Welcome to this weird little weekend between Christmas and New Year’s. What are you up to?

What ails you? Pic: AFP

And how do you cope with hangovers? Do you avoid them altogether, or do you have a secret fix?

Discuss your plans and anything else that strikes your fancy here.

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    • Willie says:

      04:38am | 29/12/12

      Q. What are you up to?
      A. Getting drunk in Texas.

      Q. How do you cope with hangovers?
      A. I’m not an old man so I don’t get them.

      NS. Texan girls are pretty cool

      Q. Why are you telling me this?
      A. Don’t know I’m drunk

    • acotrel says:

      05:31am | 29/12/12

      It is no wonder that the Americans love their guns. I watch with trepidation the Republicans and ‘the fiscal cliff’ in America.  If America goes into a deeper recession because of their cynicism, would it end up in an uprising and violence when the disenfrachised claim their right to ‘a fair go’ ?

    • Gregg says:

      11:37am | 29/12/12

      It’s kind of like riding a motorcycle to jump a canyon and you know you’re going to run out of fuel just before you get to the required speed but you are still committed and so its Oh Oh!, did I pack the parachute.

      Now delaying this can lead to the same event, with the canyon just wider and deeper with the knowledge that you could not pack a parachute because you could not afford one.

      Could lead to a bit more crime but then even more people arming themselves could help the economy recover!

    • Robert S McCormick says:

      01:28pm | 29/12/12

      This is typical of the Republicans. We are told that just 2 or 3 percent of Americans own the vast majority of the wealth in the USA. Most of them will be either members or supporters of the Republican Party. Probably the vast majority of Republicans in what passes for a democratic parliament in the USA will be amongst those very wealthy. They will resist, even if it means that the US Unemployment rate climbs to 15%, small businesses go broke & the world is plunged into an economic crisis never before seen so long as these brainless Republican politicians & their mates keep all their wealth. What they don’t seem to get is that if they do allow, and it will all be down to the Republican Party, the US economy to go over the edge they & all their wealth will go with it and thses parasites will, deservedly, become the New Poor. Just watch them scream for Welfare payments then.

    • Yorkey says:

      02:06pm | 29/12/12

      Perhaps an uprising is what the Republican’s want actorel? Having failed to gain control through the democratic vote, marshall law and envoking the powers of the Federal Emergency Management Authority(FEMA) would usurp the President and government allowing a military takeover of the country. Perhaps in the eyes of the Repulican party this is preferable to having to modify their beliefs and values to suit the will of the majority of Americans.

    • Beaner says:

      02:31pm | 29/12/12

      If only the disenfranchised would get a job.

    • Tony says:

      05:34pm | 29/12/12

      The fiscal cliff is being held to ransom by 3 % of Republicans, and they are the famous “Tea Party”. Perhaps if Americans took their arms to this minority it would fix their problem “GREED”. I give America 10 years and you will see Anarchy!!
      Then again we’re slowly getting there in this country with our Liberal low life’s and the scum like Gina, Twiggy, Palmer, Murdoch, etc. etc.

    • ramases says:

      12:08pm | 30/12/12

      Yorkey, “majority of Americans”, like the very small number who actually got off their fat arses and voted? The numbers don’t lie and America has only itself to blame for the mess they are in where showmanship means more than the ability to lead a country. Did Obama really win or was it the lethargy of the people who allowed him a second term?
      Of course it was the Tea Parties fault as it was also their fault that we didn’t get a Surplus as well, just ask Swanny.
        America will sneeze, we will get the cold and then they will do what they always does and survive with great jubilation and fanfare until the next time and the time after that like a broken record.

    • oli says:

      03:41pm | 30/12/12

      Guess you missed the part where the rich conservatives who pay little or no tax f’d up the USA and the world economies because of their greed Ramasses.
      “The people” in America are smarter than you. They have no doubts about where the blame lies for their economy.
      Conservative republicans and the vested interest groups with big dollars to spend they serve.
      Romney was an elitist fool and his greed was transparent.

    • TChong says:

      06:01am | 29/12/12

      The little dogs pic reminds me of The Beverly HillBillys.
      Ellie May opened a “critter “grooming saloon.
      Jethro went about clipping an ? afghan hound or Olde English sheep dog,
      ( i cant remember which ) at the end of the shearing , he ended up with a shiv vering little mutt, like in the pic.
      A classic funny !
      In the photo, whats in the ladies right hand?
      What ever she is doing , the dog doesnt look to pleased about it.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      02:32pm | 29/12/12

      TChong…. It’s a retractable dog lead.. Took awhile ,but finally worked it out.

