Australian Protective Service

The Australia Day event at The Lobby in Canberra has become all about Tony Hodges, Kim Sattler, Barbara Shaw, Michael Anderson, Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott, the police and a bunch of idiots who saw fit to hijack the day. It wasn’t supposed to be about them.

A photo from The Lobby that you will not see on CNN… the PM with a man we believe to be Parks Victoria chief ranger Mr Rocky Barca. Picture: Ray Strange

Our political leaders had gathered at the restaurant to bestow the new National Emergency Medal on 26 Australians who, paid or unpaid, did extraordinary work during the Victorian Bushfires and Queensland floods.

In her speech before the event was hijacked by an appalling set of bad decisions the Prime Minister said: “Today we award these Medals to a group of Australians who inspired us with their courage and service during two of the most devastating summers of natural disaster Australia has ever witnessed: the Victorian bushfires of 2009 and the Queensland floods and cyclone of December 2010 and January 2011.”

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  • Cate says:

    10:41am | 31/01/12

    Congratulations to all the award recipients and also those that were involved in the rescues and firefighting.  Surely there are more than 26 people involved.  All the different clubs that donated and only 8 volunteers are mentioned and there have to be hundreds. National Emergency medal.  I have never heard… Read more »

  • Tom says:

    10:38am | 31/01/12

    Yes, Tim, you live in Canberra and hear the question frequently. Whoopee. You must have a fascinating inbred life away from the real issues that affect real Australians. Your purported first hand knowledge should enable you to directly answer the questions I raised. Was Gillard asked the question this year’s… Read more »


So we now know who is responsible for putting Julia Gillard into the most peril she’s been in since she became Prime Minister - her own office.

Nice work…

A senior member of the Prime Minister’s team has tonight resigned after it emerged he was the one who tipped off an Aboriginal Tent Embassy contact that Tony Abbott was in the Lobby restaurant yesterday - information that led to the Prime Minister being dragged to her car in undignified scenes that are now world news.

Tony Hodges, who was the one trawling the Press Gallery yesterday afternoon trying to sheet home blame for the ugly scenes to the Opposition Leader, is tonight no longer working for the PM. If it wasn’t so disgusting it would be funny. This came a day after a member of senior Cabinet Minister Anthony Albanese’s staff saw fit to send his boss off to the Press Club armed with a raft of fantastic quotes from a Hollywood movie.

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  • Goanneni says:

    06:30am | 17/10/12

    must look at this karen millen online for more nluJUoPh [url=] [/URL] Read more »

  • Farrakhan Supporter says:

    12:47pm | 21/02/12

    I as an Aboriginal person will never apologise for burning that white australian rag of a flag. The only decent white australian I have ever come across was one being carried in a coffin. Read more »


Julia Gillard should be congratulated for maintaining even a shred of dignity after being dragged minus a shoe through a crowd at a speed she couldn’t keep up with. Most Australians were horrified by the images from the steps of the Lobby restaurant, and in turn would have been relieved when a composed PM, with two fresh shoes on, reassured everyone from outside The Lodge that she was fine.

Insert Bodyguard joke here. Picture: AFP

She should never have been placed in that terrible position in the first place, and there are many questions unanswered about how and why she was.

1. The location for yesterday’s inaugural emergency services medal presentation was poorly chosen.

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  • Carol says:

    12:55pm | 31/01/12

    2. Why were the Australian Protective Service taken by surprise? Tory,have you asked the Australian Protective Service why they were taken by surprise? Read more »

  • Big Dixon says:

    12:41pm | 30/01/12

    It’s probably because most peoples experience with Aboriginals is not a good one. There are good Aboriginals out there but most people don’t experience them. You’re more likely to be called a “white cunt” if you walk past a group of Aboriginals than to be greeted politely. That’s the sad… Read more »


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