It’s Saturday and GOSH does this Puncher want a cuppa and an ottoman to lay his feet on.

Picture: Allan Stewart

This week, we debated infidelity. Quibbled over pronunciation. Stomachs sunk at the Armstrong news. Things got heated as the PM took on smears. And Prince Harry got naked.

As far as things go, a fairly rocking week! What’s getting you going this weekend, Puncharoos?

Comments on this post close at 8pm Saturday, then will reopen from 7am till 8pm Sunday.

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    • Sore head says:

      06:45am | 25/08/12

      Think I’ll just be drinking tea for the rest of the weekend given the amount of beer I drank last night

    • Badjack says:

      07:08am | 25/08/12

      While I was having my morning cuppa I reflected over the week and in particular “that” press conference. I took a couple of things out of it. But one thing really struck me. When Ms Gillard retires from politics (either by her choice or the voters choice) she should become a highly successful lawyer. I believe she will have clients lining up on her office doorstep looking for representation. The only question mark will be the profitability of her practice. With her penchant for pro bono work income may be a bit light on.

    • thatmosis says:

      08:13am | 25/08/12

      I agree and she could always set up dodgy companies for people and then claim she knew nothing about it. My hope is that when, not if, she is forced out of office she will fade away like a bad smell in a fan factory and we may never hear from or about her again and good riddance to bad rubbish who has managed to lower the tone of Government to new lows that may never be repeated in our lifetime.

    • DocBud says:

      09:58am | 25/08/12

      Now, now, Badjack and thatmosis, according to the intro, the pm took on smears not legitimate questions of public interest that go directly to the integrity of the Prime Minister.

    • Gregg says:

      03:06pm | 25/08/12

      That’s so funny it is not even so bad Jack!
      Gillard was a solicitor and left the law profession as a result of some tension using her own words in that press conference you speak of.

      Now we may well ask what all the tension was about and that again is what the press conference partly addressed.
      Again, in her own words she was young and knows more now whereas when she was 30 like young and had a reasonable ammount of experience with the law firm with which she was already a salaried partner or close to becoming one, it would seem she had been something of a naughty girl in the yes of her employers when it came to what she had been up to in regards to legal work.

      Hardly a great recommendation to move back into the legal profession.

    • Badjack says:

      08:00am | 25/08/12

      May I also reflect on some happenings this week in the media business.
      That being, the change in the stance of some journalists at Fairfax.
      It started firstly with Lenore Taylor taking a changed view and then today Peter Hartcher and one other journo again changing their former stance. This, all on the Gillard/Awu fiasco.
      Why would such solid supporters of Labor and Gillard all of a sudden change their approach? Let me allow my mind to wander.
      Would it be anything to do with Fairfax’s current plight.
      All of a sudden Rhinehart might buy them outright, an Equity firm might get involved and split them up. Is this colouring their thinking and writings now.
      Or have they realised there is just too much muck involved to continue their support. Has the penny dropped that such rabid bias is now unwarranted.
      Underlying it all could be the realisation that if Fairfax goes the ABC can’t employ every Fairfax journalist. How many more of them can bring themselves to change. Gratten is old enough to retire but what about Coory, he looks like he would need to keep working. Interesting.

    • Louie the Fly says:

      08:43am | 25/08/12

      It’s Coffee at Urban Pantry for the Louies

    • Billy the Goat says:

      10:31am | 25/08/12

      Louie, this isn’t facebook.
      No one cares and we didn’t friend you.

    • Yak says:

      11:52am | 25/08/12

      I care Louie.

      ‘the Goat” must have missed the Urban Pantry references during the week. I hope all the Louies have a wonderful Day.

    • snappy says:

      02:00pm | 25/08/12

      So sad, so sad
      You care about where Louie has coffee.
      Why don’t you just friend him on facebook so you can find out the particulars of his bowel movements?

      What are you a 12 year old who thinks big brother rocks?

    • Mouse says:

      02:57pm | 25/08/12

      Whoa there big guys! Such venom on a Saturday over where Louie has coffee! LOL Maybe yours needs to be a bit bigger, your coffee I mean! ;o)
      This is the open thread so nothing is off topic. As Yak said, this thread is an ongoing.
      Regardless, enjoy your weekend and have fun with whatever you do!  :o)

    • Yak says:

      03:01pm | 25/08/12


      What??? Who the hell are you to tell me what I can and can’t post.
      This is an open thread.
      Go back to Oakes’ article with the other ignorant Trolls.

    • Inky says:

      12:15pm | 26/08/12

      By this logic, I think most of my posts on the Open Thread shouldn’t be there. I guess I’ve been a very bad Inky and need to be punished. :3

    • Mouse says:

      12:31pm | 26/08/12

      Then bend over Inky and take your medicine!  Ooohh, can I say that???  LMAO ;o)

    • Inky says:

      01:33pm | 26/08/12

      “Ooohh, can I say that???”

