The problem with 400m runner John Steffensen is that he’s modelled himself on Anthony Mundine. He’d be better off acting like a man instead of “The Man”, and copping his selection omission on the chin.

He's got the body, but not the body of evidence. Pic: Gregg Porteous

When Mundine switched from rugby league to boxing, he claimed league selectors wouldn’t pick him in representative teams because of the colour of his skin. That line was always ridiculous given the numerous dark-skinned players in rep teams at the time.

John Steffensen peddled a similar load of garbage this weekend, accusing Athletics Australia of racism after their failure to pick him for the individual 400m event in London, even though he’s still in the relay. It was a rant as hollow and unbalanced as anything Mundine ever delivered.

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  • dan says:

    09:52am | 06/08/12

    Now i’m waiting with bated breath for Steffenson’s apology to AA, and where John publicly says that they were right! Read more »

  • Rose says:

    08:58pm | 16/07/12

    I didn’t realize there was a problem with Australian born persons of South African heritage abusing medical staff, or are you just making shit up? If you want to receive respect first you must give it….looks like you’re the one on the wrong side of your one way street! Read more »


Turns out you really can put a price on a gold medal. Swim and win gold for Australia and you’ll get $35 000 from Swimming Australia.

The most exciting bit of the whole swim

Try your best but don’t make the cut? The best that you can hope for is the remains of the $10k payment all 47 members of the Australian swim team received at the start of July when Swimming Australia signed a sponsorship deal with Energy Australia.

Fair enough? You bet it is. Just ask anyone who’s spent a portion of their life working their bum off to get ahead. It’s not always easy, and there are no guarantees, which makes it even more important to do a job you love.

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  • Stone age liberal says:

    03:21pm | 11/07/12

    so tax payers pay 10k a year for someone to train runnig up and down the beach, and you try to justify this as a good thing? Read more »

  • Decko says:

    02:37pm | 11/07/12

    Since we started paying these people obesity has got worse, theres no correlation between elite sport success and increasing activity levels in the general community, it’s a bullshit argument Read more »


Australia has already had two wins at the Vancouver Winter Olympics and the main events have not yet started.

Boxing Kangaroo. Picture: File.

Firstly the International Olympic Committee has agreed that the very large Boxing Kangaroo flag can be hung from a balcony at the Olympic village.

Ian Chesterman the chef de mission with the Australian team is delighted and said it is something that has become synonymous with Australians competing around the world.

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  • Andrew says:

    09:50am | 12/02/10

    I may have missed something but can someone point me in the direction of something official about the IOC trying to take down the boxing kangaroo. I have not seen any mention of this in non-news ltd media. I thought the IOC came out and said they actualyl did no… Read more »

  • loz says:

    06:34pm | 11/02/10

    The first ‘claytons’ medal should go to the President of the Olympic Council of Ireland, Patrick Hickey. When asked how the CAS appeal will affect Australian/Irish relations he said, “I think we’ll all sit down and have a nice beer afterwards.” Read more »


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