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What happened
Sheen, the son of the excellent Martin and the star of a crap blockbuster TV show, destroyed his immediate career in a drug-, women- and media-fuelled tizzy of spectacular proportions.

There were signs that Sheen’s life was starting to careen out of control in January when he went to rehab after a series of public shenanigans. Two and a Half Men was put on hiatus.

But the kerfuffle didn’t really get started until Sheen called up a US radio show to tell the world just what he thought of Two and a Half Men and its producers. He declared the TV show was: “A pukefest that everyone worships” (right on, Charlie) run by an “AA Nazi” and “blatant hypocrite”. Producers, who were sick of Sheen’s issues and his partying, ended production.

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    09:25pm | 15/12/11

    Hi Daniel, At the end of the day, it all only goes to show the true face & actual reality of the human condition!!  We can all claim to be be very strong but also very weak at the same time!  And we all make mistakes and Mr Charlie Sheen… Read more »

  • the_pseudonym says:

    04:22pm | 15/12/11

    I thought the works of Mr Sheen would be more to your tastes.  Go on admit it, you now have the song ear worming you. Read more »


Once upon a time there was an endearing little sitcom called Bewitched. It was predictable and more than a little cheesy, but it was good fun.

A few decades later, there was another sitcom called Two and a Half Men. It was predictable and more than a little cheesy, and it mightily sucked.

Two and a Half Men resumed overnight, after a six month absence caused by Charlie Sheen’s quest to simultaneously screw every woman in the world along with his own dignity. He succeeded in both.

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  • oribrash says:

    02:25pm | 17/04/12

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  • LON says:

    10:22pm | 21/09/11

    Folks, if you saw the Charlie Sheen Roast on Channel nine you would not find much to admire. Once apon a time American comedy was a slickly scripted but uncomplicated slapstick middle class parody full of sight gags, one liners and in jokes only Americans would understand, but the world… Read more »


Like anyone who has ever had to perform some form of work, I despise wealthy celebrities.

Dude, where's my hot cougar wife? Pic: Reuters.

Their constant tears in interviews, their overuse of words like “journey” and “dreams” and their inability to empathise with anyone other than rare amphibians and cyber-bullied American Idol contestants make them difficult to like.

They are a strange and reptilian breed whose thirst for never-ending attention and gaudy bling can repulse even the gentlest of souls – which is why it pains me to take their side on rare occasions.

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  • John says:

    08:22pm | 05/08/11

    200 years for parasites to subvert and a destroy the new nation. Maybe next time Washington creates another constitution, he needs to make sure there are more rules, keeping the international bankers, media barrons and other subverts in check.  The UN and Obama is trying to destroy the right to… Read more »

  • hehster says:

    10:43am | 05/08/11

    Heh! Read more »


The other morning I was thinking about life - because, well, that’s what people do when they’re on the toilet.

As I used my housemate’s slightly dryer towel to wipe my hands, I realised I’d been doing it wrong - life, that is, not hand-drying, which I’ve actually developed quite a knack for.

All this time, I’ve been focused on “the journey”, when the end product is clearly the most important bit. The end product being, of course, a sweet, badass biography. What’s the point of being content if there isn’t a seven-figure book deal at the end of it all?

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  • bikinis on top says:

    08:44pm | 02/06/11

    The toilet exposes the crystal balls for Jason Tan and others. The bedroom exposes the crystal balls for females and others. Just look into the crystal balls to see the future like Nostradamus. Read more »

  • stephen says:

    06:20pm | 02/06/11

    Busy people are boring. It’s only the idle who have stories. Read more »


Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. Blimey, we can barely make it through a week without someone proffering an apology.

S-o-r-r-y. Photo: Getty Images.

Those above came from John Galliano, Tiger Woods, Todd Carney, Ricky Nixon and Fergie, the Duchess of York – whose latest transgression led her to admit: “I am just so contrite, I cannot say.”

This, just two weeks after her last apology for offering to sell access to her ex-husband, saying she needed to “find the lotus flower within”.

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  • Damocles says:

    04:54pm | 21/03/11

    Hey Unionist (could you be called anything else?) Did I read right? “Abbott say sorry for policy blowout from the Howard era and he accuses Labor of wasteful spending”’re kidding right? Howard leaves the coffers full. Labor blows it all and you accuse Abbott/ Howard of wasteful spending! Get off… Read more »

  • Seano says:

    11:26am | 21/03/11

    Making people feel better about wrongs that have been done to them by acknowledging the wrong and apologising for it is doing something meaningful. Read more »


As fossil fuels dwindle and we struggle to feed a hungry population, the world faces a new shortage. As we speak, implausibly rugged scientists are being taken by chopper to a secret bunker while Robert Redford does his best to convince an old special forces type to leave his forest cabin for one last job.

Charlie Sheen #Losing

They told us the supply wouldn’t last. “Ration it out,” they told us, “there’s plenty to go around”, but we didn’t listen.

