It won’t be long before Andrew Bolt has a cameo on Neighbours discussing validity of climate change with Harold Bishop. (Yes, we know we mentioned Harold on The Punch yesterday - sorry. Ed.)
So this very nice man was telling me that all this AGW is bunkum. Photo: Ben Swinnerton

Network promotions departments assume you could easily digest Mr Bolt popping up on Ramsay Street without any real thoughts about why he is there. This is exactly why underhanded cross promotion is becoming ubiquitous. Your favourite shows are being morphed into unbearably bland advertisements for the network.

Promotional departments shamelessly hijack mostly live TV, from sporting events to the news, sneakily forcing the hosts to endorse shows that need a bit of a ratings oomph.

Usually cross promotion is the domain of the commercial networks. They have to ensure the success of much-hyped programs advertisers have thrown their money at. 

Strangely, it was the ABC last week that stood accused of these advertising tactics. Sydney morning radio announcer Deborah Cameron’s half an hour discussion of ABC TV’s Angry Boys reeked of cross promotion.

Angry Boys has copped a ratings dive since its premiere. The ABC is in an excellent position to take a leaf out of the commercial networks’ book and promote the show. Aunty can utilise its multiple broadcasting platforms for evil.

Cameron denied any wrongdoing, explaining to The Australian’s Simon Canning “she had been interested in her audience’s opinions on the show after watching Wednesday night’s episode”.

If any show epitomised cross promotion it would have to be Dancing With The Stars. It is basically is one gigantic Channel 7 advertising campaign with most of the contestants hailing from the network. Funnily enough, the promotional tool where Channel 7 celebrities dance (doesn’t have the same ring to it as the working title, does it?) needs its own intense promotion as it is shares the same timeslot as the Masterchef ratings juggernaut.

If you do get up at sparrowfart and switch on the TV to Sunrise, you will notice continual promotion of Dancing with the Stars under the guise of newsworthy discussion. For instance, one Monday morning a few weeks ago hosts Mel and Kochie discussed the dilemma of: “Do you think the Dancing With The Stars judges were too harsh last night with comments like the one describing Brynne as a ‘bedazzled sack of potatoes’?”

Mel and Kochie spoke about the ‘issue’ and critiqued judges at length. It gave producers a chance to replay footage from the previous night’s Dancing with the Stars again and again.

The discussion was then dragged on to a ‘Sunrise soapbox’. If you are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of breakfast TV, viewers are given the opportunity to weigh in to the discussion by dialling a 1900 number and pay to answer yes or no to the question with results shown later on in the show. 

Producers then used the airtime for the soapbox voting to play even more footage with the hosts continuing to discuss Dancing with the Stars ad nauseam.

Not surprisingly, this topic did not receive any oxygen on rival network Channel 9’s Today show.

Mel and Kochie creating a storm in a teacup from a judging decision made by Todd McKenny on Dancing with the Stars is nothing short of a tacky ploy to promote their colleagues’ show.

You might think there’d be some respite from the elongated Dancing with the Stars ad when the weather came on, but it could not escape the grip of the Channel 7 promotions department.
Grant Denyer’s fill in, James Tobin, gallivanted around the streets of Sydney competing in a series of challenges with contestants from another Channel 7 show, the Amazing Race. He occasionally paused from all the hilarity to do his job. What was that again? Oh yeah, read the weather.

Not only are these tactics underhanded, cross promotion is even more prevalent with live sporting telecasts.

Throughout the Australian Open or the cricket, commentators are forced to throw their cred out the window. During a lull, they jadedly announce how great the episode of ‘(insert show)’ is coming up after the game.

I find it hard to believe Bruce McAveny would be sitting in front of the TV in his trackies and Ugg boots with a cuppa watching Cougar Town. Delicious!

The Daily Telegraph (oops, is that cross promotion? -Ed.) reported that the TV audience declined for the Australian Open by 40.17 per cent between 2009 and 2010. This is a total of 4,852,000 viewers. In 2011, viewership for the final had a decline of 20 per cent from the previous year.

In a poll conducted by TV Tonight, the main gripe that viewers had with the Australian Open was ‘relentless ads and cross promotion’ at 23 per cent.

Networks are taking loyal viewers for granted assuming they won’t notice their sneaky strategies. It is clear audiences do take notice and are switching of their sets in droves.

