In the NRL, the Bulldogs have been fined $30,000 for comments about women reported by the media.

All style. Picture: Craig Greenhill

The money will go charity.

It’s Wednesday. What’s on your mind?

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  • Mouse says:

    07:04pm | 10/10/12

    nihonin…...bummer? Sorry, but I think you are looking in the wrong place!! xo) Read more »

  • marley says:

    06:39pm | 10/10/12

    @fml - you overrate the importance of governments in world trade.  In fact, you overrate what the heads of minor governments say about anything at all.  Does anyone here know or care what the Canadian PM’s stance is on any issue? Not a chance.  The only thing that matters is… Read more »


I was born a Bulldog. 

Not literally. Picture: Brett Costello

In 1982, Canterbury legend Steve Mortimer happened to be visiting my mum’s maternity hospital on the day I was born. My brother, a 9 year old Bulldogs fan, came to meet his new baby brother, and was decked head-to-toe in blue and white: jersey, shorts and socks. Mortimer heard about it and gave him a Bulldogs stick-pin to remember the day. I think he’s still got it. With a start like that, I had no choice, I was a Bulldog too.

Growing up, we spent plenty of Saturdays and Sundays watching the Bulldogs from the hill at Belmore.  As a six-year-old I was beside myself when Canterbury won the Grand Final in 1988. I treasured the VHS tape of that game and watched it over and over I can still remember the tryscorers: Glen Nissen, Michael Hagan, Terry Lamb and David Gillespie.

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  • AFR says:

    07:18pm | 04/10/12

    Adam, where was this riot that you speak of? You would do well at Chanel nine. Read more »

  • AFR says:

    07:15pm | 04/10/12

    You’re serious? Read more »


To become a member of the Geelong Football Club you need a name, a birth date and an address.

Photo:Geelong Advertiser

In March 2007 my wife Rachel was in the family way. Thanks to an ultrasound, a planned caesar, and a stable household, for yet-to-be born Harvey I already had the three pieces of information. So with Rachel twenty weeks pregnant, Harvey became a member of the Geelong Football Club: in utero.

He is, to this day, officially the youngest ever member of the Cats.

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  • Mahhrat says:

    07:48am | 30/09/11

    @Aitch B (I see what you did there): James Bartel and Joel Selwood are both players who make a mockery of the “high contact rule” through their superhuman ability to suddenly lose six inches in height whenever they’re in traffic.  They deliberately buckle their knees, and every umpire (bar Razor… Read more »

  • stephen says:

    06:44pm | 29/09/11

    Geelong over the ‘Pies by 32 points. Read more »


THE Magpies are raging flag favourites, thanks to the Hawks fuelling their hunger on the eve of the AFL finals.

Hands in choking positions: it's finals time. Pic: Getty

The Pies’ stinging loss to the Hawks in round 22 hurt like hell. Collingwood’s flat spot, on the eve of the finals, could prove to be the catalyst in their quest for the premiership.

The Hawthorn loss was the fuel the Magpies needed to brush off their famed losing mentality.

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  • The Bishwa says:

    10:17am | 07/09/10

    This is insightful: “I believe Magpie superstar Dane Swan could prove his team’s trump card, if he controls the midfield in their remaining finals.” My one-year-old son who can only say daddy offers more!!! Read more »

  • Tails says:

    10:08pm | 06/09/10

    Nice to see you’re brave enough to post comments that are critical of your writing style and content, Julie. Or, more aptly: Julie Stating the Bleeding Obvious In an Uninteresting Way Tullberg. Sorry if you find criticism offensive but you seem to be getting away with murder here. Read more »


Big Bad Bazza - Barry Hall - has gone through the wringer and emerged as a new man, ironing out all those kinks. Who would have thought that Bazza could reverse his fortunes after one too many brainsnaps at the Sydney Swans?

Big bad Bazza is back. Picture: Colleen Petch

Bazza - we were waiting for you to trip up again as a ferocious Bulldog. We were waiting for another almighty brainsnap.But it didn’t happen. Instead, Bazza treated us to high-flying marking and a string of match-winning goals. Bazza’s seven-goal haul in the NAB Cup grand final on Saturday night was legendary, elevating him to cult status.

Bulldogs’ fans – celebrate hard. It’s been 40 years since you charged your glasses to toast the Doggies as night premiers.

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  • Kate says:

    05:09pm | 15/03/10

    He kicked a goal in the first and for the second and third quarters he had about five defenders on him whenever the Dogs got anywhere near their forward 50 (and the Saints’ defence is not to be sniffed at). Even if he couldn’t get his hand on the ball,… Read more »

  • stephen says:

    04:35pm | 15/03/10

    Don’t agree. Bazza’s smart. He knows what he’s good at, and he’s a winner. St. Kilda’s cactus, unless Rievoldt can get some guts. Read more »


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