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    • Louie the (apolitical) Fly. says:

      04:31am | 13/10/12

      Well, last night on Qld Stateline ABC @7:30. MP Liz Cunningham answered questions about CMC Committee decisions.
      I was a bit dubious when Ms Cunningham came on screen - to be honest she didn’t have the “polished professional madeover politician”  hair, makeup and wardrobe I’m used to seeing. 
      I have to say - I was gobsmacked.  Ms Cunningham answered ALL Jessica van Vonderen’s questions.  Honestly.  Completely.  Without any spin. Pleasantly.  Thoughtfully.  And I could follow what she said - and understand what she said.  And no-one was denigrated.  And she stayed on topic with each question.  And her answers were interesting. 
      I realized I had not heard a pollie speak so well and so HONESTLY in ............... Hmmm can’t remember how long. 
      AND - please bring back more polite interviewers to the ABC, Jessica v V is polite, not obviously biased one way or the other, and so respectful.  Such a change from the sneering, patronizing, biased Ms Sales (is she getting more shrill and superior)?

    • ramases says:

      02:57pm | 13/10/12

      Liz has always been articulate and to the point in complete contrast to the harpies of the Labor Party. It is always a pleasure to listen to her speak .

    • Zac says:

      05:01am | 13/10/12


      “...I found myself discomforted by the fact that, at that time, the ALP were still supporting Peter Slipper who, on the evidence of his text messages, appears to have much deeper problems with women than the Leader of the Opposition. The cognitive dissonance required to support a man who certainly wrote, and apparently thinks as Slipper did, while accusing Abbott of hypocrisy was too great to be hand waved away with appeals to natural justice and the presumption of innocence”

      When it comes to misogyny, does Gillard have selective hearing?

      John Birmingham, brisbane times.

    • nihonin says:

      05:41am | 13/10/12

      While i was out walking yesterday I passed a man and his dog, I think the dog had Tourettes, it wouldn’t stop farking at me.

    • acotrel says:

      06:41am | 13/10/12

      There was a dog calling my name the other day.  I looked around and saw a pekinese with a hare lip, calling out ‘Mark, Mark’ !

    • jaki says:

      07:30am | 13/10/12

      My favourite joke, completely ruined by Acotrel.

    • sunny says:

      09:09am | 13/10/12

      I went to the zoo last week to see the dogs. They only had one dog. It was a Shihtzu. On the way to the zoo it rained cats and dogs. I stepped in a poodle. On the way home I stopped at the pet store and asked if they had a dog going cheap. She said no they all go woof. I went home and watched a news story about a blind man doing a sky dive. He was thrilled but his guide dog was terrified. But that stage I was dog tired so I went to bed.

    • Mike Cuthbtson says:

      05:52am | 13/10/12

      Lets all sing….....What a week it’s been, working from 9 till 5 (Well 5:30pm to 5:30am for me)! As the old saying goes “A week is a long time in politics”.

      We have literally had it all and it has made for some good reading on the punch in the wee hours of the mornings. I was even fortunate to get a few comments published!

      I hope our Pollies have learnt a few lessons from what I can only describe as one debacle after another during this week and at least attempt to get through the next week with a little decorum. If not we can look forward to some more interesting reading.

      Have a great weekend, enjoy being alive!!

    • Gratuitous Adviser says:

      06:03am | 13/10/12

      For me the week was:

      I learnt a new word. 

      The Bali remembrance was done with class and reminded me of how terrible it is for the families and what a political and socially correct tightrope we are walking (the Nobel Peace Prize going to “Europe” is another example). 

      I see the ownership of Australia’s major companies being transferred to State Capitalised Organisations is continuing and it’s someone else’s State.  More fool us I suppose, and its ironic how “capitalism” is developing. 

      We are getting nowhere with the control of poker machine gambling proving the fact that lobby groups are so powerful now that they just blast this generation of pollies and their young lackeys into oblivion with vested interests.  We continue to get what we deserve which is the weak and stupid in our community continuing to pay my taxes.

      It will be interesting where this Smith, Egan, Tudehope thing finally ends up.

    • Gregg says:

      07:57am | 13/10/12

      My moment for the week was about Bali, non political and something on the other side of the horror and carnage, something by which to remember the good side and efforts made by many wonderful people not just in Darwin though the write of what I read was in Darwin.

      I commend to all to read at least some of what Gary Lum has written:

      It certainly puts anything that was written about our politicians earlier in the week into the shadows.

      I’ll still be watching some tomatoes and strawberries ripen, hopefully to be terrorised only minimally by the bugs brigades and building up an umbrella style trellis for the passionfruit and grapes to entwine themselves atop the fence they have already reached the top of and then still find some time to take the dogs to the beach.
      Early starts are good.

    • Tim says:

      08:49am | 13/10/12

      Ah 11 words hey?
      Anyone that dislikes Gillard is a racist, misogynist, bigot, homophobe loser.

