When I was 14, I paused Blue Lagoon for a moment and gathered with my family in a darkened corner of our Sydney garden to watch another heavenly body streak across the sky.

Hopefully this screengrab from the Port Douglas Eclipse Festival website explains all this a little

Like many other teen activities, anticipation was better than the actual event. Halley’s Comet didn’t streak. It didn’t even shoot. Obviously the hermitic fireball couldn’t see Brooke Shields from outer space.

Given their distance from our far-flung vantage point, awesome facts about cosmic objects often eclipse the actual sight of them, even if those awesome facts are impossible to grasp. Light years are like national debts – add a zero here or there and it makes little difference to our perception of them. Perhaps that’s where their fascination lies, in their incomprehensibility.

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  • sunny says:

    10:29am | 09/11/12

    Motor Sport Tennis. Brilliant! “That serve was only 453 km/hr Ken so it looks like Mark Webberpoussis has taken some of the speed off and given it a bit more spin instead” Read more »

  • iansand says:

    09:50am | 09/11/12

    At least we know that none of the AFL players will get a cricketer out caught. Read more »


Brace yourselves! We’re approaching the start of one of the most important weeks in the Astrological calender. And you can follow the up-to-the-second countdown here.

Video streaming by Ustream

Science types refer to it as the Transit of Venus. Yes, that does sound like the name of a bad 60s Swedish band, but actually it’s a very serious and important astronomical event, that’s best summed up like this: for the last time this century Venus will move across the Sun.

Yep, true story. It’s a planetary dance-off and we’re lucky enough to be on the right side of the hemispheres to see it. Well, “observe” it, anyway, so long as we have access to serious astronomical equipment like a telescope and are wearing a massive pair of Venus-proof sunglasses.

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  • upsexttep says:

    04:32am | 12/06/12

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  • MarkS says:

    03:50pm | 06/06/12

    So men a cold and dry with thinning tops. Women hide their crushing pressure and rotate backwards. Yea makes sense. Read more »


With a total absence of intelligent life in the Capital Hill region of Canberra, we thought we’d ask a Canberra-based academic, the ANU’s Dr Paul Francis, if there’s any hope of something with a pulse up there…

The search for extraterrestrial life has been going on in earnest for decades now. Are we any closer to finding intelligent life?
It’s pretty clear that there is no intelligent life elsewhere in our own solar system. But what about on planets orbiting other stars? If you go out on a starry night, it could be that every star you see has planets with intelligent life, and that aliens are staring back at you from every star. Or it could be that there is no other life in the universe and all those planets are dead and dusty.

He can't phone home because his iPhone doesn't work

Will we ever be able to learn more about those distant worlds?
Going to visit these other stars is far beyond current technology, so the only thing we can do it listen for radio signals from them. Until now nothing has been detected. But our current surveys could only pick something up if one of the nearest few stars had a highly advanced technological race on a planet orbiting it, and this race was broadcasting enormously powerful radio signals in our direction. So it’s not really conclusive.

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  • Jay says:

    04:36pm | 24/10/11

    Let us for argument assume that there is alien life on our planet, and this life has been with us for say 63 years. What if the US & Russian Presidents fessed up and told us the truth? How would the world react?How do you tell two thirds of the… Read more »

  • davidl says:

    04:01pm | 24/10/11

    We are just conglomerates of genetic matter, and now we are starting to come to grips with that, we may one day decide to produce our own ‘alien’ race, one that for example could live on Mars quite happily breathing methane or whatever. If we could do that, then the… Read more »


As an avid consumer of news, I’m considering adopting a few new hobbies over the next few months.

The 2.2 km wide Hartley comet, just one of many with our names on it. Picture: Supplied by NASA from Deep Impact spacecraft

They include: Developing a crystal meth addiction, having 12 sugars in my morning coffee, throwing cinder blocks through shopfronts, having unprotected sex with at least four people a day, permanently wearing one of those beer helmets and making a giant inflatable ark-type thing out of all those condoms I won’t be using. 

In case you’ve been living under a rock in a Cold War-style nuclear bunker, the end of the world has been slated for 2012… or 2036… or something.

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  • Lewis says:

    06:41pm | 09/03/12

    I have been on the list for years.  Last December I was called as a ntoeptial donor.  I went through the steps (all very easy) only to have a last minute call that the situation changed .  The process was the easiest part.  The hard thing for me is that… Read more »

  • Elphaba says:

    11:36am | 15/02/11

    Hehehe, it was easy!  I even got it alphabetically in the right spot! Read more »


If you haven’t heard about the Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT) it’s time to tune in. Along with its cousins the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) and the US Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT), the GMT will be a telescope of an entirely different magnitude to any that has ever existed.

Artist's impression of the mirror. Pic:

The Australian connection to the GMT is being forged in northern NSW through one of the grand elders of optical astronomy.

The recently reincarnated AAO – the Australian Astronomical Observatory at Coonabarabran – was the most advanced telescope in the world when it was opened in 1974. At 4 metres it was one of the largest telescopes of its day and the first to be computer operated.

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  • Rob r Charteris says:

    11:04am | 15/07/10

    DD Ball says:06:04pm; I can see why you don’t work the reference desk at Wikipedia for science anymore, that’s if you ever did. As I have already stated albedo is not the measure or part of the measure of a solar system or any other objects heat signature. I’m been… Read more »

  • Peter says:

    01:32pm | 14/07/10

    Now that some scientists are telling us that dark matter/energy does not exists after years of telling us that it does but we just can’t see it, what could possibly explain the acclerated expansion of the universe? Im no scientist, but how does this accelerating universe fit in with the… Read more »


I have a theory that about 90 per cent of the viewer interest in motor sport of any kind is the potential to watch serious crashes.

Earth's horizon seen from Space Shuttle Endeavour. Photo: NASA

Just look at what they show from the “highlights” of the Daytona series on Sports Tonight – it’s 40 cars doing quadruple flips over each other at 200 kilometres with the commentator yelling “whoa mamma!”

As space shuttle Endeavour waits on the Florida tarmac like so many QANTAS “express” flights, any interest we maintain in the NASA space program has similarly boiled down to the initial take-off explosion and whether or not the shuttle will blow-up before it touches back home. This is a shame because space exploration is an amazing and important human achievement.

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  • Rhonny says:

    06:03am | 22/11/12

    Reply to Straight Talk You can find out much more about drill ship and semis availability and age, by going to the net.You can find acuatl rig counts in any part of the world, just about. It is not only rigs, on and offshore, that are in drastic short supply,… Read more »

  • Madalena says:

    05:02pm | 21/11/12

    , it is time to give kudos to a leader and good gvoarnence.PM Thompson and his Cabinet have just actioned two issues that we have raised in the past.The first, raised some time ago, is the appointment of temproary workers.Having these workers in temporary’ positions for substantial time, greater than… Read more »


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