Bob Carr

Australia’s foreign policy, according to Foreign Minister Bob Carr in a piece published the day after Australia’s UN Security Council win, is not only about protecting our national interest, it is “about doing the right thing”. If so, we should have expected more from the most significant work on Australian foreign policy for many years.

Tibetan monks are setting themselves on fire in protest. Picture: AFP

As an advocate for human rights and democratic freedoms in Tibet, I was encouraged when the Gillard government announced its plan for a white paper on Australia in the Asian Century. Our understanding of Asia, and China in particular, was in dire need of updating. When it came to Tibet, Chinese propagandists had spent years happily filling the vacuum left by the dearth of information escaping the Great Firewall and waning government interest in the region.

During the consultation phase, several Australian NGOs provided thoughtful input on how Australia’s deepening economic relationships with Asia might also support the wellbeing of disadvantaged or marginalised groups, particularly those paying for China’s “economic miracle”.

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  • Gregg says:

    04:59pm | 30/10/12

    I an not at all surprised that you have responded Rennie. All hail China, Julia will be so pleased to have a friend. Read more »

  • Gregg says:

    04:56pm | 30/10/12

    I think you’ll find Neshlihan that Simon as an activist lobbies politicians and bureaucrats as he does indicate, it not being within his power to do much else. As for China, the Chinese political machine makes their rules for politics, industrialisation, exploitation where possible, financing , the environment etc. without… Read more »


I’ll never forget trecking out to the old RAAF base in Canberra to watch Airforce One deliver George W Bush to Canberra the first time he visited Australia. What happened that day was a priceless illustration of what’s great about Australia’s political system.

Only thing I can get outraged about is their fashion sense. Picture: Twitter

There are actually two identical planes that travel together, one kitted out with a five-star interior to carry the President and his entourage, and one with a more standard fit-out to carry the hundreds of staff that travel with him. As the President’s plane pulled up to the red carpet John and Janette Howard boarded to welcome the President and his wife, before the four of them waved to the (non existant) crowds and came down the stairs together.

The Bushes then stepped staight into the stretch limo, which was part of a motorcade totalling approximately 42 vehicles (outriders included), and shot off across the closed runway of Canberra airport to drive to the US Embassy traffic light-free.

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  • Denis says:

    04:18pm | 26/10/12

    I think the real issue here is the sense of entitlement that he can do it.  I’m a DFAT bod and I don’t get to take my missus with me unless I stick my mitt in my pocket.  He’s just brought the same attitude he had as the Premier to… Read more »

  • Flora says:

    04:15pm | 26/10/12

    How sad a man you are Ted.  Bob Carr has done more for Australia than Downer ever did and he has only been Foreign Minister for less than a year.  John Howard and wife were buzzing over our house endlessly as they were racking up $18 million between Kirribilli and… Read more »


The government has actually borrowed billions to buy a vanity pulpit for Kevin Rudd.

KRudd sits here. Image: Tiedemann

But it’s not going to be occupied by him – unless of course there is another coup by the faceless men and the ALP decides after all the nasty things they said they want him back.

Until then Julia Gillard and Bob Carr will use their very expensive new toy, the vanity pulpit, to bore us with endless “initiatives” on world issues. The fact is the Russians and Chinese who actually run the Security Council will ignore each of them.

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  • Achmed says:

    06:46pm | 24/10/12

    @JamesP….in terms what has been said about superannuation there is misinformation from Rosie.  Superannuation funds that are below the limit or not active are held by super funds and even though there is no activity in the account they still charge the administration fees and collecting interest on the money,… Read more »

  • Robert S McCormick says:

    06:39pm | 24/10/12

    Like Australia’s continuing presence & the ever-increasing number of totally unnecessary deaths of young people on Afghanistan, this seat on the un-democratice UN Security Council is a monumental waste of time & money.Gillard will, as is usaual for this poltical opportunist, offer that seat to her nemesis: Kevin Rudd. He’ll… Read more »


Bob Carr is as good as threatening to lead a conga line Gangnam Style down George Street this morning after our bid for a two-year spot on the UN Security Council worked.