      Evidentally yes, but I’m pretty sure that’s a no on my preferred response wink

      Still, as long as it’s you, Mouse, herlp yourself ^.~

    • Mouse says:

      04:10pm | 26/08/12

      HAHAHAHAHAHA, if we keep going with this post we will be in trouble I reckon!
      Poor Ant, having to go through the posts, hope he has a silly sense of humour!  The weekends are quieter on Punch now, so hopefully we won’t upset too many posters…..  RFLMAO xoD

    • nihonin says:

      06:13pm | 26/08/12

      @ Inky and Mouse…...........well I never…......expression of false indignation on my face.  wink

    • pa_kelvin says:

      10:27am | 25/08/12

      Tea sucks ,give me a coffee anytime. Almost summer in Brissie.

    • DocBud says:

      11:31am | 25/08/12

      Not a Pom then. My day doesn’t start until after the second cup of rosy.

    • Anjuli says:

      11:23am | 25/08/12

      I want alert those who have Solar panels to look at their bills more closely those of you who got in before the rate was cut to 7 cents in WA that is .I was one of the lucky ones who got in before it was reduced from 47 cents . On receiving a information from Synergy the renewable energy rate was going up to 8 cents I. I rang them to ask why I had received the letter when my rate is 47 cents , after much talking it turns out they had not been paying me the 47cents some of the time . I had a nice surprise in the mail with a statement from Synergy stating i was $1,063 in credit. Apparently some of my bills had the full amount paid to me though most had not.

    • Gregg says:

      03:10pm | 25/08/12

      So the moral is ” Bloody well read your bills! “
      That goes for bank and credit card statements too.

    • Nick says:

      12:10pm | 25/08/12

      I just read Anthony Sharwood’s piece about Lance Armstrong. All I can say is I think he either needs to go back to journalism classes or he is stuck in the denial phase of grief and needs counseling.  I certainly hope he is disqualified in the eyes of his employers from reporting on business, politics or any other sphere where rich, powerful, or charismatic people might abuse their position for personal gain.

    • Yak says:

      12:23pm | 25/08/12

      .No coffee for this black duck. I must be one of very few who don’t like coffee. Tried a few different sorts but they don’t inspire.

      Tea for me, no milk, no sugar.
      My daily sup is a good Green Tea, with a “Wisp” of Jasmine; its got to be a wisp, as a smidgen is too much, apparently. Be careful though, some Green Tea can be bitter, read Dilmah. When suffering with flu or suchlike, they make one with honey which soothes the throat better than lozenges and, surprisingly, tastes better than it sounds.
      If you don’t like Earl Grey, as many don’t, go for the Lady Grey. It’s totally different from Earl and a good all round tea. Russian Caravan is a great tea, strong but not heavy. China Black is great for the arvo. Lap San Souchong is an adventure. Smells like a bushfire has been through your kitchen; great with a Port and a Cigar at the end of the evening.
      There is many a good brew out there you just have to experiment to find ones to your liking.

      Here endeth the lesson.
      Have a wonderful day.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      12:49pm | 25/08/12

      Read above….... smile

    • pa_kelvin says:

      01:04pm | 25/08/12

      If this is the “Weekend Punch” ,why are comments closing at 8pm?? :(

    • Anthony Sharwood says:

      02:05pm | 25/08/12

      I can answer that. We are under a bit of a spam attack at the moment> What tjhat means is, the poor person who does the early morning comment clear has something like 3 or 400 dodgy pretend comments to wade through. In that lot there might be, say, 30 real ones.

      Going thru all that takes a ridiculous amount of time and frustration, but if we close comments at 8pm, then we can just delete en masse the spam.

      What I’ll do though is reopen the weekend open thread tomorrow at about 7 am. Have also just changed the line at the bottom of this piece to notify people of that too. You don’t get service like that at The Drum!!!

    • pa_kelvin says:

      03:51pm | 25/08/12

      Thanks Ant…....Damn them spammers, begone I say…...... smile

    • Inky says:

      09:19am | 26/08/12

      And lo and behold, he has indeed re-opened it. But is he still around, or has Ant riden off into the sun.. er… rise, riding upon his clucking steed?

    • Anthony Sharwood says:

      12:05pm | 26/08/12

      I’m here, I’m not queer and I don’t have any beer :(

      But I’m going skiing next Friday to make up for it!

    • Inky says:

      12:53pm | 26/08/12

      Well, it’s the little compromises that make up for it.

      I’m just eagerly awaiting my lunch break, and next weekend, I actually got a whole weekend off for a change :D So chances are the punch won’t have to put up with me on a Sunday for a change.