That’s right, because of our greed and refusal to acknowledge the finite nature of our resources, the world has run out of Charlie Sheen jokes.

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  • TheRealDave says:

    01:53pm | 17/03/11

    I’m sorry. Chuck Norris, Gibbs and Jack Bauer were last seen running away from Vic Mackey. Read more »

  • Aitch B says:

    01:25pm | 17/03/11

    Interesting comment in a newspaper today….. some time in the future Youtube, Twitter and Facebook will combine to become the largest social networking medium in the entire universe: YouTwitFace Then Myspace will get sucked in to that massive cyberoctopus: YouTwitMyFace Sorry…..... Read more »


American celebrity culture and Australian politics don’t often make for useful comparisons - but then, it’s not every day that Charlie Sheen comes along.

Sheen is a highly amusing egomaniac but - unlike most Australian politicians - he also tells the truth. “I believe in the truth and that’s what rules me”, Sheen said in an interview with Andrea Canning for the ABC network in America. He certainly does.

When asked to describe the last time he used drugs, Sheen said, “I probably took more than anyone could survive… I was banging seven gram rocks… that’s how I roll. I have one gear—go.” It’s the answer no one else would’ve given even if they had’ve banged seven gram rocks (which I assume means consuming a lot of cocaine). 

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  • Dan says:

    02:11am | 12/03/11

    Matt says- “Dan, you’re ignorant and you’re arrogant.” Ignorant? God no, that would be you, who seems to think Australia is a Christian country! Arrogant? If arrogance is knowing I am more intelligent than you, then guilty as charged. BTW, considering that you think you have the right to judge… Read more »

  • Dan says:

    10:50pm | 11/03/11

    “Dan, you’re ignorant and you’re arrogant.” Ignorant? I’m not the one who thinks that Australia is a Christian country!!! As for arrogance, I’m not the one who think that I’m the arbitor of who contributes positively or not. I will say this; if being more intelligent than you, and knowing… Read more »


Like every other family values-oriented Australian I have been deeply impressed this week by Charlie Sheen’s commitment to his children and his efforts to avenge their removal from his custody by removing their mother’s teeth.

Hooray! They canned Two and a Half Men! I never thought it was funny anyway… Pic: AP

You rarely get that sort of passionate parenting these days.

As many people will know, Sheen’s two-year-old twins were placed in the care of his ex-wife Brooke Mueller and taken away from the house he shares with two porn stars.

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  • bethany says:

    01:32pm | 13/04/12

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    06:14am | 13/04/12

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Does anything churn the stomach so much as news that Londoners are willing to part with more than $20 for a serving of ice cream made from breast milk?

C'mon, I know you still love me! Pic: AFP

Actually, yes. And he goes by the name Charlie Sheen. With a rap sheet dating back to the early 90s, the 45-year-old is no slouch in the “Bad Boy” department, as Sheen himself made abundantly obvious in a bizarre interview on A Current Affair last night.

Compared to a tally of Sheen’s misdemeanours even Matt Newton suddenly looks more wholesome than a character on Packed To The Rafters.

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  • Tailacewlic says:

    01:51pm | 10/01/13

    You will find some fascinating points in time in this article but I do not know if I see all of them center to heart. There’s some validity but I will take hold opinion until I appear into it further. Great write-up , thanks and we want more! Added to… Read more »

  • sbg says:

    02:33am | 05/03/11

    Seriously? What is this, Blame The Victim 101? Read more »


I enjoy Two and a Half Men. Does this make me a failed feminist?

Photo: Channel 9.

Feminists make a great deal of noise when it concerns America’s #1 hit sitcom. Charlie is labelled as misogynist and sexist under a thin veneer of “comedy”.

I understand people’s concern with its 7pm timeslot, but what I don’t understand is why people are so angry. Especially women.

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  • buy bystolic without prescription says:

    09:52am | 04/03/12

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  • Giuliana Monteverde says:

    09:24am | 07/01/12

    I really feel the need to comment to this article because I find it so grossly offensive and ignorant of even the most basic tenets of feminism. Firstly, to say that something is “just entertainment” in a world dominated by mass media representations and the proliferation of images (often offensive)… Read more »


Disclaimer: Any resemblance to the case unfolding in Aspen involving Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller, is purely coincidental.

Ain't love grand. Picture: AP.

Once upon a time a man named Charlie met a beautiful woman called Brooke and they were married in a sumptuous ceremony.

The first 180 days of their marriage were happy ones and Brooke felt like a princess.

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  • Wayne Fehlhaber says:

    08:03pm | 06/05/10

    Well said Jenni , he has an ability to capture the imagination and could charm a cobra from a basket. We can be forgiven for forgiving Charlie’s indiscretions. Long live the King of Entertainment. Read more »

  • Jenni says:

    03:05pm | 06/05/10

    LOL even I had to laugh at this rendition, and I’ve been a _hopeless_ fan of Charlie for over 20 years. Loved him then, still love him now, in spite of all his troubles, issues and deep-seated psychological neuroses. I guess love really is blind Read more »


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