Everyone hates ads and being advertised to. It’s simple. Leave the promotion for to designated breaks or risk people switching off like breakfast TV or the tennis like I have.

With cross promoting rife, it does beg the question, which pie will the network promotions department stick their fingers in next?

If it Andrew Bolt does appear on Neighbours to promote the Bolt Report, lets just hope Erinsborough is in some leftie seat. It would make for the most interesting cross promotion yet.

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    • Erick says:

      06:06am | 11/06/11

      What’s with the three totally gratuitous references to Andrew Bolt, in an article that has nothing to do with him at all? Couldn’t you think of a way to get Sarah Palin into the story?

    • Dave says:

      09:23am | 11/06/11

      Get ready for all the leftard anti-Andrew Bolt comments, Erick.

    • nihonin says:

      09:26am | 11/06/11

      I’m thinking he is subliminally trying to say, that Andrew Bolt’s comments have as much fact and can be believed, as any Neighbour’s episode dialogue.

      Kind of along the lines of any Labor government policy announcement.

    • Erick says:

      09:49am | 11/06/11

      Well predicted, Dave. raspberry

    • ZSRenn says:

      10:46am | 11/06/11

      Who is Andrew Bolt?

    • Ripa says:

      12:50pm | 11/06/11


      the only reason he crossed referenced Bolt was to try and give his post any sort of credability.

    • Troy says:

      01:12pm | 11/06/11

      Got Me? I am still trying figure out what the hell he is on with that rant about nothing.
      Did he just add Bolts name to promote Bolts show?

    • Peter Forde says:

      02:10pm | 11/06/11

      Having just fallen off my chair laughing at his oh-so-not-random selection of Bolt, I again tumbled with his assertion that it “strangely” was the ABC cross-promoting. Now I know what column I should read when I’m done with being rational and serious for the day.

    • Steve Putnam says:

      07:27am | 12/06/11

      No way Jose. The introduction of Sara Palin into a programme like Neighbours would greatly lower its intellectual gravitas.

    • maryellen says:

      11:27am | 12/06/11

      Andrew Bolt and Sarah Palin are both good-looking people.  This, first up, is unacceptable/inappropriate to the angry Left.

    • acotrel says:

      02:17pm | 12/06/11

      I wonder when Andrew Bolt will stand for federal parliament? He’d be a great candidate for the LNP?

    • Dave says:

      06:54am | 11/06/11

      What’s even worse is when the Sydney media interview some person and they always put the harbour bridge or the opera house in the background, dominating the screen while the interviewee is just a speck in the foreground. It’s insulting to the person on the screen and it’s insulting to the viewer.

    • Fiona says:

      04:14pm | 11/06/11

      Well, Sydney is the only city in Australia you know. Musnt let people forget where they are.

    • acotrel says:

      07:03am | 11/06/11

      Andrew Bolt - perverse, bloody minded and poisonous - come immediately to mind!

    • TimB says:

      09:29am | 11/06/11

      Point of the article<————————————————>you.

      Although that was to be expected I guess.

    • Robert Smissen of country SA says:

      03:31pm | 11/06/11

      HMMMMMM, I hear he speaks well of you, acotrel

    • acotrel says:

      04:59pm | 11/06/11

      @Robert Smissen - Nothing personal, i was simply commenting on Bolt’s rhetoric!

    • Michael says:

      08:18am | 12/06/11

      Actually acotrel you were commenting on what was in your mind. Do take some personal responsibility man!

    • acotrel says:

      11:54am | 12/06/11

      @Michael.  You’ve made me feel that my previous remarks were churlish.  I feel compelled to make a pleasant remark about Andrew Bolt, so here ‘tis:
      Andrew Bolt has lovely Aryan blue eyes.

    • Ben81 says:

      01:13pm | 12/06/11

      You really have a sick obsession acotrel, why don’t you just say what you’re really thinking.
      You just had to say “Aryan” blue eyes and the other day tried to link John Howard with the “final solution”.  I saw you also ignore what Gillard is doing but said Abbott is making us look like a “bunch of nazis” and i’m positive I saw you bring up “death camps” as a response to someone as well but I can’t find that one now.

      Perverse, bloody minded and poisonous come immediately to mind, emphasis on perverse.