    • nihonin says:

      06:23am | 29/12/12

      What?  Weird little weekend, is it somehow different to any other weekend?  I checked the calendar, nope, it’s still two days (so it isn’t littler), both days are still named Saturday and Sunday (so there’s nothing weird there), or does the author just have it in for this particular weekend each year?

      I thought it could be used for some last minute training for New Years Eve, no matter how you’re going to spend it, watching a bang or perhaps starting the new year with one.  Have a great 2013 Punchers, may it be prosperous, as well as a happy one (no matter what your leanings) to you all.  smile

    • Magic cure says:

      06:42am | 29/12/12

      A can of coke, a shower and a coffee. In that order

    • Gas says:

      06:45am | 29/12/12

      Don’t drink spirits. Ever since I stopped drinking spirits and limited myself to beer (and very occasionally wine) I haven’t had a serious hangover. Haven’t drank spirits for about 5 years now.

    • marley says:

      11:32am | 29/12/12

      Spirits are fine - the trick is never to mix them with anything other than a few ice cubes.

    • Badrinath says:

      02:39pm | 29/12/12

      Bingo mr Marley.

    • sunny says:

      06:54am | 29/12/12

      No 1. hangover cure - get an extra 2 or 3 hours sleep. Never fails. If you can’t get back to sleep - coffee (no sugar) and Macca’s hash browns.

      That dog in the picture - that looks like me with a hangover (before my extra sleep).

    • Mouse says:

      05:18pm | 29/12/12

      sunny, vitamin B and lotsa water before you pass out.  Vit B feeds the brain (alcohol destroys Vit B) and water to rehydrate brain tissue. The headache is usually down to brain dehydration, so if you counter it properly before you hit the grog, you will never get another hangover again.
      Or, if the above isn’t done, in the morning (an old ambo’s trick…) rebreather mask, 100% oxygen @ 14 litres/min, 30 BIG breathes, hold ‘em 3 secs before release, and the world is your oyster!!  A tried and true method, believe me! lol ;o)

      pa_k hope you and ma_k had a great Xmas with the grandkids and all had lotsa fun together. I had a lovely quiet day, both kids home for a couple of days together, caught up on all the goss and dvd’s we had been waiting for. All good!  :o)
      As to the dogs…I think they are gorgeous, LOL, as I have always had a thing for things that are perchance not quite beautiful in the eye of the common man.  In point of fact, the hairless Chinese Crested dogs have maybe one of the sweetest natures that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. This fact makes them so easy to fall in love with and, for me anyway, makes them absolutely adorable to look at!  It has been said that my preferences have always been on the weird side anyway, so who am I to be one to disparage anything else?  LOL :o)

      Hope you and all Punchers have a fantastic New Year’s Eve and make heaps of resolutions that you will never keep, kiss heaps of people you will never see again, drink drinks that taste good, eat food you love and can remember all the good bits the next day!!  Enjoy, one and all, for next year will be bigger and better than the one just going….  :o)

    • pa_kelvin says:

      08:20am | 30/12/12

      Mouse…. Welcome back…ma_ kelvin and I had our Chrissy do last Saturday, I think the grandkids need another 2 years to be fully trained as to pa’s rule’s, but getting closer….  ?
      Since you posted having to have “chest tubes” removed I’ve been having thoughts of you bringing home little IVF Mouse’s, but that’s just weird I guess… For me for the new year is a wait and see, but will keep everyone posted
      I know having tubes removed is like 240 volts going thru’ you, and after my op I asked where the baby was with the size and position of the wound, and why they didn’t give me a tummy tuck at the same time. smile
      Mouse all the best for the new year and enjoy your “grey nomad” travels, even if you’re not a “grey nomad”, keep us posted….. pa_k

    • sunny says:

      09:26am | 30/12/12

      pa_kelvin - that’s an ugly dog alright! Looks like it’s got a bit of attitude too, like it’s thinking “no way I’m ever doing a hard day’s work in my life, I’m just gonna live off my looks, doing the Ugly Dog circuit, and the best part is I’m just going to get even uglier from here! Hahahah. Now someone bring me my snack, chopchop.”

      Mouse - I didn’t know about the oxygen thing, will have to give it a go. If this gets out it won’t just be lawyers chasing ambulances, there’ll be crowds of hung over people swamping the ambulances for oxygen like zombies. I knew about the B vitamin thing, sometimes take a Berocca if I know I’ll be having a big night, but don’t always remember to do this (probably due to lack of B vitamins).

