In a week where the core national issues have had a decidedly seedy tone, let’s usher in the weekend by talking about something sweet. Apples.

The real apple. All others are impostors. Pic: Jeff Darmanin

Apples are a much under-rated fruit. But one type of apple is in real trouble. It’s the humble red delicious, which used to be known quite simply as “red apples” when I was a kid.

Growers like Iola Robson, who has been in the apple game for 43 years in Batlow, NSW, says her farm used to be about 80 per cent red delicious, 20 per cent other varieties. That ratio is now completely reversed. Another grower we spoke to said red delicious apples could soon be phased out entirely! How do you like them apples?

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  • Linda says:

    07:35pm | 05/10/12

    Red delicious used to be my favourite fruit but over the years the flavour changed as they have cross pollinated them to improve the fruit so they say. Since I found the taste of them differed over the years I no longer bother with them & only buy the gala… Read more »

  • ianc says:

    06:59pm | 05/10/12

    Yep the Ladies are my favourite but i miss the Jonathans. Read more »


A delegation of Australian MPs has been given permission to inspect the New Zealand apple industry - as long as they don’t go near any apple trees.

Apples in pairs. Photo: Kristi Miller

Instead, they have been invited to tour New Zealand dairy farms, according to the chairman of a parliamentary committee.

The restrictions are the latest flare-up in the battle over fire blight, an agricultural disease which could destroy entire orchards.

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  • uhwjtqueznu says:

    11:36pm | 10/07/12

    u8B9zw qxkqiclnmcvj, llbuomkwrgcc, [link=]gpgwnjfpemit[/link], Read more »

  • Paul 2.0 says:

    09:07am | 18/08/11

    Australia sends $8 billion worth of Aussie crap to NZ, Shane, and the reason you’ll take our Applies and like them is that if you don’t, you’ll not get your $8 billion.  Do us Kiwis a big favour and junk CER, take your thieving banks, crap retail stores back home… Read more »


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