    • non-warmist says:

      03:10pm | 12/06/11

      “perverse, bloody minded and poisonous”  sounds like a girl’s comment
      Male or female acotrel -  Andrew Bolt brings some balance - and you seem to hate that.
      frustration understandable

    • acotrel says:

      08:58am | 13/06/11

      @Non-warmist Do you really believe that Andrew Bolt brings balance to debates?  He obviously panders to the whims of his boss Rupert Murdoch which change according to whom he is making king this week.  And his comments are predictably exactly what he believes the ideologues want to hear! When he’s on TV, he always uses a tone of voice which gives the impression that he is ‘the voice of reason’!  However it’s pretty obvious what he is selling.

    • non-warmist says:

      10:18am | 13/06/11

      @acotrel Yes, do believe he’s brought balance.  I don’t want his autograph -  but I believe balance has been a long time coming.  I truly don’t see it as “pandering”.

    • iansand says:

      07:48am | 11/06/11

      How dare a commercial organisation (or even the ABC) advertise its products.  It’s a disgrace.

      The line for a life starts over there.

    • Norm says:

      08:19am | 11/06/11

      Rugby League is shocking for it also,I dont mind a bet but I hate gambling on League and the odds jammed down my throat every time I watch it,I’m not a fan of Ray Warren yeah name dropping some ridiculous show I would never watch in the middle of the call either!

    • Sickemrex says:

      09:52am | 11/06/11

      Channel 9’s rugby league coverage is the worst sporting coverage ever.  Sorry, I can’t work in a Bolt angle.

    • your welcome says:

      11:39am | 11/06/11

      Channel 9’s rugby league coverage is worse than watching endless reruns of Transforma ladder ads, Danoz direct at midnight or even Bolt’s show, as hard as that is to believe.

    • Mick Neven says:

      08:53am | 11/06/11

      Richie Benaud doing live reads for Ben Eltons Show during the Ashes.  Hilarious and oh so lame.  Cross promotion sucks.  By the way, I’ve got some gigs coming up in Brisbane and Melbourne - go to - join the mailing list and I’ll get you some tickets.

    • Bilby says:

      09:50am | 11/06/11

      The worst is this forum I go to sometimes where the contributors constantly refer to each other and even comment on each other’s blogs!

      There was this one time where they linked to a sister publication in the post.


    • The Badger says:

      10:24am | 11/06/11

      What he is saying about bolt is that the bolt report is a miserable failure and is soon to be pulled off the air you dummies.

      They will try some cross promotion which puts off most viewers and then pull this idiot off the box so he can concentrate on writing whatever happens to enter his otherwise empty head.

    • buckyboy says:

      11:16am | 11/06/11

      Bolt Report must be working a treat…’s getting up you nose, idiot. BTW….TBR had 350000 viewers over the two time slots last week. Not bad for a ‘miserable failure’.

    • The Badger says:

      11:44am | 11/06/11

      linking to the bolt blog for “accurate” information

      Carry on catpee

    • nihonin says:

      12:11pm | 11/06/11

      Success is only counted if a few thousand people turn up at rallies nationwide as organised, by GetUp, the Unions and the Greens, anything else must be ignored.

    • Cate P says:

      12:53pm | 11/06/11

      The Bad, please give us the correct figures.

    • Cate P says:

      12:55pm | 11/06/11

      The Bad, please give us the correct figures.

    • The Badger says:

      01:18pm | 11/06/11

      bolt had four viewers
      You, Gina Rinehart, his mom and himself.

      Look they are cross promoting his new show already.

    • nihonin says:

      01:59pm | 11/06/11

      LOl @ The Badger, god damn, he must be stealing run by the number lists from Labor rusties.

    • Ben81 says:

      02:33pm | 11/06/11

      1) Say something plain wrong then rabidly attack sources when called out
      2) ?????
      3) Profit!

      Please tell me this is starting to get old for you Badger…

    • acotrel says:

      05:04pm | 11/06/11

      When does the Bolt Report go to air?  I want to watch it.  Some things are so bad that they’re good.  If it’s really spectacular, I might record it and put some of it up on Youtube for the world to see. It’d be like those historica l clips of TA !

