So the people who produced Underbelly have now unleashed Overbelly, a drama mostly about women removing their shirts and bras and bouncing their boobs about, with a trivial side plot focusing on bikies.

A rare Bikiewars moment with a cast member wearing a shirt

Bikiewars: Brothers in Arms premiered on Channel Ten last night and it was fine television, if by fine television you mean yet another drama glamourising the absolute dregs of Australian society.

It was also an excellent showcase for some talented Australian actors, if by talented Australian actors you mean women with a bra size in high alphabet letters who were willing to leave said garments at home on shooting days.

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  • paul mac says:

    10:27pm | 12/06/12

    i used to hang around with robert foggy lane back in the early 70s he lived at redcliff and was in the merchant navy i lived in rochdale we had a lot of adventures together and did a few bad things on the gold coast he got caught i didnt… Read more »

  • Murphs says:

    10:26pm | 23/05/12

    Did the actor playing Jock use Shrek as his template for his Scottish accent? That was horrible….... Read more »


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