OK, I’m very nearly over this whole apocalypse guff. Just as well it’s nearly over, right?

Giddee up!

But let us muse for a moment on why the hell we find it all so fascinating. Human beings love to predict the End Times. It’s our thing. We like to riff on doomsday, chatter about eschatology, get our Armageddon on. We wait for the second coming when technically there wasn’t even a first coming.

It’s a fundamental part of religion, the idea that at some point this will all come to a crushing end, those of us who picked the right God and wore the right shoes will be elevated to a higher plane while those with dud tickets suffer for eternity.

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  • kerrie's Birthday says:

    06:26pm | 21/12/12

    What’s Trending Friday, December 21, 6:37 pm msnNOW homepage msnNOW | Web Australian apocalypse image posted to reddit (colt1hryh/ Sydney destroyed as Mayan apocalypse draws near 7 mins ago We foolishly ridiculed those who tried to warn us. But after all our denial that the apocalypse was imminent, all that’s… Read more »

  • Carz says:

    04:48pm | 21/12/12

    Given that the world isn’t supposed to end until after 10pm AEDT isn’t closing comments at 8pm just a bit mean? Read more »


Ron Hubbard is building plush bomb-proof survival shelters to save people from tomorrow’s Mayan Apocalypse, when a planet name Nibiru will smash into Earth and wipe out humanity.

My bunker bucket list. Pic: Digitally altered width=


The rest of the guff about the end of the world is pretty much accepted now. People have stocked up on Spam, they’ve planned their doomsday attire, they’re going to party like there’s no tomorrow.

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  • youdy beaudy says:

    06:51pm | 20/12/12

    Goodbye Punchers. Haven’t we all had a good time punching on. No more punching on after 11am tomorrow. Have a good trip and the doomsayers please close the door when you leave. The Jehovas will be dancing in the streets tomorrow. They will finally get their Armageddon. Won’t that be… Read more »

  • LJ Dots says:

    06:30pm | 20/12/12

    @Audra Blue. Without appearing too bold here, you’ve put waaaay too much thought (and prior planning) into this comment. Read more »


‘Tis the season for many predictions. Here’s mine: The world will not end. Earth will not be ripped apart by titanic tectonic shifts, swallowed by a black hole, or smashed to blithereens by another planet.

Quick! Better buy a bunker! Pic: Sony Entertainment

Doomsday prophet Harold Camping had to crawl back into his shell after two failed predictions of the world’s end last year – this year there’s a broader belief that the end is nigh. This too will prove false.

The ‘2012 phenomenon’ is a meme, an idea that has spread across the world, gathering layers of bullshit as it goes. It was born from a murky misunderstanding of an ancient Mayan calendar.

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  • Bruce says:

    12:28pm | 07/01/12

    If you wanted to corrupt a civilisation and desecrate a planet you would devise an economic system based on perpetual growth, promote consumerism and materialism as virtuous, subsidise it with usury and propagate it globally.     If left unchecked, the epidemic of greed, growth and globalism has the capability… Read more »

  • acotrel says:

    05:20am | 07/01/12

    @Y2J ‘Its a shame more people don’t listen to peer reviewed scientists rather than conservative commentators pushing agendas.’ Can I quote you on that ? Everyone’s a bloody expert ! Read more »


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