    • iansand says:

      08:36am | 12/06/11

      Cate P - Why is Bolt cross-promoting his own show?

    • Cate P says:

      01:48pm | 12/06/11

      ‘cos he can, Iansand.  BTW my comment was correcting Badger’s inaccuracy, not criticising cross promotion.

    • mel r says:

      02:46pm | 12/06/11

      The Badgers will all be carrying their Stop Free Speech placards at the Freedom of Speech event, south of the border?

    • Leopard says:

      03:21pm | 12/06/11

      “his mom”?    an American badger -  how cute

    • Leopard says:

      05:35pm | 12/06/11

      Lol   The Badger explains the meaning of the Cardwell piece.  The Badger WOULD understand it.
      Anyone struggling to understand,  see -
      10:24am 11/06 Explanation of “Why cross promotion….....”

      Success is the new Failure

    • TimB says:

      07:30pm | 12/06/11

      I think that’s what Badger is going for Leopard. He figures if success is the new failure, then failure might just be the new success.

      And on that scale, the failure that Badger lives every day might actually be meaningful.

    • maryellen says:

      08:47pm | 12/06/11

      TimB…........but, of course!  You’ve put that so well.  But will The Badger comprehend?

    • Leopard says:

      09:09pm | 12/06/11

      Oh hell - TimB,  Badger will be soooo angry -  what a laugh!

    • Leopard says:

      08:05am | 13/06/11

      Oh God!.......Nearly fainted clean away!  The fury on that little face.    No more cool, detached, measured Badger.

    • Dave C says:

      10:39am | 11/06/11

      The author is absolutely correct, this shameless cross promotion is crap. Who will win DWTS? my guess is a channel 7 personality, that example is probably the worst going on at the moment, 9 are just as bad, when underbelly was on the number of times John Ibrahim or Roberta Williams were on ACA was astounding its just an absolute joke. In the summer yes both the Cricket and the Tennis saw blatant network advertising, it was just crap and I bet most viewers thought the same. 

      So now the ABC are doing it too well surprise surprise.

      I dont know that the answer is to stop it though??

    • Harquebus says:

      11:30am | 11/06/11

      I don’t watch any of the shows stated here and the bedazzled sacks of potatoes, with their bums stuck firmly to the couch, won’t read this.

    • Brent says:

      11:30am | 11/06/11

      Thanks to shamelss cross promotion, Downtown Abbey did not manage to sneak up on us. Thankyou for pre-warning me about this unwatchable twaddle.

    • acotrel says:

      02:15pm | 12/06/11

      I’ve only seen a few minutes of Downton Abbey, but having seen that old duchess I can understand why you’ve associated it with Andrew Bolt

    • Soames says:

      12:03pm | 11/06/11

      I’ve read this post three times, who are all these people? And what’s their point?

    • Alby says:

      02:20pm | 11/06/11

      Um Andrew have you just started watching TV or have you been living in a print journalist bubble? What’s with the beat up on Channel 7? No mention of Channel 9 using the 6pm News Bulletin to promote Underbelly or Ten News/Negus or 7pm project plugging the show that follows? I guess you must only watch SBS and listen to ABC local radio?

    • Bikinis On Top says:

      03:50pm | 11/06/11

      Andrew Bolt is a good actor.
      In various news serials andnews reality television shows, Andrew Bolt splendidly portrays a political commentator who never seems to know a bee from a bull’s foot and says anything that arrives in his head.
      In these news soap operas, he plays the Stan Zemanek political expert character in a realistic true to life fashion.
      Andrew Bolt would never think like this, talk like this, or portray as he does in real life as he does on television so well as a sardonic dour political critic or else they would lock up the TV Comedy Character Andrew Bolt in a giggle house. What is Andrew Bolt’s real name in real life? Gough Rudd?

    • Bikinis On Top says:

      03:58pm | 11/06/11

      Andrew Bolt is a political comic character made up by some comedy actor to star in political television comedies ,political television soap operas, political reality television shows, the newspaper comics, and as a stand up comedian at pubs and clubs.He certainly has great humour as his political views.Andrew Bolt is just the new Norman Gunston or Reg Reagan.
      What is his real name in real life? Gough Rudd? Julian Howard?Sir Howard Menzies? Sir Les Patterson?Sir Eddie Everage? Reg Reagan?
      Clark Kent? Bruce Wayne? Marlon Brando? Con the Fruiterer?

