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    • ramases says:

      09:16am | 19/01/13

      I see we have another terrible waste of Tax payers money coming to Brisbane in November. What a shower, talking heads that will dine on the very best whilst there are still those in our society who cant put food on the table. Estimated to cost $370m but of course we can always add at least another couple of mil as this is a Government run concern and we all know that overruns are part and parcel of the Labor party.
        What’s wrong with using the latest teleconferencing or would that preclude those involved from travelling overseas and sponging off others as usual. My god we have the NBN which is being touted as the be all and end all so why not utilise that technology and save the ever suffering Tax payer all that money.
      Of course I realise that this wouldn’t give Gillard and Swann the publicity they desperately need to bolster their election chances but what about those who have to pay for this farce, screwed again.

    • DJ says:

      10:30am | 19/01/13

      lucky it wasn’t a waste when Howard hosted it in Sydney, why does everything need to be partisan, these things are good no matter who is in power. It focusses attention on Australia, business opportunites ensue and if it is in November it can be Tony’s great debutant ball!

    • sandgroper says:

      11:24am | 19/01/13

      Queensland of all places….
      Why on earth would we want to host this event that puts a city on the world map in the heartland of redneck country?

    • Birko says:

      11:42am | 19/01/13

      Sandgroper, what an incisive wit you have.  When you can’t say anything constructive, let’s resort to the old cliches and tar everyone from 1 state with the “redneck” brush.  Moron.

    • Joan says:

      12:33pm | 19/01/13


      Of course you’ll write the same comment if it’s hosted by Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey, right? Otherwise you’d be a hypocrite. You do realise November is after the next election, don’t you?

    • sandgroper says:

      12:47pm | 19/01/13

      I notice you didn’t dispute my observation.
      I also didn’t “tar everyone from 1 state with the “redneck” brush.”
      You leapt to that conclusion all by your little lonely self.

      I said i was the heartland of redneck country, a fact known to everyone outside Queensland.
      Only a moron redneck named birko from Queensland would dispute that.

    • Christine says:

      03:33pm | 19/01/13

      Sandgroper,  FYI not only Birko

      Are you trying to alienate Queenslanders with your silly redneck country comment. Queenslanders are capable of thnking for themselves and do not need to play follow the leader like sheep.
      Queensland is a great place and perhaps that is why so many from the south move here.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      12:57pm | 20/01/13

      Maybe they could save a few bucks by putting them all up at Swans and Rudds houses….

    • Rose says:

      01:17pm | 20/01/13

      I tend to think that events such as these should be held in Canberra, a purpose built city for Federal Government business.
      Christine, people move to Qld because of the weather, it’s kinder on the arthritis I hear.. Rightly or wrongly, Queensland is known down south as the Redneck state, with Joh Bjelke Peterson, Pauline Hanson and Bob Katter (among others) giving us all the ammunition we need to have a bit of a dig. Sorry smile

    • tez says:

      02:49pm | 20/01/13

      Rose; In the 70s a lot of people moved to Queensland because it was more difficult to find a job therefor easier to get unemployment payments arthritis was jut the excuse.

    • Digger says:

      10:01am | 19/01/13

      The hottest day on record in Sydney - 46 degrees!  But, of course, this has NOTHING to do with global warming, so don’t even get started, you bloody greenies.  It’s just normal temperature fluctuations.  It’s just a coincidence that the peaks are higher than ever before.

      Maybe the world is warming but that obviously has nothing to do with us.  It is just what the world likes to do once in awhile.  No reason. It just does it, because.  Certainly nothing to do with our digging up millions of years of fossilised carbon deposits and burning them in massive quantities in just 150 years.  That is a red herring.

      And even if we have created this situation, we can’t do anything about it anyways.  Australia is just a pimple on the bum of the world and so it doesn’t matter that we ship millions of tonnes of coal to the Chinese so they can burn it.  It is their fault, if anything, because they force us to sell them our coal and make us millionaires.  It’s not our responsibility at all.  Australians don’t cause global warming: Chinese people do.

      And, whatever happens, I’m retired and won’t be around much longer.  Anything that has been done won’t effect me.  So who cares?  I’m off to the beach!

