Animal Testing

Considering the comments posted on previous articles on The Punch, it’s safe to say that the issue of animal experimentation for medical research is a controversial topic, often generating strong views from largely polarised positions.

When it comes to the specific testing of cosmetics on animals however, clearly the jury is in. The vast majority of us consider it cruel and unnecessary to subject animals to painful tests merely for the sake of our own vanity.

In fact, in late 2008 Humane Research Australia commissioned a public opinion poll to gauge the public’s understanding and view of animal experimentation. As expected, 87 per cent of respondents were opposed to the use of animals in testing cosmetics.

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  • Get Real says:

    02:54pm | 06/12/12

    I think that religious slaughter (both kosher and halal) without stunning is cruel and needs to be banned. There is nothing racist about disagreeing with certain religious practices that cause unnecessary pain and suffering to both people and animals. I also completely agree with this article. Read more »

  • subotic shuts the Logan Central zoo door says:

    02:22pm | 06/12/12

    LOL @Philosopher. You ain’t been here long enuff dude. Me & Kika have a fantastic Hate/ Hate relationship. And the things I’d like to call her, let’s just say that “endearing” doesn’t describe them… Read more »


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