    • Davido says:

      04:10pm | 11/06/11

      Disney is the worst at this. I think you would be lucky to get 8 minutes out of 30 that weren’t cross promotion or advertising.

    • Janet says:

      05:10pm | 11/06/11

      @bikinis on top
      And what is your real name in real life? Maggie Simpson?
      I suspect the only amusement generated by your inane comments will be at your mangling of the english language.
      What did your mother used to feed you with,a catapult?

    • bikinis on top says:

      08:29pm | 11/06/11

      mum died 28 may 2011 at age 91
      mum was buried june 2 2011.
      Thanks for your comments, Janet.
      Jane Wallace Riverwood appreciates your hurtful insensitive hateful 7 utterly untimely comments at 5.10pm 6/11/2011.
      Your 6/11 comments are more damaging to me than 9/11 ever was.
      Barack Obama, Jane Wallace & Tory Shepherd belong in the White House.
      Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton , Mitt romney, Andrew Bolt , Janet, Tim Boy , and Nicole Girl belong in the Shite House

    • The Liberal Loafer says:

      08:36pm | 11/06/11

      Do you belong in the White House or the Shite House?

    • The Liberal Loafer says:

      08:48pm | 11/06/11

      Is that comment of Janet’s straight from the horse’s mouth? Mr Ed makes more sense than you, Janet. Your horse has bolted to the The Shite House rather than the White House!
      Do you write for The Australian ? Or do you just belong to “The Australian” political party.?

    • Janet says:

      11:24pm | 11/06/11

      Reply to The Liberal Loafer says
      White house Shite House,HaHaHaaar
      Why don’t you bolt down to the shite house and have a cack up your belly and down your back and I’m sure Mister Ed makes more sense to you than the whole world. 
      Meantime here’s something just for you and I’m sure it will have you licking your lips
      Joller moller custard,green snot pie
      All mixed together with a dead dogs eye
      Slap it on a sarny,nice and thick
      Then loafer it down with a cup of cold sick!

      Ps Tell you what Loafer….................................Tell you F…All.

    • stephen says:

      08:09pm | 11/06/11

      No-one watches tennis on telly anymore cause the men have turned into women and the women have turned into men, (and those girls grunting on court have blown my woofer) and the excitement is betting if a ball-boy falls on the base-line or mid-court.
      Cross-promotion is necessary because everything, (mostly) in popular culture is so damned boring that the ‘foil’ of advertizing a sci-fi flick after a margarine adv. is explaining the obvious : that no-one on telly, on the court, on the screen, in the chamber, in the hot-seat, or on the bus next to you has any damned character.
      If things were interesting in themselves, do you think free-to-air would be so worried that they have to advertize, well, free-to-air ?
      As they do now ?

    • Edward James says:

      05:20am | 12/06/11

      There once was a time when good shows increased their following by word of mouth. Particularly on the ABC with no ads it was bliss. While what the ABC is doing now may be argued as self promotion. It still intrudes in exactly the same way ads do on commercial stations! Sneaky balls indeed this is filth masquerading as comedy! Thank god for cheap hard drive recorders with fast forward buttons.

    • Meg says:

      08:08am | 12/06/11

      I really enjoy The Punch for it’s thought provoking articles and clever insights. However - I am tiring of some commenters who are super critical of other commentors, stooping so low as to personally attack people because they were not as eloquent, concise or witty enough in their comment.  Play the ball people, not the person.

      And @bikinis on top - I am really sorry for your loss. I’ll leave you with a quote I like” Death leaves a heartache no one can heal but love leaves a memory no one can steal”

    • TimB says:

      01:36pm | 12/06/11

      Meg, Bikini’s is a troll. You can’t take anything it says seriously.

    • Bikinis On Top says:

      11:38am | 13/06/11

      Mum Died May 28 2011 and was buried 2 June 2011.
      NO Bulldust,Tim B oy and Nicole G irl.
      That fact is really really true.
      Whether you really like it or really do not.
      See the grave in the cemetery right now!