    • ToolTime says:

      10:35am | 13/10/12

      Just because you dislike Gillard and fit the profile doesn’t mean everyone is like you.

    • stephen says:

      09:29am | 13/10/12

      A 20 year old Italian women wants to auction off her virginity and make a film about it.

      Wonder if she’ll take a lay-buy ?

    • Mouse says:

      10:11am | 13/10/12

      pa_kelvin, got your post. So in answer to that,  I am not as far away as WA, so it is not as bad for me. I am sometimes a bit confused with the times! lol At the moment in SA, we are 1/2hr ahead of Brissy, 1/2hr behind Melbourne, 2 1/2hrs ahead of Perth.  Oh my aching brain!! lol

      As for the 8pm close, I am not a big fan at all but, I must admit, it has let me catch up with my DVD series. I have just got a new one, The Fringe, that I am quite getting into. I like that sort of alien/snake charmer/psycho kinda stuff.  Anyway, it keeps me off the streeets! lol :o)
      How’s the Brissy weather? It has been cold and windy the last few days here but, voila, sunshine and warm today! Good thing as I will get out and play in the garden today.  When do you go back to Sydney? How much longer will this go on for?

    • pa_kelvin says:

      11:20am | 13/10/12

      Mouse…..Fine and sunny in BrisVegas, but cold 50k winds yesterday…..Sydney is sporadic on the job front,but I know I’ll be going again in about 2 weeks (have I said I hate Sydney smile )If I can sell a franchise there I wont have to ever go back (yaaaaa) But with a daughter living there the occasional will be in order (pleasure not business)........8pm cutoff sucks, but thats when the best shows start on fox. Youngest daughter and 3 grandsons coming over later today for a visit, so looking forward to that…

    • Mouse says:

      12:53pm | 13/10/12

      Gee. don’t you like Sydney? lol
      Sounds like a good weekend for you, have fun!

    • pa_kelvin says:

      03:45pm | 13/10/12

      Bushfires near my daughters place so their staying home today, but will see them tomorrow. The boys can go for a swim and tire themselves out. BBQ for dinner and a couple of s&c..Yeh a good weekend…..... smile

    • pa_kelvin says:

      11:28am | 13/10/12

      Book of the week….Velocity by Steve Worland ,debut novel by an Aussie author,great read hard to put down…Space shuttle, Aussie outback, bush pilots. I could go on ,but I wont . smile

    • Bertrand says:

      11:45am | 13/10/12

      Any chance you guys wlll run a story on the ongoing chaos in Europe?

      The daily riots in Greece in Spain, soaring youth unemployment, tens of thousands of illegal immigrants entering Europe through the south, the rise of extreme-right neo-fascist political parties. The future for Europe looks pretty bleak and concerning. To me it’s been the main story of the past 6 months, but it hardly gets a word in the Australian press.

    • Scotchfinger says:

      01:19pm | 13/10/12

      are you kidding? The new iPhone isn’t compatible with previous cords and chargers!! Yet you imply we don’t have problems here… you are out of CONTROL, Bertrand.

    • Mouse says:

      03:10pm | 13/10/12

      *sniggers behind hand*

    • Scotchfinger says:

      04:54pm | 13/10/12

      what a cute snigger!

    • PW says:

      01:26pm | 14/10/12

      The only reason I can imagine for Europe awarding itself the Nobel Peace Prize is to improve morale among those descending into poverty and those forced to finance the profligacy of others.

      After all, Australia hasn’t started a war in 20,000 years, and it seems we can live more or less within our means, so where is our award?

    • pa_kelvin says:

      11:55am | 13/10/12

      Lauries article today has certainly got acotroll firing on all cylinders…I pose the question…....Could MattB be acotroll’ long lost love child ?

    • Hobie says:

      12:04pm | 13/10/12

      This will hurt a bit. My highlight in a week of record lows,was watching,listening to Howard @ Bali, and his illustrating how far our current Pollie’s speaking skills have dropped. There was the old fart,no script,no minder,no idiot board no teleprompter, speaking fluently and concisely and summarising almost perfectly, what I suspect were, most people’s thoughts and feelings. Well done him.

    • MH says:

      01:35pm | 13/10/12

      It’s funny how much better Howard looks after 5 years of Rudd and Gillard. I always thought he was dull, uninspiring but passably effective. What wouldn’t you give to have him back at the helm now? Or for that matter Keating or Hawke. Anything but the current muppets. Gillard and Swan are reducing government to kindergarten tantrums and class/gender war sound bites.

    • sunny says:

      03:51pm | 13/10/12

      “What wouldn’t you give to have him back at the helm now? “

      I’d would give Work Choices, skyrocketing house prices, the ‘WMD’ war in Iraq, and a fairly long list of other things. He can have all of those back.

    • JamesP says:

      06:09pm | 13/10/12


      You left Costello budget surplus!

