Hundreds of thousands of Australians hit the streets yesterday, kissing, cheering and throwing confetti at the news that we have won a temporary seat on the UN Security Council. Well, it’d be fun if that happened. We don’t have enough parades.

The UN Security Council parade that hypothetically magically appeared yesterday

The successful bid was the biggest news event of the week. Tory Maguire explored what it all meant for Australia. The Punch guesses the world was also kind of transformed by Macquarie Dictionary’s decision to change the definition of the word misogyny. Sue Butler from the dictionary explained the decision on The Punch. And Dan introduced many of us to the word “yolo”.

A paedophile register was a big talking point. The fearless Tory Shepherd tackled menstruation. Ant Sharwood critiqued Red Bull’s marketing strategy. And Lucy Kippist found a good excuse to write a story about Hugh Jackman .

Hey, it’s weekend. What’s on your mind?

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    • Gregg says:

      07:00am | 20/10/12

      Missed Friday except for one early post on Julia kissing grass as it was my day for a red cross plasma sucking it out.
      What is the big news of the week came from the volunteer lady there who said ” do you want an extra pikelet today for it’s the last time you’ll be having them for it seems even on volunteers helping out and donating, the PC correct bureaucrats are making their mark, a national standard kind of thing and instead of nice fresh cooked pikelets with jam and cream with a coffee or tea following a donation, it’ll be something like one of those mini muffins in plastic from somewhere and/or a sausage roll, all so healthy.

      Even the volunteers are disgruntled and so am I seeing as my next visit is to be my 100th so it’ll be a fitting ceremonial effort to find someone’s ear to chew on WTF!

      Also seems to be a bit WTF! internationally and even without a confetti parade, just seeing that silly old coot Carr carry on like the Rugby WC had been won, you really do have to wonder what life is becoming.
      Like it is not as though we have not had a seat on the SC previously, it ain’t going to get us all free trips to the moon and I doubt other than a few more diplomats tripping about here and there to exercise some jaw muscles if at all that, we’re hardly to be in for anything free at all.

      Carr is as big an embarrassment about winning something that comes from kissing something that rhymes with grass as the real grass kisser is.

    • Robert McCormick says:

      10:46am | 20/10/12

      What is this obsession people have with Muffins? Get your mind above your waistline - huge though it be, I’m taliking about those ghastly claggy,doughy, stick-in-your-teeth varieties which seem to be the only thing coffee shops etc. have on offer today.
      I fully agree with Gregg! There’s nothing like a Home-made Pikelet with Jam & Cream or a decent Crumpet (no, not sort!!) dripping with Real Butter & Australian Honey. None of your plastic, phony, “it (Does NOT) tastes just like Butter” rubbish
      The obvious reason those over-paid, inane Public Servants who have ordered the change from some lovely Pikelets or Scones made by someone’s Grandma is that they are Isanely Jealous!!

    • sunny says:

      04:31pm | 20/10/12

      Gregg we’re on the opposite sides of politics but all the same you’ve inspired me to give some blood. 100 times!! - you’re a bloody legend if you’ll forgive the pun. I tried once before but hadn’t had breakfast so they sent me away. Next time I’ll have a big feed for breakfast, refrain form shaving (I lose about three quarts whenever I do this) and stay off the piss the night before otherwise whoever receives my ‘claret’ will have a nice instant shine up.

    • Achmed says:

      08:31am | 20/10/12

      A Royal Commission into how Superannuation funds are ripping people off would be a better way to spend taxpayer money rather than spending millions just because you dont like unions.

      It would be of far greater benefit to the people, but then its not about the people is it Tony?

    • Gregg says:

      08:42am | 20/10/12

      Must be Saturday morning hangovers accounting for all the abstaining!

      But look, just another thought in looking back on the whole week and surely Tony being just across the other side of the northern Indian ocean meant he had something to do with Julia looking for four leaf clovers.

      One theory is that there’s an Indian groundsman named Tonyabotta Wateringgrassalot and not sure whether he’s a muslim, hindu or a Sikk just sikking and seaking more Utube action.

      Julia should have known though, like you cannot award an OAM to Sachin and leave out Singh who often plays on softer grass and could have told her about wearing spikes on the soles and keeping balanced on the balls of the feet.

    • Yak says:

      10:33am | 20/10/12

      “WA’s major rugby groups have been stripped of thousands of dollars in funding from the State Government’s health promotion agency because they are sponsored by fast-food giant McDonald’s.”
      “Healthway, which is funded by tobacco taxes, is increasingly demanding that sporting clubs sever ties with fast-food and alcohol companies, including those promoting “energy-dense” products.”

      With the demand for abstinence from anything remotely adverse to your health, what happens when the, shrinking, tobacco taxes can’t sustain the funding levels required to run ALL the sporting codes, due to the success of the Healthway agenda. Catch 22?
      Will a “Healthway Levy” be required to continue the ever increasing funding levels required to shield the innocent public from these commercial scavengers, intent on the destruction of our youth?

      With violence and drug usage so prevalent in most of these sponsored sports, once “Healthway” has total control, maybe they should just shut-down all sporting codes for our own good.

    • Don't Care says:

      11:55am | 20/10/12

      Woah for a second I thought my brother was in that army picture but then I remembered he isn’t in infantry. And I’m unsure that’s even Brisbane. The sky seems too blue. I think Campbell Newman cut funding to the skies blueness there recently so it is either an old photo from when the sun was allowed to shine without fear of losing its job or not Brisbane. I’m pretty sure those clouds are illegally parked too so are in the process of being taken to court. Woo. Queensland. Used to be a great place to live.

      Anyway. I digress. I don’t care about the UN thing at all. AT ALL.

    • Gregg says:

      01:35pm | 20/10/12

      Certainly looks like the town hall facade looking out on to King George Square where either the dignitiries or protestors or maybe both would be.
      I recall there was a returning home parade for some a few months back, Brisbane one of the few places where it would be a better bet for good weather even if it was not a summer blue sky.


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