What would Kissinger do? Picture: AFP

“It’s the world saying ‘we see Australia as a good country, a fine global citizen’,” said the beaming Foreign Minister. He just Tweeted: “Victory for Australia! Aus wins Security Council seat - big, decisive win with 140 votes in first round of voting.”

He also said on radio: “It’s always a thrill to see Australia win in an international forum where the competition’s intense.” A bit like the Olympics really.

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  • Nellie says:

    06:04pm | 19/10/12

    I heard Bob Carr say this a.m. that We have brought Sth African minepeople to Aust to see how we do our mining projects and that also helped our vote.  This is a joke as China which we saw recently on TV is in Sth Africa taking control of whole… Read more »

  • Teddy says:

    06:02pm | 19/10/12

    So how much is this going to cost us the taxpayer? Heaps I bet, for all the people now going on more junketss to the UN. It will be of no benefit to the ordinary Australian. Read more »


Bob Carr is a keen diarist. He kept a lively and detailed diary during his time in NSW politics, including his years as Premier.

Just doing a quick spell check on the book. Photo: The Australian

Extracts from it provided the basis for a revealing biography described by one reviewer as “a grand disrobing”.

As Foreign Minister, Carr is believed still to jot down every day a record of his personal thoughts on events and discussions he is involved in.

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  • DOB says:

    06:32pm | 29/09/12

    Craig2, Keating is the reason why you are enjoying an economy thats not dead like it is in Europe. Youre either just reaching puberty or your brain has been switched off for quite some time.. Read more »

  • Alfie says:

    05:56pm | 29/09/12

    Labor party navel gazing has nothing to do with the broad ‘political debate’. Their problem, not mine. Read more »


Julia Gillard once said she would rather be at home watching children learning in a classroom than roaming the international diplomatic stage. This week she’d probably rather be anywhere than the bathroom of her suite at the Waldorf Astoria.

It's a long way to the UN from here…

The PM has been struck down with a stomach bug right when she really didn’t need one. She’s just had to cancel dinner with Barack Obama.

Foreign Minister Bob Carr was sent in her place overnight to deliver a speech Gillard was too sick to give. Did you hear the introduction he got at the business lunch where Gillard was supposed to give a glowing report on our economy? The fellow doing the welcome didn’t even know how to say her name.

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  • Mouse says:

    07:34pm | 25/09/12

    ...then, in the Naughty Corner with hands on heads, they can discuss the goodness of aligning all religions to make one beautiful one that encompasses all and will finally negate the need for the Security Council forever….... Do you think it will catch on?  LOL :o) Read more »

  • Mouse says:

    07:08pm | 25/09/12

    rather that tazed citizen, than her nose!!  :o/ Read more »


When it comes to combating and preventing genocide, more can and should be done.

We can't ignore the horros of the past Photo: Herald Sun

Last week, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Senator Bob Carr today announced Australia would provide $1.4 million to help finance the trials of three Khmer Rouge leaders accused of involvement in the deaths of more than 1.7 million people in the 1970s.

All of whom were closely associated with Pol Pot whose regime tortured and murdered more than a quarter of the Cambodian population in the late 1970’s.

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  • yasemin says:

    05:10am | 23/07/12

    Thank you for the advice but obviously Sociology was around way before genocide studies & considering the persistence of wars, conflicts & attrocities your cynicall approach justifies it will only meet the ends. Use & abuse of social sciences to create public perception is nothing new this is just tip… Read more »

  • David Whitman says:

    03:31pm | 20/07/12

    Dear Yasemin. For your information, there does exist a branch of sociology called Genocide Studies where scholars research, study and analyise historical mass human rights abuse. Part of Genocide Studies is to compare the differences and smimilarities of Genocide and Colonial misrule I recommend you enroll in a Genocide Studies… Read more »


Back in early June deputy Liberal leader Julie Bishop was pumping up the troops at a Coalition meeting by portraying Foreign Minister Bob Carr as the Government clown.

