What’s the story with creepy Cory?  Across the nation today dogs, cats, alpacas, goldfish and their owners are shuffling uncomfortably as Cory Bernardi talks about sex with animals.

Checking the library for lurking references to donkey sex. Picture: Matt Turner

Overnight Senator Bernardi embarked on a familiar slippery slope argument against same-sex marriage. It goes something like this: IF HUMANS WANT TO GET MARRIED TO HUMANS NEXT THING YOU KNOW THEY’RE GOING TO WANT TO HAVE BABIES WITH A CHIHUAHUA.

The more extended version is that he believes ‘marriage equality’ for homosexuals will allow a free-for-all. He said:

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  • Jackie says:

    07:37pm | 19/09/12

    What an idiot, he is an embarrassment to all liberals & all south australians. Read more »

  • Kel says:

    07:25pm | 19/09/12

    hahaha tied-first best thing I’ve read tonight! Read more »


Sometimes all you need to turn a bunch of disparate and disgruntled souls into a united angry mob is a slogan.  Well, search no longer, ye of the red-faced rage and the impotently clenched fists.

Arrrgh it's all so UNFAIR! Photo: thinkstock

For someone has indeed provided you with the lightning rod you need – the Tolerance is our Demise website. And it’s not just a website – for like all righteous movements it sells that most passive aggressive of tools, the bumper sticker. Whatever your gripe, your petty bigotry, or indeed your genuine criticism of the current state of politics, tolerance is apparently to blame. And thus, presumably, intolerance the answer.

It’s a broad church, this intolerance one. Everything from taxes to immigration to overseas funding (presumably they mean aid) to political correctness to soft sentencing to the carbon tax and man-made climate change – all of these need a more intolerant approach.

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  • John says:

    01:13pm | 08/09/11

    “I’d list racism and other bigotries amongst those. “ The communist brainwashed mind! This mind set is false, it’s a fictional. This notion that humanity is equal is contradicted by statistics and historical accounts. Look at all the western nations that embraced immigration and multiculturalism, their crime statistics are rising… Read more »

  • Joel B1 says:

    08:50pm | 07/09/11

    “chillout” Bleugh! Read more »


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