Cate Blanchett

I can’t find one Coalition MP or fellow traveller who came to the defence of Cate Blanchett when last May she took part in a TV advertisement supporting a price on carbon.

This woman is a wealthy actress, therefore you should aggressively refuse to listen to her…

There were plenty who shredded the internationally successful Australian actress, making the point that among those disqualified from speaking on climate change were internationally successful Australian actresses.

None of these shredders were accused by others of instigating class warfare against Blanchett, said to be worth from $53 million to $55 million. None were dismissed as being driven by envy.

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  • DyerDyene says:

    12:00pm | 06/11/12

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  • fitter says:

    03:34pm | 12/03/12

    The hypocrite argument about Blanchett has been done to death. She was recruited because she has star power, lots of celebrities do the same thing. I’m sure the federal government could have recruited a “qualified” scientists from the CSIRO, but who would watch the ad?and they probably didnt want the… Read more »


AND, action! A senior cabinet minister generally regarded as among the more effective, uses a major speech on Australia Day-eve to channel an American president without acknowledging it. Worse, it wasn’t even an actual president but a fictional one.

The headline does not refer to these two. Picture: Gary Ramage

On the same day, a few hundred metres up the hill, the 2012 Australian of the year is unveiled as an A-list Hollywood actor, Geoffrey Rush. Rush, a gifted pretender with an expressive face, promptly weighs in to some of the more divisive political debates in this country hinting at the moral failure of both sides of politics to recognise the human courage of asylum seekers, the failure to progress gay marriage equality, and to deliver enough on climate change.

Later he defends his A-list compatriot Cate Blanchett who had been lambasted for taking part in an advertising campaign on carbon driven global warming. OK as movie plots go this is bit lame but it certainly seems fanciful enough. Besides, it has the advantage of being “based on a true story” and all that. It even has some real actors in it.

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  • Biury says:

    03:52pm | 10/02/12

    OBR, the fact that Rupert didn’t just “start up” a media emprie but had it bequeathed to him seems to have escaped you. Read more »


So the left-wing apologists from Get Up and the ACTU are now imploring us to just “say yes” to Labor’s Carbon Tax. 

They may as well have added “this won’t hurt a bit, honest” to their patronizing new advertisement.

I’ve often thought that the moral supremacists at Get Up occupied a very different Australia to the one in which I live.

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  • DaveinPerth says:

    12:35am | 09/06/11

    @al - Ian Plimer? Is that the same Ian Plimer that earns $400,000 pa working as a shill for mining companies? Read more »

  • al says:

    10:49pm | 06/06/11

    That’s exactly what I was thinking. Folks, just read a book from prominent geologist in australia, Ian Plimer (Heaven and Earth) and you will see for yourself. There is more carbon in soil than the total amount of carbon in the atmosphere and living matter. The atmosphere contain only 0,001%… Read more »


Not since the Federated Actors Guild launched a musical campaign against the AIDS virus in the movie Team America has a group of celebrities caused such a stink.

The decision of actors Cate Blanchett and Michael Caton to front advertisements supporting the Federal Government’s climate change policies has been denounced as a shocking act of impertinence by a pair of cashed-up lefties who have no right to enter the debate.

The attacks on the pair have been over the top and underscore the increasing shoutiness of modern discourse. On news and opinion websites (including the two I work for, The Punch and we have seen the usual procession of anonymous haters line the pair up over their supposedly unwelcome foray into publc policy arena.

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  • Bloggs says:

    06:10pm | 04/06/11

    persephone says: 01:01pm | 31/05/11 - and it’s on the record that she offsets the carbon footprint of those flights and that her home is powered by green energy. Yep, she may do that, Pers, but nothing comes of it now does it? What happens with the money she may… Read more »


Now we are means-testing people for the right to have an opinion in television commercials, it seems that only those who struggle with absolute penury can speak for Australians.

Based on that logic, this guy should be airing his views on radio. Oh, wait…

Everyone else is tainted by the bias of success and salaries.

Billionaires can’t complain about higher taxes on super-profits; screen stars can’t complain about pollution.

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  • Tom says:

    09:52am | 01/06/11

    Loxy, you still miss the point. ... perhaps deliberately, eh? ... a bit of sleazy “straw man” tactic straight out of the Labor Hawker Britton handbook? No Loxy, I never questioned her right to have an opinion. This is a democracy. However, the paunchy little fat man who works his… Read more »

  • Cate P says:

    10:32pm | 31/05/11

    Andrew Laming’s response nails it.  Good on you Punch for publishing it with M Farr’s piece. Read more »


I like Cate’s economic thinking here:

She ... mentioned the loss of agricultural and tourism industry jobs, adding: “We have the ability to kick start the low carbon economies of the future right when we need to, and that’s now.”

On fire: Cate Blanchett in Copenhagen. Pic: AFP

Changing the traditional drivers of economic production is something that I reckon will be fundamental to bringing about serious reductions in carbon emissions across the economy. Agriculture and heavy industry cannot continue in their current form, but making anything happen is going to take enormous will from politicians and consumers, open-mindedness from workers on new opportunities from innovation, and also support from government for workers making a transition between jobs.

On the other hand, I can’t say I agree with Cate on this:

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  • dennis k says:

    11:11pm | 02/10/11

    I don’t think she’s a good person to talk about climate change. She’s not an expert phone number lookup Read more »

  • Dallas says:

    03:18pm | 01/06/09

    More Spin, acting, staging, weaving dreams, selling snake oil, credibility lies in modern comics. Read more »


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