Caption competition!

Hey, don't press on my knee, it turns out the lights! Pic: AFP

We haven’t had one for a while, so give us your best shot. This here is Beyoncé and some fans. What say you, all you Punchy wits?

Anything else you’d care to put a ring on today?

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  • Tim Burch says:

    05:50pm | 05/02/13

    Yes timmie 20 years Slipper is a liberal member of parliament and they never cottoned on as to what sort of person he was. Gotta love conservatives. They now know what sort of person Pyne and Brough are and still they remain. This should be good fun as the “campaign”… Read more »

  • StopTheBleed says:

    05:09pm | 05/02/13

    Actually, it is known as the Beautiful Game.  Er, hang on, wait a sec…. Read more »


The SMH called her a “mediocre pop star” and a “fashion victim.” Every FM breakfast presenter worth their salt has cracked jokes about her having a penis, which is not very nice.

The Daily Telegraph today speculated she didn’t even have the stamina to make it through her Australian concerts.

And The Sunday Telegraph on the weekend wondered if the film clip for Telephone was too racy for her young fans. The video does address the penis rumours, to dramatic effect, and contain a bit of girl-kissing-girl. If you’re still shocked by that in 2010, you need to get out more.

Why is everyone giving Lady Gaga such a hard time?

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  • Helen says:

    08:00am | 19/03/10

    Loz, I agree - and the “girl-kissing-girl action” is not doing anything radical to normalise gay women, it’s just doing the same old “girl on girl action to turn the men on” schtick. Heavily made-up blonde white woman without a musical instrument singing and dancing heavily produced musical numbers. This… Read more »

  • Helen says:

    07:47am | 19/03/10

    I see after three days, the link and headline STILL read “Lada Gaga”. I thought a Lada was a Russian make of car. Read more »


Let’s call this a pre-emptive strike, or in the least a kind of Kanye West moment: “Yo Penbo, I’m gonna let you finish but your list is unsatisfactory”. Having not contributed to The Punch’s best albums of the decade I’m going to beat you dear readers to the first critique of the list.

We was robbed

Needless to say the 30 album list chosen by Punch editor David Penberthy, resident critic Dennis Atkins and contributor Alison Piotrowski is full of great and deserved music.

Atkins’ list is limited only to the best albums of 2009.

Thankfully there’s not a lot of cross-over, although both The Strokes and M.I.A get on two lists so maybe they have to be considered artists of the decade.

But as always is the case with these lists it’s the omissions that we seem to look out for more than the choices themselves.

Hip hop’s pretty underrepresented in Penbo and Alison’s decade lists, (no Eminem or Kanye) and whether you like them or not Radiohead probably deserved to make it somewhere - if only for the devout following they’ve inspired amongst so many.

The best indy rock album of the decade (in my opinion) was left off the list entirely: The New Pornographers Electric Version . No Elliot Smith either for you introspective types. 

But probably the best band of the second half of the decade was also left off completely: The Killers. Specifically their second album Sam’s Town which could’ve taken out the title but in the least deserved a mention. I was heartened to learn that the readers of Rolling Stone also thought Sam’s Town ripped-off in the magazine’s list of the decade.

Without further complaining (by me anyway) we give you The Punch’s best albums of the decade.


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  • david says:

    08:22am | 04/01/10

    A sad list from all involved. No metal and/or hard rock? Surely the latest KISS album, Sonic Boom, deserves a mention - a fantastic return to form. I wonder if we will be talking about many of the bands/individuals listed by our friends in 35 years time as ‘legends’. Somehow,… Read more »

  • Jim says:

    12:51am | 04/01/10

    Pearl Jam - Backspacer was epic. Not one of the other albums of the last decade can i say i enjoyed more than that one. Unthought Known is the greatest song i have heard in years. Read more »


I’m still not sure how it happened. We headed out to Olympic Park on Friday with two other couples to see Beyonce’s Sydney show, planning to bop the night away to her awesome collection of insanely catchy dance tunes.

We ended up wiping away tears and struggling to speak as the concert turned into an emotionally-charged celebration of the best features of life in the west – women’s rights, civil rights, democracy, freedom of expression, a philanthropic sense of community.

The word “pop” of itself sounds frivolous and popular music is generally ignored or ridiculed as the shallowest cultural genre. But at some point during Beyonce’s show, the concert underwent a strange transformation, as if she’d read the “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” passage from The Declaration of Independence and decided to build a stage show around it.

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  • Ian says:

    03:01pm | 24/09/09

    I am from Malaysia, while, it is not the first time that the Islamic party try to ruin Beyonce’s concert. She was supposed to perform somewhere last year in November, but again, the Islamic party put the blame on Beyonce and “her skimpy attire and behaviour onstage are immoral and… Read more »

  • Andrew says:

    06:43am | 24/09/09

    Back to school, Nic: it’s “drivel”. Read more »


Kanye West has once again shown up off his guts to an award show and gotten all boisterous about who should or shouldn’t get a silly trophy, his fourth strike for the same offence.

At this week’s MTV Video Music Awards the prodigious hip hop talent leapt on stage to proclaim the clip for Beyonce Knowles’s floor-filler Single Ladies ‘one of the best videos of all time’.

I admire his passion for the music video form, but can only deride his timing: West made the statement during 19-year-old popstress Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for the best female video award, which she’d won ahead of Knowles.

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  • diet plans for women to lose weight fast says:

    07:03am | 26/03/10

    Spread Seriously,respect likely action coffee pub political recognize allow top approve shoe meeting agreement drawing environment scale reference fully warm aware introduce judge claim series since map divide assumption bad and whole limit army housing half post define academic over indeed outcome access account charge help just working as sort… Read more »

  • Chris says:

    04:18pm | 18/09/09

    Now this “imma let you finish” thing web fad has started, I wonder if Kanye blogs about THAT?? Why does he bother himself about awards? He said the MTV Europe awards had no credibility?? What about himself? Pathetic. Read more »


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