    • HomeDad says:

      01:45pm | 13/10/12

      I have read and heard a fair bit this week. Most of the content contained the word misogyny and frankly I am disturbed. Misogyny is literally the “hatred of women”, a quick google search will show that. Are we truly saying that in the cold light of day a married man with a mother, female siblings and female children can possibly hate women. What must his daughters think of all of this. This language is hate language as bad as calling someone a bigot. Tony Abott may have a case to answer for “sexist” commentary and debate should and has raged around that point. I have two daughters myself and I would like them to be damn sure that a man actually “hates” women before they label him a misogynist. I am also trying to teach my girls that there is a diversity of opinion in the world and it pays to respect other points of view even if you disagree. In some countries in the world you don’t get a chance to post your opinion on something like the punch. Hatred will cripple our democracy. I’d love it if the debate would be more rational but who am I, just another voter I guess.

    • Scotchfinger says:

      01:56pm | 13/10/12

      the Weekend Punch is even more lightning-fast than weekdays. I wonder if we would be better off posting letters and waiting for them to be published grin

    • pa_kelvin says:

      02:34pm | 13/10/12

      Nah tried that and it didn’t work…Australia Post and all… smile

    • marley says:

      02:40pm | 13/10/12

      @Scotch - no, but I’m thinking of giving carrier pigeons a try.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      04:04pm | 13/10/12

      Might have to change my moniker to that of a biscuit…...Lets see hmmm… Gaiety maybe not, could give the wrong impression…*thinks* Salada..Biggest, heftiest MF biscuit made, but its to dry and hard to suit me….hmmmmm*thinks again* Choc Royals now theres a biscuit chocolaty on the outside marshmellow on the inside mmmm iresistable,but not me..Might have to stay with pa_kelvin…...Damn you Scotchfinger for taking the only decent biscuit as a moniker…....... smile

    • nihonin says:

      04:31pm | 13/10/12

      Butter Nut wink

    • sunny says:

      04:37pm | 13/10/12

      Jatz Cracker? smile

    • Scotchfinger TM says:

      05:00pm | 13/10/12

      Iced VoVo? Sometimes I regret not adopting this name, however it would make me sound like a pimp. pa_kelvin, keep yours, it makes you sound dignified and a bit sciency; however if you so choose, I dub thee Iced Vo Vo.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      06:59pm | 13/10/12

      LMFAO Scotchy I’m definatly not an Iced Vo Vo guy. That desicated coconut sticks between my teeth. Butter Nut I dont think so…Jatz Maybe…Nah

    • pa_kelvin says:

      07:27pm | 13/10/12

      Scotchy you have been reading my posts,TM Damn you Scotchfinger, sunny and I should have done that sooner, would have sitting on another small fortune…..... smile

    • Savory Shapes says:

      01:59pm | 14/10/12

      Are Savory Shapes a biscuit or a snack food??

    • pa_kelvin says:

      05:20pm | 13/10/12

      Hi Ant…. How have you got time to make wontons?? You should be moderating the Punch… smile Whats on the menu tomorrow, spring rolls? Keep the asian theme going, or I can give you my famous (in my family anyway) egg stuffed meatloaf recipe… smile

    • Anthony Sharwood

      Anthony Sharwood says:

      06:49pm | 13/10/12

      My wontons worked but I could write war and peace about how long they took to shop for, prepare, cook, clean up after etc.. Made spag bol for the kids at the same time. Everyone ate the spag bol. I give up. I Seriously just give up.

      Now I’m building tomorrow’s Punch which I shoulda done this arvo but the wontons ate my arvo. Hope your family visit went well today!

    • Luc Belrose says:

      06:01pm | 13/10/12

      We heard a lot of unnecessary brouhaha this week in the People’s House in Canberra. Misogyny, sexism, texting Parliamentarians, highly paid Reps of both political sides engaging in personal insults…I was wondering what have they done for us in that week, in what way they have made our lives better, how many jobs have been created, how is the ballooning debts going to be paid etc. Can anyone from these grandiose speakers drop a note to the Editor to inform us about how they are going to resolve these questions.

    • Shane From Melbourne says:

      11:31am | 14/10/12

      Greek police using human shields to protect themselves from rock throwing demonstrators…..why all the fuss?

    • ramases says:

      03:22pm | 14/10/12

      Interesting to note that this Government is finding new and exciting ways to tax the people. Now its extra tax on wines to make, so they say , people stop getting drunk on cheap booze.
        What a load of crap, funny how this seems to coincided with the alarming fact that the promised budget surplus is slowly slipping away. Not only wont this work but people will just pay the extra on the booze and not on food but at least the budget bottom line will look better. They try it with cigarettes and alco pops but it didn’t work but added billions to the Government coffers. This is another example of a Government completely out of control and grasping at straws under the name of health initiatives. Hurry up the election so we can rid ourselves of these self serving people and get back to some form of normalcy instead of this continued lunacy.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      04:16pm | 14/10/12

      Why run if no-one is chasing you?? smile

    • stephen says:

      06:35pm | 14/10/12

      Since when does The Project run for only half an hour ?


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