    • Gregg says:

      08:05am | 29/12/12

      Seems as though Barack has less and less chance of avoiding the jump that more than a few will have to take over the cliff.
      Obama has been pictured wearing a neat looking jumping outfit on arrival in Washington, sort of like one of those old fashioned preachers, tails and just missing the hat.

      He probably already has a few fire and brimstone words sorted.

      If they have their economy in a bad enough way that last minute negotiations become crucial and it is not the first time either for that at least occurred when the Budget Control Act was legislated to basically buy some more time, more time for more borrowing.

      And as for the one liner
      ” Most believe that eventually the US government would make good on its debts. “
      Could be great if debts are in US$ and the value of the $ plummets.

      I reckon they ought to take the jump now for at least they could land safely if rather hard for some whereas the longer they leave it, that cliff is just going to get higher and higher and any landing will not be so good.

      Australia also has a great deal that can be learnt from this very public display of financial management last resort approach as on a much smaller scale our borrowing keeps going up and up to form our own cliff and we have nowhere near the manufacturing base that the US has for support and our paying customers are just so far away.

      One wonders what marvellous plans Julia may be drumming up whilst she was on holidays and I suppose they were great timing to avoid announcing
      ” damm, that surplus is very difficult to achieve! ” , even if she still managed time for a peek a boo about reckoning the LNP ought to be investigated by the Federal Police.

      She once reckoned she had as much chance to be full forward for the Bulldogs as what she had of taking over leadership from Rudd and now there will be so much spin she could be in our first eleven.

      Maybe she will spin her way to having the AFP really do a job and include all aspects of the Slipper saga including the involvement of her own Attorney General ”  Rocky ” Roxon who’ll certainly not be feeling so like rocking and very rocky in deed.

    • Geronimo says:

      08:14am | 29/12/12

      Invited to Gerry’s Joint for a Bex and a good lie down….Scored a bed in a box and a sack full of nuts-n-bolts.

    • Gregg says:

      09:37am | 29/12/12

      Btw, is that dog enjoying the anal glands squeeze or rectum examination do you reckon?

    • sunny says:

      09:46am | 30/12/12

      It’s standing in front of a microphone so it’s probably about to give a keynote speech, for which it will have to ad lib because it’s got no speech notes, because (judging by the look of it) the night before, instead of writing the speech it was out partying at a singles bar, drinking vodka, saki and kava with a mad woman who was part Russian part Japanese, part Fijian. Now, having only got to sleep at 6 O’clock that morning, it’s speech time, with no notes, deathly hungover with fog brain and mouth as dry as the Nullabor, and the mad Russian/Japanese/Fijian woman still chasing it keen to stick her finger up it’s bum. That dog is under some serious pressure right there.

    • David V. says:

      10:30am | 29/12/12

      The death of a gang-rape victim in India will only result in furthering the rightful rage of the Indian people that this sort of thing is happening. Why the silence from the Left? Maybe because they find it acceptable?

    • Gregg says:

      11:52am | 29/12/12

      There’s a fair bit of all sorts of violence in India we never ever hear about, even stuff like family honour killings where it’s usually women who are considered to have done the wrong thing.
      There’s a few womens refuges about and they probably could do with heaps by the sounds of things.
      There were some areas of India considered much more lawless than others too and if you google something to search don’t include wild west with India or you still get the US.
      http://www.ibtimes.com/lawless-bihar-sicily-india-722543 and looks as though Bihar may be on the improve - http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/8458618.stm

      But that poor girl was attacked on a hijacked bus in Delhi and no one should have to suffer like she did.
      I’d not blink one little bit if the Indian government decided to execute those bastards to serve as an example.

      Maybe even feed them to a mob, one at a time to meet a vicious fate.

    • Chris L says:

      02:44pm | 29/12/12

      @David - Why would you even try to turn this into a political point score?

    • tez says:

      05:32pm | 29/12/12

      What sort of comment is that, where does that thought even come from?

    • OverIt says:

      11:41am | 29/12/12

      “The death of a gang-rape victim in India will only result in furthering the rightful rage of the Indian people that this sort of thing is happening. Why the silence from the Left? Maybe because they find it acceptable? “

      That’s a disgusting comment, David.  Why would there be any official comment from either the left or the right?  Surely it goes without saying that all decent people everywhere find this abhorrent.  I’m sure the Indians, based on the deserved outrage of their own people, will make necessary improvements on the reporting of and actioning of rape complaints.  To suggest that anyone, anywhere, finds this acceptable is out of order.  And by what thinking do you align that suggestion to one political party?