Ms Bishop, shadow foreign affairs minister, likened him to the character played by Peter Sellers in “The Party”, a 1968 film about an actor who bumbles and stumbles around a social event.

So like Carr, Ms Bishop said. She saw him as an accidental arrival in foreign affairs, who doesn’t know his way around the place, and keeps putting a less-than-diplomatic foot into affairs best left to the professionals.

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  • outletn says:

    02:34pm | 19/07/12

    I’m impressed, I need to say. Really not often do I encounter a blog that’s each educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. Your concept is outstanding; the difficulty is one thing that not sufficient people are talking intelligently about. I… Read more »

  • MP says:

    10:45pm | 17/07/12

    Wooden Spooner’s ‘down syndrome’ reference is disgraceful.  Moderators should have screened it.  Some things are sacred… disability is not a joke. Read more »


The statement by Australian Foreign Affairs Minister, Senator Bob Carr, that the public execution of an Afghan woman by the Taliban is why Australia should continue to commit troops is symptomatic of the confusing strategic policy on Afghanistan.

A hard slog doesn't have to mean the long haul
Our original mission was to destroy al-Qaeda and remove the Taliban regime that harboured them. This was completed at the end of 2001. Minister Carr’s statement indicates a war on cultural and religious barbarism that would take generations of troops to defeat.

While the video posted around the world is horrific, Minister Carr should be more concerned with the potential that the war in Afghanistan will morph into internal bloodshed once the US and Coalition forces have withdrawn by 2014, and that Pakistan will escalate its strategy of keeping Afghanistan weak through the use of the Taliban forces and the Haqqani Network.

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  • alan says:

    12:32pm | 13/07/12

    tony of poorkastan att: YOU arecompleyely right mate ,the true answer,then there would be no need to have our troops there,and that poor poor girl the other day that got MURDERED by those misguided misfits. Read more »

  • mooksool says:

    10:47am | 13/07/12

    OK alan, it only takes 1 brainless brainwashed mom in Kansas to push a button and have a drone strike kill scores of unarmed women and children at a wedding feast. How many people have been killed in Iraq because of our intervention? Latest reports have the country sliding into… Read more »


It’s not the first thing you’d expect to hear from a woman who’s endured three weeks under arrest in Libya, but Melinda Taylor’s mother this morning said her “foodie” daughter had enjoyed the meals provided by her jailers.

I wonder if they'll bring us some more of that Libyan herb bread. Photo:

Libyan delights like chipotle, olives and hummus might seem like a strange thing to be so front-of-mind when you’re stuck in the middle of a full-blown crisis, but at least Taylor was looking on the bright side of life.

It’s also a heartening, practical and sensible reaction to what’s been an incredible situation for the Australian lawyer and her family, and they should be commended for the way they’ve dealt with everything.

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  • marley says:

    08:41am | 05/07/12

    @rod sexton - she wasn’t a self appointed saviour, she was a lawyer working for an international organisation which sent her to Libya to do a job.  And it was the UN, more than Australia, that had responsibility, given her diplomatic status. Read more »

  • gbbrxvw says:

    07:36pm | 04/07/12

    1QKwFh syqpdnhzxkpl, yvzjrntvrlts, [link=]ymvcroijlnhw[/link], Read more »


It was organised as a celebration of Australian car makers but the 250 people in the Great Hall of Parliament House found themselves witnessing a reunion of Veterans of Labor Leadership Wars.

Making himself at home

A big chunk of the event became what one attendee called “a festival of Kevin”. Kevin Rudd that is, of course.

What was designed as a rousing salute to the automotive industry had to share the focus with anti-Gillard comrades-in-arms uniting on a stage, and in videos.