    • nihonin says:

      06:16pm | 26/08/12

      Can the spam Ant (I believe the turkey one is nice).

    • Philosopher says:

      01:48pm | 25/08/12

      I was a little bemused by the besmirching of Harry through his own stupidity.  However the uninformed comment on William and Harry and their lineage is a little annoyihng in its ignorance.  Both Wiliam and Harry have Brtish and Welsh royal blood through their mother from Rhys Ap Griffith last King of Deheubarth and last prince of South Wales. They trace their lineage back to the family of Jesus Christ and the The great lord (Bel Mawr) of Britain of the First Century BCE.  They also go back to the Lords of the Scots and to Anternor king of the Cimmerians and Lords of the Hittites and the kings of the Wilusians at Troy. They also through the Irish kibngs go back to the leaders of the Scithians and the Pharoahs of the 18th dynasty of Egypt and can prove it genealogically.  By attacking them we merely attack our own ancestry and show our appalling ingorance of history and genealogy.

      Re the tea:  Chinese: Gunpowder and Golden Mao Feng is excellent as are Indian Darjeeling first and second flush,  Russian Caravan and those above.

    • vox says:

      03:50pm | 25/08/12

      I didn’t know that Harry was descended from Jesus. Gosh, you learn something new every day, don’t you.
      And was Harry’s father of long established Royal lineage?
      I think that some kind soul has told Harry the truth, and that he has decided that if you are not a Royal then you can do as you damn well please.
      As for Philosopher, I think it’s all that gunpowder he’s been digesting. He’s blown his top!

    • iansand says:

      04:06pm | 25/08/12

      So we can blame the Welsh.  That clears that up.

    • Traxster says:

      11:35am | 26/08/12

      Bring back the Welsh Kings, I say…....
      and start with…............ KING HARRY !!!!

    • Philosopher says:

      11:56am | 26/08/12

      I suggest that you read Ashly’s Mammoth Book of British Kings and Queens.
      The royal line defeated by the Romans at the border of Wales was of Caradog king of the Cantii and Catevellauni and Arviragus his brother, King of the Silurians.  Their children married after they had been captured and taken to Rome under Claudius.Caradog (Caractacus).  Caradog’s son Linus was baptised in Judea when his great Grandfather Joseph of Aramathea took him there and he was baptised by the apostles and ordined one of the Seventy by Christ.  He went to Rome to be with his family and he was ordained Bishop of Rome by the apostle Paul.  If you go to St Peters in Rome you will see the name of Peter in the list of “popes’ and then Linus is next but not immediately consecutive. Peter is an attributed Bishop of Rome which he was not.  Linus was martyed there The family were all part of the church of Rome and some are mentioned in the letters of Paul. Linus and Joseph asked Linus’ Uncle Arviragus for land on which they could build the church bulding and they were given the twelve hides of land at Glastonbury. Claudius.gave them a property reportedly called the House of the Britons. When Claudius was poisoned Caradog followed soon after.  Cyllin, brother to Linus, and his wife went back to Britain to lead their people and assist Aristobulus who was Bishop of Britain and was not in Rome as Paul indicates by sayng to geet the family of Aristobulus.

    • sunny says:

      04:52pm | 26/08/12

      I heard there were a few good sorts in the harem of the court of King Caractacus ..or maybe I read that on Facebook smile

      But an interesting read there Philosopher, I googled that Ashley book and read some pretty high reviews of it.

      Just as a side thought I wonder why people throughout history picked their leaders based on lineage rather than ability, although the two sometimes did overlap, but a significant number of times they didn’t.

    • Gregg says:

      03:18pm | 25/08/12

      A bit of a whale of a ride Julia has given herself this week and only fitting that Laurie has continued it on into the weekend even if he is wanting the whale to do a roll over.

      I was up early this morning for a glorious seascape, not your usual Queensland sun up but somewhat overcast and a light sea mist without any chill though, water totally calm except for some very gentle rollers in close.
      And then to top it all off, there were a couple of whales having their frollicking ambling swim north just a couple of hundred meters offshore.
      Just had to walk about 5 km. to get close up and then another 5 km. back.

      And I defeated the possums last night, getting my strawberry patch meshed in, so hopefully some strawbs in a few months.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      04:14pm | 25/08/12

      One other tiny little thing Ant…...Is it possible to insert “comments now closed” at the top of the page ,rather than the bottom.? That way we know without having to scroll to the bottom of the page. Cheers….....

    • pa_kelvin says:

      05:34pm | 25/08/12

      I bought a new phone thursday….....To look at them all brands look the same,I can’t see why its only apple and samsung involved.

    • nihonin says:

      06:19pm | 26/08/12

      Cadbury Chocolate own the trademark for the colour purple apparently.