    • David V. says:

      06:05pm | 29/12/12

      By endorsing multiculturalism, the Left pretty much endorses rape and domestic abuse.

    • yeah-no says:

      08:19am | 30/12/12

      DavidV now proves beyond doubt that he’s just a pathetic troll. Find yourself some real entertainment, DavidV. Provocation for your own amusement is unmanly.

    • Augustus Caesar says:

      01:55pm | 29/12/12

      Isn’t it great?
      The Indian Government, which was loud in it’s condemnation of Australia when some of it’s, mostly, Male Students here got beaten up here, has remained virtually silent over the Rape & Murder of one of it’s own young women by a group of INDIAN MALES.
      How typical! It’s 100% OK for Indian Males (They are NOT men) to Rape & Murder a young Indian Woman in India for in the Indian Government’s eyes she was just a Second Class Citizen.
      Let some Indian Male get smacked around & the male-dominated Indian Government screams blue murder. They cannot even accept that maybe he incited the trouble they got into here. If there is one thing about Indian males which is universally recognised it is that they can be incredibly arrogant & rude.
      The entire Indian Government & it’s Prime Minister in particualr should hang it’s collective head in abject shame for their total inaction.

    • Gregg says:

      05:17pm | 29/12/12

      Sad to see Greigy go and though he was kind of a love/hate cricketing/commentator character with his SA/English cricketing background, he must have loved Australia to settle here for so long.
      With cancer, maybe it was better to go with a heart attack but you would not wish either on anyone and yes, thoughts with his family and Greigy now at peace.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      08:13am | 30/12/12

      Gregg…. As a regular Punch poster you should be aware of the fact that I have cancer, as I have posted this many times. The article I posted was as a tribute to TG, and as a tribute to a great man that has entertained many around the world over his lifetime.
      Your posting…  “ With cancer, maybe it was better to go with a heart attack but you would not wish either on anyone and yes, thoughts with his family and Greigy now at peace.” Is to me is both offensive and disrespectful. I would rather know when I was to go than have a heart attack and not be able to tell my loved ones as to how much I loved them. Knowing I was giving my grandkids, daughters and wife one last hug and cuddle is what I live for. Tony had a young family with his second wife, and to them this must be devastating.
      To not be able to do that, in my opinion would kill me way quicker than a heart attack or the cancer that I have……….
      Gregg.. I have read many of your posts, and agree with some and disagree with others, but would have appreciated your comment as a stand alone post.
      Gregg I respect your views and opinions, but please think as to where you post them…..

    • Gregg says:

      12:58pm | 30/12/12

      Yes pa, I’ve become aware from your posts that you have cancer and I highly respect the positive approach you have to life.
      It is not in my DNA to post along disrespectful or offensive lines on matters such as this and I certainly meant no offense to anyone, yourself included and also certainly no disrespect to Tony Greig or his family.

    • Bill says:

      03:18pm | 30/12/12

      You need to get over yourself.

      I find your constant diatribes about YOUR cancer both offensive and disrespectful.
      You would not doubt be very surprised to know how many people that post on the punch have had or are still battling cancer.

      We are not your friends on facebook.
      We are not your family.
      We do not know you by any stretch of the imagination.
      By all means make it all about YOUR cancer and bore the shit out of everyone you meet in the real world, but for goodness sake, when you are posting on this site, just be a puncher and get over yourself
      We honestly don’t care if you have soft skin.

    • patronised says:

      03:45pm | 30/12/12

      Just apologise to poor wittle pa kettle.
      You obviously didn’t know this was the ma and pa kettle home page.

    • Left, right, returns... says:

      02:57pm | 29/12/12

      But that’s just it mr/miss Overit, “ooh the leftards - blah blah derogatory offensive” or ” ooh the righties blah blah I hate you, you apall me”.

      It’s a narrow field we are stuck in. In Europe they seem to be grown up enough to govern with more than 2 diametrically opposed ideological expressions of politics and it (when the kids can cope with the game) brings about a ‘greater’ path forward for all. Because rationalism requires genuine debate and consideration, especially in a dynamic world of varied subjectivity that enlightens genuine and realistic objectivity.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      05:37pm | 29/12/12

      Why do you need a cure??? Just stay drunk… smile

    • Martin H says:

      10:05am | 30/12/12

      I agree, I’ve always said that the best way to avoid a hangover is to keep drinking…works for me every time.

    • Tony says:

      05:46pm | 29/12/12

      Here I am waiting on a New Year thinking all will be honky dories and problems will disappear….............hmm, I’m a dreamer. What does scare me about 2013 is the election will be looming, and all I can think is.
      To Hell with Al-Qaeda…....Protect us from the Liberals.