    • sunny says:

      12:10pm | 19/01/13

      Yeah I agree Digger old codger - a 40% increase in Co2 since we started burning fossil fuels is nothing to be concerned about. Sure it traps 40% more of the suns’ energy in the earth’s atmosphere, but I’m stuffed if I’m going to acquiesce to those communist lefties.

    • R. W. Njob says:

      12:39pm | 19/01/13

      Didn’t happen. It was an elaborate hoax perpetrated by the evil communist, fascist, whatever, Government, to give them an excuse to take our air-cons. Or something.

    • TerryG of PK says:

      01:46pm | 19/01/13

      Don’t forget your SPF150 and shark repellant.

    • andye says:

      08:50am | 20/01/13

      @Digger - Did you notice how the weather forecast was way off, low?  Then there was a sudden dramatic cold change? The strength of the variations has been extreme.

      I have been wondering if the assumptions which drive our local weather forecasting are becoming increasingly wrong, due to change. Weather is forecast based on historical values and knowledge of how the local geography affects weather. If climate fundamentals are changing, then our local weather forecasts could be expected to be getting less accurate.

      “Australians don’t cause global warming: Chinese people do.”

      As a small very wealthy country with the highest per-capita emissions in the world we are the perfect place to develop smarter ways of reducing emissions. We have a strong relationship with China, who are in our region. If the Chinese produced as much carbon per person as we do it would probably be game over already. This seems like the perfect opportunity to become a world leader in technology that China will need in spades.

      This is literally an opportunity to turn our weakness into a strength. We would need more visionaries and fewer ostriches in this world, however…

    • PW says:

      09:48am | 20/01/13

      “The hottest day on record in Sydney - 46 degrees!  But, of course, this has NOTHING to do with global warming,”

      The previous record, set in 1939, was exceeded by 0.1 of a degree.

      Could be global warming, I’m not sure, but what caused the previous record?

    • Jaqui says:

      11:10am | 20/01/13

      @andye: “As a small very wealthy country with the highest per-capita emissions in the world “
      And yet we have a very large land mass that is constantly absorbing carbon dioxide also. So lets take into account the land mass and carbon sinking as an entire country and we’ll see that Australia is a net absorber of carbon dioxide in the world scale.

    • Gregg says:

      11:17am | 20/01/13

      ” Sure it traps 40% more of the suns’ energy in the earth’s atmosphere “
      Did you just make up that 40% sitting out in the sun too long that it was coming out of you know where or do you reckon seeing as we have 405 more CO2 that equates to to 40% more trapped solar energy.

      If that was so, we would be a little more cooked by now and then there’s all that nightly loss as well it seems when the CO2 must nod off.

      @Andye, well what are you waiting for?
      We could always try developing nuclear energy some more though there’s heaps of people well in front of us.

    • ZSRenn says:

      11:56am | 20/01/13

      China is having it’s coldest winter in 40 years but let’s focus on Australia’s heat wave and ignore other local weather conditions.

      @ andye you quote pollution / capita as an example of Australia being the most polluted. Stop patronising us. First of all we are sixth on this scale. Secondly if you look at pollution / hectare or pollution / GDP we are way down on the list. The / capita quote is a lie dressed up as truth to convince Australians we are polluters.

      Are you really trying to tell me that our blue skies are more polluted than China’s grey ones?

    • Daz says:

      12:09pm | 20/01/13

      Take out the one billion or so gas producing farm animals whose farts and belches are included in our emissions and shut down mining and that should pretty much bring us back to or below the average. Oh that’s right. That’s pretty much what Labor are trying to do.

    • ZSRenn says:

      01:28pm | 20/01/13

      @ Sunny Yes but at what cost?

      ‘The carbon tax might be causing people to cut back on usage and it is certainly slowing manufacturing,

      Read more:

      I refer you to the difference between “might be” and “certainly”

      To save 0.00% of global emissions!

      Falsely convincing Australians that Australia is polluted, compared to countries like China and India is the biggest lie in this debate.

      Larger than Gillard’s lie “There will be no Carbon Tax under a government I lead”

      However, both of these lies are costing Australians jobs and moving investment overseas.

    • tez says:

      03:01pm | 20/01/13

      If we had a very fast train service up and down the east coast and it was more convenient than flying I wonder if the carbon output would improve? I know we can’t afford infrastructure but how good would it be to jump on a train at Central and get off at Flinder Street.

