If Australia’s coverage of the Olympic Games in 2000 was as narrow and nasty as Britain’s this year we should be apologizing to the world and examining the shallowness of our national self esteem.

It's amazing The Beeb let this colonial commentator through the door… Picture: Getty

In every Olympics the home media has been a cheer squad for the local athletes. It would be unrealistic to expect otherwise. Lord knows we’re good at it. The BBC’s coverage has been all that. Plus, it has included the usual appropriation of the individual efforts of athletes for the national credit. “We’ve done it and we’ve done it in style,” said a hugely excited chap after a British boat crossed the line for a gold medal last week.

Actually four British rowers had been stylish. Mr Excitable was merely a BBC commentator who had never pulled an oar in competitive exertion in his life.

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  • Jim says:

    10:10pm | 13/08/12

    Your comment: Fair dues mate, true the BBC have made no effort to be impartial at all—they wouldn’t claim otherwise, but they gave Oz credit where credit was due, see below: Read more »

  • Bec says:

    09:10am | 10/08/12

    Team GB - while you are of course technically correct, there is more to national identity than laws of parliament. Having studied in Wales and being married to a Welshman who refuses to sing God Save the Queen has made it clear to me that not all feel as you… Read more »


The BBC has compiled a list of 12 Female Faces of 2011 (one for each month) and guess who took out the final spot?

Well, at least she wears less mascara than Joanna Lumley

Angela Zhang who at the age of 17 discovered a nanoparticle that kills cancer cells? Nope.

Eman al-Obeidi, who defied Muuammar Gadaffi’s regime by confessing to the foreign press that she had been beaten and gang-raped by members of his militia? Nope.

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  • Sindiswa says:

    01:06pm | 18/10/12

    My little dog Sumo (dontcha love that name?!) hates gteitng his baths too.  They take all of 5 minutes (hes small) but he is such a baby that once the bath is complete, he bundles up in his towel & demands through puppy eyes and sad faces that I hold… Read more »

  • Craig of North Brisbane says:

    04:30pm | 03/01/12

    Because, god forbid the achievements of any women who do not provide you with eye candy are highlighted.  Perhaps Eman al-Obeidi could do a bikini photo shoot and you’d be more appreciative? Read more »


Remember all the things you learned at school: the periodic table and calculus and Egyptian pharaohs and dangling participles and the causes of the First World War.

iWant it now. Picture: AFP

Now think about what you learned at school that is actually useful in your everyday life today.  Excluding obvious basics such as reading, writing and arithmetic, I’d nominate two things, neither of which I imagined would turn out to be so handy.  The first is touch typing.  The second is what the teacher announced in the opening class of Grade 11 economics: wants are unlimited but resources are limited.

It’s something I think about all the time.  For example, I like to imagine that if I had an iPad with The New Yorker application on it, I’d be Perfectly Happy for the Rest of My Life.  Sadly though, I predict that soon after, there’d be a strong hankering for a stylish red leather pouch for said iPad. 

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  • Adam Dennis says:

    07:52am | 24/10/10

    From my full 13 years at school I learned nothing about dangling participles, buggerall about the Egyptians, zero about the First World War. The periodic table I learned cursorily (good for trivia quizzes), calculus I learned but had no idea what to use it for. I now know much more… Read more »

  • Chris L says:

    11:44am | 23/10/10

    Are you kidding? Read more »


Finally a weatherman gets it right. After being teased by his news anchor colleagues last night, BBC weatherman Tomas Schafermaker was caught on camera as he flipped them the bird. It only lasted a few seconds, but their reactions are priceless, especially Schafermaker who can be seen fumbling his middle finger into an awkward tie-fixing, chin-scratching manoeuvre.

The Herald Sun reports today that a BBC spokesman said: “Tomasz was not aware that he was on air, and whilst the gesture was only shown for a second, it was not acceptable.” Ouch.

As for today’s weather forecast it’s likely to be somewhat cloudy with a chance of unemployment.

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  • ibast says:

    11:39am | 19/08/10

    who films the TV?  There’s some weird people out there. Read more »

  • Surly Dave says:

    10:55am | 19/08/10

    His colleagues deserved it, they were being smug arseholes. Read more »


These days no self-respecting or self-preserving celeb is seen without a malnourished child, developing country or war zone.  Make up removed, with a shawl or ethnic beads for decoration, the ‘saving the world’ photo shoot is a must-have for their portfolio. 

Visions of Lindsay are being reported around India, but apparently she only appears with good looking children

This week Lindsay Lohan joins the fray as she fronts Lindsay Lohan’s Indian Journey, a BBC3 documentary about child trafficking in India. 

It’s heavy stuff.  The country’s economic boom has seen traffickers head to India’s poorest regions in search of children who end up working long hours in inhumane conditions, with some forced into prostitution. 

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  • Gregoryno6 says:

    04:54pm | 04/04/10

    Learner Driver Mother Theresa - very good. Read more »

  • Old Bert says:

    04:16am | 03/04/10

    Relax, just a bit of humour. Read more »


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