    • nihonin says:

      08:31am | 30/12/12


      Do you need more time to decide if this current Labor is useless?

    • rotor says:

      10:06am | 30/12/12

      @nihonin - Lib supporters want an early election because they know that the longer Australia gets to think about T Abbot PM, the less attractive a prospect it appears.

    • HaHaHa says:

      10:37am | 30/12/12

      Why, because Labour is doing such a great job?

    • HaHaHa says:

      10:42am | 30/12/12

      Nihonin, it would appear that Tony, as a Labor rusted-on, takes a lot longer than some of us to see the true picture.

      But surely that wouldn’t come as a surprise?

    • Aghast says:

      12:36pm | 30/12/12

      I appreciate your concern at the looming election….I am not that concerned at a Liberal win but manifestly so at an Abbott led Liberal party win.
      Abbott lacks the basic common sense to lead…he lacks the public speaking skills to lead..
      Eg…When Gillard unleashed her misogyny attack Tony responded with a male macho chuckle/shoulder shrug but as the penny dropped he sat stunned and mortified…helpless….He lacked the presence of mind to simply stand up…stand up and utter the term” Relevance Madam Speaker”.Gillard was off track on the question asked.His intervention would have stopped her momentum.No media circus.. no punched walls.. no need to trot out Margie…END OF STORY…As intelligent as Tony is he proved to the world that his thought process is painfully slow.

      Remember when Craig Thomson trotted over to the opposition side of the house with his SINGLE vote.Christopher Pyne was up and running. He was outside the chamber cancelling that SINGLE vote.Tony unfortunately had to prove to the world that it is beyond him to run and think at the same time.So we had Abbott..the man who would be PM looking stupid…all his own work.
      I watched Tony with Margie give their Christmas message…Margie exudes a peaceful presence she is confident and talks sense.She has credibility.Beside her Tony reminds me of a 14 year old boy with stage fright convinced that he will inevitably stuff up.That set forced grin and his phoney braying laugh all preceded by the awkward stutting walk contribute to a public unease about Tony Abbott.
      I cringe at the prospect of Abbott on the steps of the White House or addressing the UN General Assembly.I dread a gotcha moment like his “Shit Happens” gobsmacked.. eye twitching brain freeze in the Parliament house court yard.
      I am a 75 yo whose first vote in 1963 was for Bob Menzies.I got off track when Billy McMahon insulted Australia with his dithering stupidity in the early 70s.
      Now I doubt that foundations of the LIberal Party will be shaken at the news that I consider Abbott a worse prospect McMahon..but that is the case..
      Please stop expecting me to believe that Abbott is polling poorly because he is the bearer of the news that Labor is on the nose.Tony has lousy personal polls because Tony is a lousy politician.He cannot think on his feet.He lacks a sense of humour.He is devoid of that charismatic quality that leaders need.He stumbles over prepared speeches and is a nightmare with off the cuff comments
      At the looming election a professional team of campaigners will render Abbott an item of RIDICULE using ammunition made by and supplied freely by Tony.

    • sunny says:

      02:46pm | 30/12/12

      Aghast - “I am not that concerned at a Liberal win but manifestly so at an Abbott led Liberal party win”

      I’m concerned at a Liberal win whoever is leading them. They’ll slash the budget on just about everything. They’ll slash entire limbs off the budget. The programs they keep will be shadows of what they were designed to be. Gonski will be goneski, NDIS will be goneski, NBN will be a deflated technically inferior solution farmed out to the Dodgy Brothers for implementation. The Libs don’t invest in people or infrastructure, they’d rather have a few bucks in the bank so they can brag to their parents what good boy scouts they are. That and their middle class welfare handouts (which it seems Labor is not much better at reigning in either).

      “When Gillard unleashed her misogyny attack Tony responded .. Gillard was off track on the question asked.”

      It was actually Abbott who opened proceedings by lecturing Gillard on the issue of misogyny and Gillard who responded - on track - by quite rightly and vigorously questioning his credentials and record to be raising that particular issue. Abbott would have been wise to let Bishop raise it. Instead he stuck his chin out and Gillard delivered the political uppercut of the year. But I guess he achieved what he set out to do which is destroy Slipper. Destroying people is one thing he’s good at.

    • nihonin says:

      05:25pm | 30/12/12

      Is Aghast a multi poster (ie party luvvies) screen name, this reply by Aghast isn’t the usual acotrel type reply.  It’s articulate!


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