That wonderful institution called marriage has been in the media a lot this week – and for two very different reasons.

Costume? Tick. Bling? Tick. Let's have a parade! Pic: Nikki Short

In the US, President Barack Obama has faced down deeply conservative voters to reverse his opposition to gay marriage. Interestingly, he cited his Christian values as the primary reason for reversing his thinking. “In the end, the values that I care most deeply about ... is how we treat other people,” he said.

Hallelujah to that, and we can only hope our own Prime Minister Julia Gillard – usually so eager to warm to Mr Obama but on this occasion very quick to shrug him off – reverses her own thinking on the issue sometime soon.

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  • Leonardo says:

    01:56pm | 02/06/12

    Helllo Mr Morris,I am very impressed with your wbsiete.Alot of infomation is linked off your site wiith some of my favorite apologetic topics and authors.I am kind of new but have always had a strong desire to be able understand and disuss the various hard question some unbeliever ask adn… Read more »

  • Helena says:

    09:48am | 31/05/12

    Well, Veronica, you probably know why I am a vocal atsehit. I think religion is a social problem. It’s regressive and intrusive, and thinks it has the right to be. I want to see religion get shoved into the private sphere where it belongs. There should be no religious school… Read more »


So by now we have all heard the story of Father Kevin Lee and his crusade to abolish clerical celibacy in the Catholic Church. For those who need a recap: this popular Sydney priest announced to his congregation last Sunday that he had secretly married a woman one year earlier and had since been living a double life.

Kevin Lee won't be needing this clobber anymore

As a consequence he has been removed from service as a Catholic Priest. Immediately Father Kevin was across the media in print and radio stating his case and decrying the Church for her laws on “forced” celibacy. And as was to be expected, the majority of commentary has come out in favour of him and against the Church.

Father Kevin has always been very diligent in teaching the faith and bestowing the sacraments which makes this story so disappointing but what is most disappointing is the harm and scandal such a situation does to the Catholic Community (and indeed the community at large).

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  • Michelle says:

    11:22pm | 15/08/12

    You have a long memory Dave. I think you must have been made to look bad by this “turkey”. I wonder what his time at a year 12 retreat in 1991 has got to do with his comments regarding priestly sexual abuse? Ad hominem comments Dave don’t win arguments Read more »

  • Riri says:

    10:42am | 15/06/12

    Utter shock and the hypocricy of it all is even more demeaning. Kevin Lee is a fanatic jogger. Over and over again he self glorify himself for being able to tolerate the heat, the cold, the pain of muscles on his daily walks with nature. At the same time explaining… Read more »


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