    • vox says:

      05:02pm | 25/08/12

      On the ‘comments closed’ caper, does anyone else find a brilliant argument against some vitriolic rant from the wannabees corner is now coming at about 8.15 p.m.? Still, given that because of several lacks they generally say the same thing every day, no biggee.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      01:54pm | 26/08/12

      @vox I think Ant answered this quite well in a earlier post above..

    • Babylon says:

      05:35pm | 25/08/12

      Relax Aussie, knowing that the economy is soundly managed.

      the Mining boom is not over, well it is but it’s not, when it is
      the mining boom is not going strong, but it is not, when it’s finish now, but
      it’s over not, over, when it is, not.

      Look what the Government means is is over…but is not

      it kind of not, but sort of is, not, is

      All relaxed? Kids future is secure, not, fooked, because the mining boom inheritance is secure, not, it’s over, finished not ....

      taxed back to Africa.

      Look just shut your mouth, shut your brain, vote Gillard and go insane.

    • Mickey T says:

      09:57am | 26/08/12

      Have you forgotten to take your medication Babylon?

    • pa_kelvin says:

      05:54pm | 25/08/12

      And now the asylum seekers are on a hunger strike because they dont want to be transfered to Nauru….WTF

    • Gregg says:

      10:53am | 26/08/12

      It was always to be easier said than done and I posted earlier in the week that it’d be likely that there’ll be protests, riots, lips sewn and general resistance to transfers.

      A link for your comment pa -

      I say let them go hungry for a bit, let them get weaker and thus have minimal energy to resist.
      It needs to be made very clear to those arriving to seek asylum that they are essentially classing themselves as refugees, refugees who have elected to bypass UNHCR processes and Australia’s support of UNHCR policies on refugees.
      So they pay people smugglers to get themselves to another refugee camp.

      That’s unfortunate for them and unfortunate for Australian taxpayers so less food will contribute a little to lowering costs.

      The government needs to go a step further and negotiate with the UNHCR for setting up UNHCR or NGO run refugee camps in the pacific region and have them run to similar standards as prevail at other UNHCR refugee camps, no frills and no special treatment.
      I am sure there would be bipartisan support outside of the Greens and who needs them.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      01:58pm | 26/08/12

      Thanks for the link Gregg, tho’ had already read it hence my post…...Let them go hungry its their choice,sooner or later they will start eating again..

    • Dr John says:

      10:07am | 26/08/12

      It’s always educational to read what politically hard-core journalists write when the best cards are falling the wrong way (and they desperately want to seem fair-minded) and then see what they write when the cards start falling the right way for them. Cassidy, Hartcher and Oakes are excellent teachers of managing the transitional zone with aplomb as soon as a couple of wonky polls unearth hope from dark vales of alarm.

    • thatmosis says:

      01:37pm | 26/08/12

      What a lovely Sunday, golf this morning where I won a couple of golf balls and then reading the news that once again the ALP has been given a bloody nose, this time in the NT.
        I was just wondering about some of the comments of Mr Henderson who said he was proud of his government’s achievements and the creation of thousands of jobs. Now are those jobs anything like the “jobs” created by Anna and Co or real jobs and the comments by our Julia where she said in the statement Mr Henderson had been dynamic and courageous during a time of expansion and change.

      “He leaves the position of chief minister with an outstanding record of achievements in health and education, including a huge boost for education for remote indigenous communities,” she said.

      “Importantly, he leaves an economy in superb condition, with an unemployment rate of just 4 per cent, down from 7.4 per cent, the envy of the developed world.”
        Now call me suspicious but if he was that good why was he chucked out and so conclusively or are these statements by Julia just wishful thinking and sour grapes.
        How many is that now, WA, NSW, VIC, QLD and the NT have all turned their backs on the ALP and things are looking dicey for the TAS government but according to the ALP all these elections were fought on State issues and the Federal issues had nothing to do with the thrashings and the moons made of green cheese and the pigs are all serviced and ready to fly. 
        Now if my teams wins today to add to the great wins by my picks over the weekend it will be a truly great weekend.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      03:58pm | 26/08/12

      @thatmosis….....I’ve posted a few times that it is not Governments that create jobs, but small business. If Government wants to help create jobs then they need to give small business’ more incentive to employ more staff IE better Tax breaks. In my small business I employ 3 staff plus my wife and myself…...Would like to employ more , with no help I just cannot afford it.Agree with the rest of your post.. BTW hope your team is not the Tigers because we just got flogged. :(

    • pa_kelvin says:

      01:50pm | 26/08/12

      Is it littering if you discard a apple core into the bush??? Its not like a can or bottle…......Is it???

    • nihonin says:

      06:23pm | 26/08/12

      Apple trees (if the seeds sprout) usually aren’t native to the bush, so I’m going to say yes.


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