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  • Brad says:

    09:47am | 15/05/12

    If it comes down to Kevin v Tony. I’m nervous. Now, Julia v Tony…I haven’t a care in the world. Read more »

  • Garry says:

    09:02am | 15/05/12

    LucyG…. Gillard will go down in history as the worst PM Australia has ever seen, she will be credited with destroying our economy and building massive debt, but above all the other failures, she will be the one Labor PM that through her obsessive socialist ideologies could be the end… Read more »


The Australian aid sector’s fury at the aid budget cuts announced on Tuesday has been focused on the dollar figure that the Government has (or rather, hasn’t) allocated to foreign aid.

Funding international banks won't help this situation. Or any like it.

But there’s another reason to be angry.

Alongside its much-smaller-that-promised aid budget, the Gillard government delivered another announcement. “Australia is deepening its engagement with effective multilateral organisations including the Development Banks,” Foreign Minister Carr blogged proudly on Wednesday.

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  • Dave Charlesworth says:

    01:23pm | 11/05/12

    The grammar Nazi’s are out today! I take it you didn’t agree with the comment SDA? Read more »

  • Scotchfinger says:

    11:55am | 11/05/12

    Yes we should impose trade sanctions for the ol’ Rusty… Read more »


People looking for reasons for the ongoing implosion of the federal government are, it is fair to say, spoiled for choice. There is a phalanx of reasons lined up ready to drag Labor into electoral and political oblivion.

Going downnnnnnnnn. Illustration: Warren Brown

These include the assassination of Kevin Rudd, the carbon tax, the mining tax, the pokies cap, the second Rudd showdown and subsequent recruitment of Bob Carr and the Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper scandals.

However at the core of them all is one common element. One fundamental characteristic of the current Labor leadership which will prevent it ever again winning government in this country until it is expunged.

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As the Arab Spring continues its momentum throughout the Middle East engulfing Syria, and with it the hope of greater democracy, it’s also worth reflecting on the consequences such as the ancient Christian communities which are becoming a disappearing minority.

A mosque and a church sit next to each other in Damascus. Picture: Steve Butler

Syria’s Christians, represent no more than ten per cent of the country’s 22 million people, tracing their origins two millennia to the beginnings of the faith. Apostle Paul is said to have converted to Christianity on the road to Damascus, from which he went on to spread the religion across the Roman Empire.

Christianity has its origin in the Middle East from the fourth century. Covering communities speaking Greek, Syriac, Armenian, Coptic, Georgian, and Arabic.

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  • purses says:

    10:43am | 13/11/12

    Depending on yourself to make the decisions can really be upsetting and frustrating. It takes years to build confidence. Frankly it takes more than just happening to happen. purses Read more »

  • pj says:

    10:05am | 02/04/12

    median. Ditto!! Read more »


Australians do not need to be told that today is World Water Day to remember that water is both a giver and taker of life. This is the driest populated continent and we know well the impact of both floods and droughts.

We can't rely on Kevin Costner to solve the world's water issues…

But how many people are aware that billions of people across the world still lack access to a hygienic toilet, a tap and soap? Or that the failure to provide sanitation and safe drinking water causes about 4000 children to die every day?

The preventable diseases caused by poor sanitation cause more child deaths than malaria, measles and HIV/AIDS combined. Almost one in three people live in unsanitary conditions.

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  • marley says:

    01:18pm | 23/03/12

    @Little Joe - well, at least a few of us care. I’ve spent a bit of time in Africa and the sub Continent, and seen some of conditions there.  We don’t know how lucky we are in places like Australia, not even to have to think about things like clean… Read more »

  • Little Joe says:

    06:34am | 23/03/12

    @ Marley The Punch has pushed this to No.12 on yesterday’s stories, the story has only 19 comments and about half of them are ours appears that people do not care. Read more »


When Bob Carr prepared for a recent television appearance he stood in the middle of a room and loudly declaimed slabs of Shakespeare. Other guests for that evening’s edition of the ABC’s Q&A quietly continued munching their Turkish wraps and sipped drinks as the rich Carr baritone set sail on a chunk of Hamlet.