    • R White says:

      03:55pm | 20/01/13

      Instead of digging yourself yet another hole of half-truth and spin, “ZSRenn”,  best you have a look at the actual policies and programmes of your adopted country of residence.

      For openers:
      “China is one of the countries most vulnerable to the adverse impact of climate change. Starting in 2011, the country has been hit by a string of extreme weather and climate events, including the low-temperature freezing rain and snow in south China, spring and summer droughts in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, rainstorms and floods in the south, typhoons in coastal areas, autumn rains in western China and serious waterlogging in Beijing. These weather and climate disasters have impacted China’s economic and social development as well as people’s lives and property in a large degree. In 2011 alone, natural disasters affected 430 million people and caused direct economic losses of 309.6 billion yuan.”
      From China’s Policies and Actions for Addressing Climate Change
      (2012) at

      Climate change is clearly a problem the Chinese take very seriously, though in different ways to the carbon-pricing starting point put forward/in place for Australia by Howard, Turnbull, Rudd, Gillard, Garnaut and others.

      The official Chinese Govt site, China Climate Change Info, makes for very interesting reading, for anyone with a genuine interest. It’s an excellent source:

    • sunny says:

      04:43pm | 20/01/13

      ZSRenn - the part about the slowing of manufacturing is a quote from a Coalition spokesman. The slowing of manufacturing is due to the sky high Aussie dollar. But of course the Coalition will try to link it to the carbon tax.

      Based on past inaccuracies in the Coalition’s comments about the carbon tax, their “certainly"s are at best “might be"s. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to link the Kennedy assassination to the carbon tax!

      “To save 0.00% of global emissions! “

      Australia has agreed to reduce its emissions by 5% by 2020. If we can’t achieve a poultry 5% then we’re just not trying! Every country needs to meet their target. Australia should be mainly interested in meeting Australia’s target. Let India and China worry about how they’re going to meet their target. BTW India and particularly China have massive renewable energy programs and bigger plans for them. Building superior renewables is the long term solution to global warming, and some of those countries including the US, while polluting more, are at least investing heavily in renewables, which ultimately shapes the technology into a more competitive force in the market. South Australia is leading the charge on renewable energy in this country, the other states need to take some bold steps in this area too.

    • In perpetuity says:

      12:03pm | 19/01/13

      Lovely summation of the conservative deniers rationalization process.
      Can you do one on their love of guns and why they need semi-automatic weapons next?
      Also if you have time can you give us a few thoughts on Abbott’s book on the positives aspects of perpetual negativity? or perhaps Murdoch’s new books “How to get what you want when you own the only paper in town” or “Freedom to lie, the new Freedom of speech”.

    • Aghast says:

      03:01pm | 19/01/13

      And a happy weekend to you too
      All true… but a bit early in the year to face it all for me…I notice Christopher Pearson is using Niki Savvi to prop up his one track tirade in the Weekend Aus.That could set Niki’s credibility back a notch or two

    • keeping an open mind says:

      12:15pm | 19/01/13

      Is there going to be an investigation into the Ashby affair?  By what I have read seems things just don’t add up. The judge who dismissed it wasn’t too happy.

    • Gregg says:

      11:25am | 20/01/13

      I would have thought that Julia’s legal experience might have led her to understand that appeals processes ought to occur before she was led down the garden conspiracy or further investigation path or is it a ALP inquisition you are after?

    • Christine says:

      03:18pm | 19/01/13

      The Carbon tax has been in for over 6 months now.

      Is anyone able to provide details on what the income has been spent on apart from compensating the householders and affected businesses?

      What new reduction programs have been implemented?

      Has there been any success in reducing emissions from these new programs?

      What are the results for Australia?

    • pa_kelvin says:

      06:50pm | 19/01/13

      sunny .... Pedal Power TM a small ,compact set of pedals attached to a small generator powers your computer while you are on-line…
      Sitting at your desk peddling while on-line will help save the enviroment while making you fit…..
      For those marathon computer sesions EPO ,cortisone, testosterone also available…........ smile

    • Christine says:

      07:38am | 20/01/13

      Thank you Sunny for link

    • Tell It Like It Is says:

      07:52am | 20/01/13

      Is it possible to get a second and unbiased opinion, @Sunny.  SMH is usually just doing the same old, same old rusted-on channelling for the ALP. Truth is the first casualty.

