Caroline Byrne

We’re a bit squiffy about media outlets paying for stories in this country. Unlike in the UK, where any single mum with a third nipple can get a pay cheque from a newspaper, here we like our paid media appearances to be reserved for heroes or, at least, worthy folk.

Will you be watching? Picture of Gordon Wood: Craig Greenhill

No one begrudged the huge sums paid to Brant Webb and Todd Russell, who spent two weeks trapped down the Beaconsfield mine. They’d earned one of the biggest media cheques ever.

But going to air this Sunday night is a paid-for 60 Minutes interview with Gordon Wood, whose conviction for the murder of his girlfriend Caroline Byrne was recently quashed on appeal.

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  • says:

    08:59am | 16/11/12

    What we read influences our thinking.Yes£¬I suppose So.His looks are always funny.Tom and Mary congratulated us on the birth of our daughter.So do I.I do not care whether it rains or not.I do not care whether it rains or not.May I use your pen? I am afraid that l have… Read more »

  • taxpayer says:

    10:57am | 01/05/12

    Tony ‘Byrne was photographed drinking and laughing with the arresting Police this was man alleged to be upset about his daughter.  I would like to know if the Police paid taxpayer money to Tony Byrne to lie about Gordon Wood as they already stated in Court he was known to… Read more »


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