South Africa was banned from competing at the Tokyo Olympic Games today in 1964 after refusing to condemn their policy of apartheid.

Dawn Fraser won gold for 100m freestyle at these games

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  • TeveSnime says:

    05:18pm | 19/03/12

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It was February 10, 1990 Church Square Pretoria, and my mate thought it was a great idea.

South African neo-Nazi Eugene Terre'Blanche outside court in 1997. Photo: AP

We had spent two months travelling around southern Africa in an old panel van equipped with camping gear, spare petrol tanks and an expired canister of tear gas. South Africa was on the threshold of civil war.

This was most evident to us when we drove through the condemned homeland of Transkei. Even though a state of emergency had been lifted in the so-called separate state, it was a war zone. Smouldering cars, milling youth and a clear absence of law and order said to us we were in the wrong place at the wrong time…..but that is another story.

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  • Paddo says:

    04:35pm | 01/12/10

    Although the apartheid system was wrong and should never have occured what is happening now to 3000 white farmers isn’t right either. Thousands of white South Africans rely on charity and soup kitchens to survive, and cannot afford to emigrate to Australia legitimately. Perhaps, instead of worrying about hordes of… Read more »

  • Seano says:

    08:51am | 17/04/10

    @Ryan. Mate you can keep making your nasty comments. Fact is Hockey didn’t advocate murder and neither has Nicole or I. You’re making it up and you really should apologise. Read more »


It’s Tuesday @ The Punch

Then South African president FW de Klerk lifted a 30- year ban on the African National Congress, a leading anti-apartheid group on this day in 1990. 

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  • Zac says:

    12:40pm | 02/02/10

    Why wouldn’t David support Kevin. He did that in the last election and he’ll do the same this time. It does help his living and leftist principles.I wonder how many comments he hasn’t published. Well, again secularists have never liked democracy. It’s also a good trick to publish a article… Read more »


Popular science fiction has long explored the themes of race, racial tolerance, isolation and segregation.

Alien species as a metaphor for race is not rocket science and it goes as far back as 1953 with the movie It Came From Outer Space, where the aliens believe their hideous appearance will inevitably lead to conflict with humanity, and reflects the xenophobic thinking at the time, that is the “blacks” would show consideration for the “whites”.

It was the sort of thinking that in turn led to one of the most tragic social-engineering laws of our time - Apartheid.

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  • KellyBarr says:

    11:47am | 05/07/11

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  • ChrisCavs says:

    02:27pm | 17/09/09

    It’s easy as an American to think that we’re the only ones who have had to deal with black/white racism. And then a film like this comes out and some of us are brought back to the reality where racism exists around the world. Of course, to my mind, racism… Read more »


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