    • Outraged says:

      03:20pm | 12/06/11

      Why are all these people complaining about commercials? Who do you think pays for your “Free-To-Air” TV? Do you expect to get unlimited hours of free entertainment for nothing? The same people who bitch about advertisments are probably the same people who bitch about Dole Bludgers getting “money for doing nothing!”...well, you don’t get free TV shows for “nothing” either!

      I actually LIKE having a commercial break! It gives me a chance to get a cup of coffee or go to the bathroom. Doesn’t everyone else use the ad breaks as a chance to do stuff? Don’t let the advertisers know we don’t actually sit glued to the screen 24/7 watching them!

      I find it hilarious that people expect to just sit on their couch for hours at a time with no breaks so they don’t have to move or press a button on the remote!

    • Blind Freddy says:

      03:23pm | 12/06/11

      Personally I think that Andrew Bolt should have a public forum because it gives the rational mind an insight into the mind of the unhinged (and very emotionally angry) right. Otherwise it would just be a dark, scary secret.

      Plus, Australian TV needs good political satire - if only everyone got the joke and didn’t take him so seriously.

    • mel r says:

      04:46pm | 12/06/11

      Blind F.  You, of the rational mind, need an insight into the irrational?  Be content with your high-mindedness.  Let that comfort you.

      You angry Left must be gnashing your teeth -  seeing the following Bolt has.    what’s to be done!

    • Blind Freddy says:

      05:34pm | 12/06/11

      A follower? Of Andrew Bolt! LOL. Follower your leader Mel R. I’ll think for myself.

      As for high-mindedness? It is you who say that- not I.

      P.S. Thanks for providing the evidence for my hypothesis. Cheers

      Grrrrrrrrrr . . . .

    • JB Goode says:

      07:30pm | 12/06/11

      @Blind Freddy
      At last a fellow traveller with a rational mind who thinks for himself.What gets on my nerves are these new religous noddys telling me that we are all going to die because we are killing the planet!
      It wasn’t that long ago that they used to just throw them in the bin.How do you handle them Fred?

    • mel r says:

      09:03pm | 12/06/11

      Blind F…....Why are men using this kindergarten word “scary”?  It’s appearing everywhere -  maybe men are becoming gradually emasculated.  Could be a warmist/alarmist thing.

    • Blind Freddy says:

      08:20am | 13/06/11

      All sides of politics have their nutters- the aim is to not get sucked in by them. There isn’t one pollitical party that truly reflects the complexity of the ;ives that people lead. So, I pick and choose who isupport based on reason and not tribalism- or following.

    • TimB says:

      09:17am | 13/06/11

      @ Freddy, is it so hard to believe that people on the other side do that as well?

      I’m frequently accused of being “rusted on” even though I’ve only considered myself to be a Liberal voter for a few years now.

      But I came to that decision by weighing up my personal opinions and looking at what each party is offering. Then I chose to support the party that is the best match for my opinions.
      If something changes in the future, either my own POV or that of the party I’m currently supporting, then of course I would be likely to change who I was supporting.

      It’s not as if I was born into supporting the Liberals as a family tradition or something. It’s not like I threw a dart or flipped a coin.
      But that seems to be the attitude around herefrom many of those I find myself at odds with politically.The assumption that I couldn’t have possibly put any thought into my position, so therefore must be blindly supporting them.

      Nothing could be further from the truth.

    • Blind Freddy says:

      11:50am | 13/06/11

      @Tim B

      I agree. But, you don’t sound to me to be one of the angry right that I find a bit disconcerting. I mean the Gillard haters make the Howard haters look like your best friend. Personally I am not into ideologically inspired hatred and appreciate that most people hold their political position for genuine reasons. But, why all of the emotional investment in hating and despising the ‘other’?

      My politics are liberal (small ‘l’) and thats why I support the Greens- at the moment. Go figure.


    • Blind Freddy says:

      03:28pm | 12/06/11

      I can’t see how the ABC discussing Angry Boys would ‘promote’ the show. They should do the opposite and spring it on people when they aren’t expecting it - because (from what I have seen and heard) in about 2 weeks, I predict, even Chris Lillie won’t be watching.

    • Frank says:

      04:27pm | 12/06/11

      Is it really true that Andrew bolt has masters degrees in every conceivable option. I,ve heard he never sleeps,tirelessly working on mankinds problems only pausing momentarily to release his seething mass of solution to the less fortunate I,ve never met him but the few people that have always comment on his eyes,they talk about the eyes….... the eyes they say…you can get lossed in them..