    • Tony says:

      09:12am | 20/01/13

      Christine, the results are more brainless people in Australia.

    • PW says:

      09:53am | 20/01/13

      That’s why they have Gerard Henderson, Paul Sheehan, Peter Costello, John Howard et al as columnists…...

    • Zack says:

      10:16am | 20/01/13

      We forget so easily the carbon tax (good or bad) was Gillard giving in to the Greens/ Bob Brown for support to be PM. It wasn’t an ALP election issue or promise. If the carbon tax is doing good and reducing emissions that means Bob Brown deserves credit for pushing through his vision.

    • sunny says:

      11:36am | 20/01/13

      pa_kelvin - great idea! You should offer a free yellow jersey with each purchase. I know where you can get 7 of them at a discount. smile

      Christine - no worries. That story was only reporting the first 3 months of the carbon tax, so I reckon there’ll be something similar out soon on the results for the most recent 3 months. The other benefits I referred to were the advancement of renewable energy technology, but maybe a discussion for another day.

    • stephen says:

      06:34pm | 19/01/13

      Looking forward to Masterchef. The Professionals.
      And as to whether he forgot ‘the’ duck, or ‘to’ duck.

    • stephen says:

      06:40pm | 19/01/13

      And where’s Carrie from The Project ?

    • Terry2 says:

      08:37am | 20/01/13

      Re Fires: Why don’t we hold a national competition for architects to come up with designs for fire resistant homes, taking into account cost, utility, flexible design, ambience and all the other features that make for an attractive living experience.
      If we don’t do something soon we will find that the insurance industry will just price themselves and us out of the market.

      I’m not suggesting that we all live in concrete bunkers, this is where the imagination and ingenuity of our architects comes in to come up with designs incorporating fire resistant materials that already exist.

    • marley says:

      10:23am | 20/01/13

      I live in a smallish town on the south coast, and the Council here has a lot of rules about construction, relating to fire risk - among others, we had to have shutters on the west side of the house (actually, they’re heavy duty, fire resistant security screens);  fire retardant paint on exposed woodwork; mirbeau hardwood for the decking, breezeblock instead of stumps, oh, and a pump with sprinklers for the roof.  And no wood fences: had to be steel and mesh.  It’s not a guarantee the house will make it through a bush fire, but it improves the odds.  I’m sure there are lots of other things that could be done.

    • ramases says:

      02:47pm | 20/01/13

      marley, what’s their stand on clearing as most Councils now have this Green agenda that makes all the hard work and cost of fire proofing your home useless because the bush comes right up to the back door.   
        I live on 100 acres of bush but have a buffer of an acre each side of the house with very short grass and very few trees, not because it looks good and makes a great driving range but because after having fought firs for years that’s about the minimum that should be allowed around a home in the bush.
        Our home has a steel frame and Hardie plank on the walls and tin on the roof with the necessary sprinkler system on the peak of the roof to wet down the eaves and gutters. We also have a stand by 5000 gal water tank connected to a pump in the case of fire. Our roof is sealed at the edges so no sparks can penetrate the interior of the house and the whirly gigs on the roof are in the direct line of separate water sprays to kill embers and sparks. Apart from that there is not much more that can be done if a fire starts and gets out of control and we are waiting for it to happen as there hasn’t been a fire in this area for about 13 years so we have a great build up of debris and fuel lying around which we try to keep to a minimum but some areas are deemed Habitat and we cant even pick a stick up in those areas, even though they pose an unacceptable risk.
        I’m wondering how long it will be before Insurance Companies realise that this may be a way of not paying out on claims if they deem that the householder hasn’t had a decent fire break around their home.

    • marley says:

      06:42pm | 20/01/13

      @ramases - to be very fair, it’s the Regional Fire Service down here that runs the show. We have bush behind us, but the RFS does do burnoffs and sends in a dozer from time to time.  The greenies were very upset about NSW Forests taking out some trees around the town - but they didn’t win the argument.  Next time, of course, they might. 