Bob Carr arrives at the stage door, I mean, Senate door this morning… Picture: Ray Strange

He was warming up that voice, long so distinctive in Australian politics. Bob Carr knows that drab politics, like drab TV, don’t get god ratings. He believes in theatre to sell a message and the Senate today will benefit from that.

Young Robbie, as Paul Keating used to call the man who now is an elder Labor statesman, this morning was preparing to be sworn in as a senator, and as Minister for Foreign Affairs.

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  • Bob Young says:

    08:13am | 23/03/12

    Bob Carr has one great asset.. Timing… He certainly knew when to leave NSW>  His timing was perfect.  Apart from that I can think of nothing to commend him.  Good at Latin verbs perhaps, could help Julia with her vowels otherwise I can think of nothing.  His own little circus… Read more »

  • Tom says:

    06:17pm | 15/03/12

    Rose, “The man is a raving lunatic, an economic illiterate [pretty good work for a Rhodes scholar in economics] and quite frankly ...” HE IS GOING TO EAT OUR BABIES TOO? Read more »


It might be one of those urban myths which take hold in politics and follow their subjects to the grave. Legend has it that, during the Sydney Olympics, Bob Carr was caught reading Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment at the beach volleyball finals. Or it might have been Tolstoy at an NRL match.

Bob Carr, senator in waiting, anointed Foreign Minister and sports nut. Photo: Kim Smith

He certainly did predict, during a motivational pep-talk to the NSW Blues at Origin Camp where he quoted from Marcus Aurelius, that they would triumph over Victoria in their Origin clash. Carr was also busted teaching himself German during Question Time, mouthing verbs to himself from a textbook called Die Stufen as an indignant Opposition demanded answers about the neglect of Sydney’s trains.

That episode was held up as an example of Carr’s disengagement in the job of premier and his indifference to the parlous state of Sydney’s infrastructure. Conversely, it was hailed as an indictment of the hapless NSW Liberals that the Premier was under such little pressure that he could use the peak forum for executive accountability as a chance for quiet self-improvement.

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  • Glenn says:

    05:02pm | 28/04/12

    I am sad in a way that I have already expressed the virtues of bob car in my earlier post. 5.24pm. However after reading the long winded @patricia’s post I felt compelled to write again. The only other time that I have heard such wisdom expressed from the far left… Read more »

  • Glenn says:

    04:24pm | 28/04/12

    Bob is one of those cars that Gillard wanted off the road in the cash for clunkers fiasco. I’m astounded how he’s found his way back to the future. Should have stayed in the junk yard where these types of cars belong. Read more »


There has been much fun for many going through Bob Carr’s writings to embarrass the incoming Foreign Minister by highlighting his private citizen notions about Barack Obama, the Dalai Lama and others.

Maybe there wouldn't be so much congestion if a certain NSW Premier had built more infrastructure… Picture: John Grainger

But so far no one has pointed to the passionate campaign which gave Mr Carr when NSW Premier the nickname of The Malthus of Macquarie Street.

Bob Carr is against a big Australia. He wants a national population smaller - much smaller - than some projections indicate it will be by 2050.

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  • Gregary Boyles says:

    11:58am | 24/03/12

    Can I point out the bleedingly obvious to you booster! If you increase Australia’s population so that everyone is fighting over dwindling water supplies during times of drought, then the major national security threat will come from within rather than from China or Indonesia! Over population relative to limited resources… Read more »

  • Mark/Fox says:

    07:09pm | 08/03/12

    You do not need to be a scientist to realise we are oerpopulated. You only need to be a politician to think we are not. Good on Bob for realising we are. Read more »


At 12.10pm last Friday Julia Gillard strode into the Blue Room in Parliament House with Bob Carr in tow and knocked everyone’s socks off. In the hubbub one of the journos even called Carr “Senator-elect Carr”.