    • mel r says:

      05:41pm | 12/06/11

      @Frank   what the hell is “lossed”?  you’re meaning “flossed”?  “glossed”?

    • Frank says:

      11:14pm | 12/06/11

      @mel r Yeah sorry,its a spelling error. Its meant to spell lost.Look I’m really new to this,in fact its my first day ever using a forum and I’ve been going ballistic,trying to post things left ,right and center. I’m buzzing from the huge sense of empowerment this has given me. Its fantastic that I can type in incredible rubbish about something I know absolutely sweet fuck all about,using assumptions,half truths,down right lies,racist slurs,glittering generalities,old wives tales,quotes from mein kampf,things I dreamt and jokes from the picture mag to inform you of the actual truth. Its reassuring to to be able to belittle,namecall and insult anyone I fucking want while hiding behind my computer which I got by trading a six pack and half an ounce of pot. Although I,ve shared my rare insight and at times pure genius with you all today it is with some regret that I announce my retirement from this forum to form my rock’n'roll band The Crunulla Riots I trust some of the people on this forum will be keen to see us live. Don’t forget to bring your little Aussie flags.So Proud!

    • mel r says:

      10:13am | 13/06/11

      @Frank You just pick up a dictionary, that’s all.
      I know, people can’t be bothered.
      Don’t go

    • Robert S McCormick says:

      11:02am | 13/06/11

      Talking of cross promotion did anyone watch that farce of an “interview” between Channel 9’s Charles Wooley &, allegedly, Tim Mathieson, Gillard’s partner, on “60 Minutes” on Sunday evening?
      Where oh where was Tim? All we got of him was about 3 minutes all up. The rest was a cross to an interview with Gillard.
      The most telling utterance Tim made, repeatedly broadcast on the promos for the show, was when he said somthing like this:
      “What makes me really angry is the lack of respect shown for the Office of Prime Minister”
      That little gem was, very conveniently cut out. Why?
      I agree with Tim that this position should be shown some respect….However like all things..Respect has to be earnt.
      Until the Gillard/Howes/Swan coterie arranged the political assassination of Kevin Rudd the position was respected.
      OK, so Gillard did not act alone. She could have stopped it if her over-riding ambition had not got in the way.
      Swan would never be an acceptable replacement for Rudd or now Gillard. Who else was there? No-one. Only Gillard.
      If she had said “No” then Rudd would not have been knocked off - at least until after the 2010 Federal Election. The pundits were already telling us that though they would lose a swag of seats in all probability an ALP Government under the leadership of Kevin Rudd would have been returned. If the polls, which under Gillard are a 100% disaster, had persisted in going against them then Gillard could have challenged, been elected by the caucus & held the respect of the people.
      Until Gillard usurped the Prime Ministership like them or laothe them the Office of Prime Minister & the incumbents have always been afforded tremendous respect. Whitlam, Fraser, Hawke, albeit a grudging sort for Keating, Howard & Rudd were accorded the respect the job deserved. They were respected long before they became PM.
      Gillard was widely respected & possibly even admired for getting so far in the septic tank that is Federal politics before she moved against Rudd.
      Her ill-guided actions lost her that respect. She has never & probably never will, regain it
      It was she, along with her co-conspirators, particularly those outside the Parliament, who destroyed the respect the Office of Prime Minister should attract.
      If Tim, & the rest of us who believe the office should be respected, is angry then he should direct his anger towards Gillard, the entire ALP machine & the Federal MPs who today, rather than acting on their consciences & honest beliefs, do exactly as they are told by that machine.

    • John says:

      11:12am | 13/06/11

      This is spot on the mark.  There is a solution.. simply stop watching, that is what I have done.

    • oscifecemig says:

      06:32am | 12/01/13

      There are undoubtedly a whole lot of details like that to take into consideration. That is a great point to bring up. I give the thoughts above as general inspiration but clearly you will discover questions like the one you bring up where the most imperative factor is going to be working in honest very good faith. I don?t know if greatest practices have emerged about points like that, but I’m sure that your job is clearly identified as a fair game. Both boys and girls really feel the impact of just a moment’s pleasure, for the rest of their lives.

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