      At the moment, however, the locals, the farmers, the RFS, the people who actually know the bush, outnumber the greenies, all of whom have moved here from urban environments and haven’t really got a clue.  I’m an environmentalist, myself, but when I see some of the environmental damage wrought by sheer ignorance (carp, anyone?) I can get very frustrated.

    • stephen says:

      09:55am | 20/01/13

      On tennis,’ Djokovich is the favourite at a dollar eighty.’

      Am I listening to the bloody races ?

    • sunny says:

      05:59pm | 20/01/13

      He didn’t leave a single oat in his feed bag this morning!

    • Robert S McCormick says:

      01:33pm | 20/01/13

      A certain Tank is only doing what his country has been doing for decades:
      Bullying other Countries & when they don’t comply invading them & destroying them.
      They have always so arrogantly thought of themselves as being “The Masters of the World”, “They are ALWAYS Right”, “God is ALWAYS on their side”.
      They think because they have virtually exhausted their own supplies of Oil they have the right above & before anyone else to take it from everyone else. If you think they illegally invaded Iraq because, as they lied, “Iraq has Weapons of Mass Destruction” then, think again! Iraq has amongst the Biggest Oil Reserves in the world & the Yanks want it all to themselves.
      Before they cooked up the invasion of Afghanistan it was reported that a land-locked country to the East of Afghanistan, Kurdistan or something like that, had discovered huge quantities of Oil. The easiest, cheapest & quickest way to get it out was to take it through Afghanistan.
      They announced some years ago that they had driven Al Qaeda out of Afghanistan. Al Qaeda’s presence there was the reason the UN allowed the invasion to take place there.
      So, answer this:
      Since Al Qaeda has been out for a number of years why are their troops, ours & NATO’s still there?
      The President of Afghanistan has repeatedly said he wants all foreign troops out & given that he is a US puppet that says something, doesn’t it?
      Arrogant, Bully, Dishonest, Cheat & Liar all words which can justifiably be attributed to both the man with the yellow jerseys going cheap & his country.

    • tez says:

      02:34pm | 20/01/13

      Has anyone read the Adam Mc Hugh peice ‘‘Who pays for pollution: socialist undertones in carbon price opposition’’ On the dreaded Drum. Interesting .

    • sunny says:

      05:43pm | 20/01/13

      Yes very interesting!

    • ramases says:

      02:34pm | 20/01/13

      Oh dear, parents are once again crying poor about the availability and cost of child care, isn’t that terrible. All they want is for the Tax payer to pay them to put their, note their, child into child care whilst they work. Who’s responsibility is it anyway, were the Tax Payers of Australia asked when you were trying to conceive if they would foot the bill for your decisions, were we ever asked why we should give money to people to raise their children when it was usually a conscious decision on the part of a couple to have a baby. The answer is no but then that doesn’t matter as long as people expect the Tax Payer to foot the bill for a personal decision. What ever happened to the now almost extinct premise that people are responsible for their own actions. It seems that now people make these decisions and then expect others to pick up the tab and its time it was stopped. Its time people were made responsible for their actions be it having a child, building a home, putting Solar on your home or one of the miriade of other handout opportunities that now exist so that people can do what they want when they want and let others pick up the tab.
        You have the child, you foot the bills or here’s a novel idea, one of you stay at home and actually look after your own children but then again that wouldn’t work would it as then you wouldn’t be able to afford the Mac Mansion or the latest 4WD or Flat screen TV and that wouldn’t do would it.

    • Shane From Melbourne says:

      04:40pm | 20/01/13

      Perhaps Australia could have an “Adopt a breeder family” scheme, where for a monthly fee, you get a picture of your adopted breeder family in front of their McMansion or watching their Plasma TV…....

    • sunny says:

      05:52pm | 20/01/13

      You’ll have to say “To the Batmobile!” even if it’s just going to be a spin down to the shops for milk and bread.

    • pa_kelvin says:

      06:41pm | 20/01/13

      Got my cape and utility belt all ready….

    • pa_kelvin says:

      06:44pm | 20/01/13

      Plus ma_k is a robyn…. Win, win what ever way you look at it ... smile

    • Shane From Melbourne says:

      05:14pm | 20/01/13

      A job is a job. Taxpayers will be happy…...


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