It may surprise you to learn this photograph has been digitally altered…

Then at 2pm on the same day NSW Labor emailed its members saying this:

Due to the resignation of Senator Mark Arbib, a vacancy has arisen in the Australian Senate. Under Rule N.4, the NSW Labor Party Officers have called for nominations for this position to be determined by a ballot of the NSW ALP Administrative Committee, according to the following timetable:

Nominations open:      1pm, Friday 2 March 2012
Nominations close:      5pm, Monday 5 March 2012
Nomination fee:        $750

The rest of Gillard’s Cabinet movers were sworn in this morning without Carr, who is waiting for this ALP process to pan out and then a joint sitting of the NSW Parliament before being sworn in as both a Senator and the Foreign Minister. It’s all a bit weird.

Bob Carr, along with Steve Bracks and John Faulkner, authored an extensive review into the Labor Party last year, which had many, many recommendations including: “Community engagement with primaries, introducing primaries for preselections in nonheld and open seats so that Labor’s supporters have a say in their local representatives.”

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  • Matt C says:

    02:14pm | 08/03/12

    Heres some fun facts for you GB!!!! Paul Keating was a economic genius. You give him crap about 18% interest rates but you forget that under John Howard as treasurer before Hawke/Keatings term that interest rates were capped at 14%. If they weren’t, they were predicted to be up and… Read more »

  • Just Sayin' says:

    01:00pm | 07/03/12

    We all got a say, and we collectively decided. I know, you know it, everyone else knows it. Read more »


It’s not often in Australian politics when a Prime Minister can go beyond Parliament, and select the best possible candidate in Australia for a Ministerial position.

Hmmm. I believe these bricks were crafted sometime between the Tang and Shang Dynasties. Pic: Sam Mooy.

Not so in the United States, where the President selects his Cabinet Secretaries not on the premise whether they are in Congress or Senate, but whether they are the best possible candidate for high office.

Prime Minister Gillard selected one of Australia’s best candidates to the Ministry, not the best candidate in Parliament (at the time of the appointment). Let me clear, Australia is the beneficiary by having Bob Carr installed as Minister for Foreign Affairs.

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  • Yasemin says:

    10:07am | 18/03/12

    Qing & Ming is less than %0.001 of world politics & international affairs. His wife is Asian & it should be no surprise he knows Qing & Ming. If Sassoon thinks knowing this difference will earn Carr respect from the Chinese, either he doesn’t know the Chinese or he doesn’t… Read more »

  • Mark says:

    09:56am | 06/03/12

    Oops. Wrong reply button. That was in reply to Joan’s statement below that “the unelected should not get top jobs.” Read more »


That’s one for the books. Julia Gillard unbotches something. Turns failure into success instead of the other way around.

He goes from zero to foreign minister in three seconds

Bob Carr’s appearance at her side as the new Foreign Minister yesterday - after the apparent collapse of the deal earlier in the week - was a breathtaking political development.

For days the prime minister had been lambasted in parliament and in the media for weakness because she had allegedly allowed a few senior ministers - particularly Defence Minister Stephen Smith - to veto the recruitment of Carr to the post.

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Julia Gillard says her Government colleagues will be delighted to learn Bob Carr is Foreign Minister, presumably after they get up from the floor.

A slightly used Carr. Picture: Kym Smith

It was a surprise, so stunning that it would have amounted to a shock for many players and observers.

The Prime Minister today sent a “don’t mess with me” message to critics within and outside the ALP by parading her star recruit.

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  • Gaz says:

    03:11pm | 05/03/12

    What a joke.  Jobs for the boys. And this boy is the one who led NSW on it’s progression to the basket case it became by around 2009. I suppose at least we should praise him for having political allegience over making money.  No doubt he was making a good… Read more »

  • AnthonyG says:

    04:09pm | 04/03/12

    Being a swinging voter and having voted both labor and Liberal in the past I can’t believe how anyone can say the labor Gov are doing a good job. Not only are they trying to put one over everyone with a carbon tax but their still is the same morons… Read more »


The Gillard prime ministership is like a badly scalded arm. The mildest touch can cause pain way out of proportion to the force behind the blow. Even when she does nothing unusual, remarkable or even particularly clumsy, the Government ends up screaming in agony.

