the most part he it was him that kept the most extreme elements of their party in line, and he was still (unlike some of his colleagues). For example, when the NSW Greens were demanding a boycott of Israeli goods… Read more »


Did anyone see that coming? Greens Leader Bob Brown’s shock resignation today came out of a clear blue sky, and now we’ll all quickly scramble to work out what it will mean for the Greens’ future, and for ours. See’s rolling coverage here.

Post-carbon tax camaraderie. Pic: Kym Smith

Apart from the occasional nutty dummy spit, Bob Brown has been a steadying influence in the Greens, which is prone to both admirable idealism and flashes of extremism.

He has been a herder of cats. His replacement Christine Milne’s corralling abilities remain to be seen, as does her ability to deal with the Government and the Opposition, and an ever-critical public.

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  • icon downloads says:

    03:29pm | 09/10/12

    I am final, I am sorry, but it at all does not approach me. Perhaps there are still variants? Read more »

  • icon set says:

    07:41am | 05/10/12

    Leave me alone! Read more »


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