We typed Bob Carr into our picture system and this was the first photo that came up. True story. Picture: Getty

So when Julia Gillard followed standard procedure by canvassing possible candidates for a Senate vacancy and for the post of Foreign Minister, there was an outcry over what was actually a light brush.

In broad terms, the suggestion is that Julia Gillard had decided former NSW Premier Bob Carr would fill the Senate slot and become Foreign Minister replacing Kevin Rudd, but was rolled by furious ministers led by Defence Minister Stephen Smith who wanted the job for himself.

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Our society puts great stock in the merits of hard work.  You know how it goes.  If you work hard enough, you can achieve anything. 

No one ever accused Rudd of being a slacker. Picture: Kym Smith

Fail to achieve a goal?  If only you’d worked harder.  For an upcoming Lateline interview, I’ve read a book called Bounce by Mathew Syed. 

His theory is that God-given talent is a myth and that the key to achieving greatness lies in how hard you’re prepared to work. I’m not sure I buy all of that.

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  • Ture Sjolander says:

    03:11pm | 09/07/10

    I’m not writer, but I’m a bloody good reader. So this is my point of view: If you can’t handle this Internet language, well than try this: You are just one click from a new brave world! Ciao Read more »

  • Ture Sjolander says:

    11:41am | 06/07/10

    Can you imagine the whole Australian population of 22 million citizens being dogs and you have to pick a PM among them? I would pick a Golden Retriever. It struck me after seeing the interview with Alexander Downer on TV. There is less politicians talking during parliamentary debates than during… Read more »


Our supposedly classless society is showing signs of being divided into two camps where people’s private choices as individuals and their behaviour as families are regulated on the basis of their affluence.

Apparently one of these people needs government intervention

And it’s in the area of nutrition, preventative health and exercise where the working class, for want of a better term, is increasingly being treated like a bunch of babies, while the more affluent members of society continue to live as they please.

It’s only a small thing but it’s a signifier for the times, a demonstration of a mindset which holds that working class people are unable to modify their behaviour, while the gentry can be trusted to keep its conduct in check. But get along to the SCG, that great people’s arena, where our knockabout, egalitarian society lets the members drink as much full-strength beer as they want and limits the great unwashed to light beer.

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  • Sir Lolsworthy says:

    11:50am | 30/10/09

    Yes, E, that’s exactly what I said. Thank god someone was able to work it out. In case you can’t tell, I’m being sarcastic. Get your hands on copies of ‘Fast Food Nation’ and ‘Don’t Eat This Book’ if you want to learn about the realities of the situation Read more »

  • Sophie says:

    09:28pm | 29/10/09

    I blame the baby boomers. Aspirational… apathetic and about to become a massive burden on the healthcare system. Read more »


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The Punch is moving house

The Punch is moving house

Good morning Punchers. After four years of excellent fun and great conversation, this is the final post…

Will Pope Francis have the vision to tackle this?

Will Pope Francis have the vision to tackle this?

I have had some close calls, one that involved what looked to me like an AK47 pointed my way, followed…

Advocating risk management is not “victim blaming”

Advocating risk management is not “victim blaming”

In a world in which there are still people who subscribe to the vile notion that certain victims of sexual…

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From: Hasbro, go straight to gaol, do not pass go

Tim says:

They should update other things in the game too. Instead of a get out of jail free card, they should have a Dodgy Lawyer card that not only gets you out of jail straight away but also gives you a fat payout in compensation for daring to arrest you in the first place. Instead of getting a hotel when you… [read more]

From: A guide to summer festivals especially if you wouldn’t go

Kel says:

If you want a festival for older people or for families alike, get amongst the respectable punters at Bluesfest. A truly amazing festival experience to be had of ALL AGES. And all the young "festivalgoers" usually write themselves off on the first night, only to never hear from them again the rest of… [read more]

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Superman needs saving

Superman needs saving

Can somebody please save Superman? He seems to be going through a bit of a crisis. Eighteen months ago,… Read more



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